Philadelphia Police Demand Rapping Fireman be Fired

cal-akbar.jpgPolice in Philadelphia are up in arms over a song made by a city firefighter that refers to cops as “pigs.” According to The Philadelphia Inquirer, firefighter Rodney Jean-Jacques—who raps under the name Cal Akbar—has refused to apologize for his lyrics and may now face termination. In the song, Jean-Jacques offers the following line while gunfire is heard in the background, “I got a surprise for them cops. I hope the news is taping this, ’cause I’m gonna turn those pigs into bacon bits.” Although Philadelphia Fire Fighters Union Local 22 has asked Jean-Jacques to apologize, he has not yet done so. Robert V. Eddis, president of lodge 5 of the Fraternal Order of Police said in a written statement, “As a result of the recent events concerning Philadelphia Firefighter Rodney Jean Jacques and his failure to apologize to members of the Philadelphia Police Department and Fire Department, as well as to the citizens of Philadelphia, the Fraternal Order of Police stands firm on our initial recommendation that he be dismissed from city employment.” Philadelphia Fire Commissioner Lloyd Ayers and a spokesman for Mayor John Street have said the matter is under investigation. The rapper’s current situation is a far cry from the praise he received in 2005 when he wrote and recorded “Take It Outside,” a song meant to teach fire prevention and safety. The song was widely promoted by the Philly Fire Department and was even featured during the broadcast of a Philadelphia Eagles football game.

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  • young albee

    1st ….. aint this a trip haha fuck the pigs though

  • DMX-j.r

    ha 1st to all u fagz that r always like “1st”

  • AR

    Fuck Tha Police!

  • Tha Ace

    man you idiot ass, sayin 2 words you don’t even mean can keep you from losin your job
    don’t be stupid

  • http://xxl jaydog

    i don’t give a fugg bout da law….da law don’t giva a fugg bout me..fug da laaaawwww..fugg da laaaaawwww!!

  • Dipset

    Thats a hot line lol

    Maybe he gets fired, blows up in the hip-hop scene and becomes a millionaire…

  • dc36

    Fire him

  • asihtos

    fire him? that’s a violation of his freedom of speech, is it not?

  • Miami Finest

    What happen 2 Freedom of Speech!

  • Miami Finest


  • PhillyRepresent

    soon as the nice black fireman stops shuckin and jivin for the white men at the top of the organization he gets canned…no f*king suprise

  • Cubano Link

    Firemen>>>Police.Firemen save lives, Police ruin or take them.Plus did anyone else see The Departed, which was pretty much a true story ive heard.Firemen and Police got beef with eachother.

  • R.C.

    it seems that philly police has huge problem with black people, from the mumia abu jamal case, to what happened to Beanie Sigel before we got to know him to what they did to the people from the M.O.V.E. organization to the corruption at the 39th precint & now this. how many strikes against them is that!!! & i’m not from philly,
    anyone from there speak up!

    fuck these hogs!!!!!!

    anyways, how many time in mainstream media are cops are reffered ( sometime directly, sometimes not) as the pieces of swine that they are

  • LOL


  • david

    Man that nigga prolly spit fire lol

  • Rednose pit bull

    fuck first saying bitchs

  • FF. Exp

    THAT IS BULL SH*%!!!!

    There is no way that he can get fire, he did not do that on the property of the Fire Department. That is BULL.