pastor-troy.jpgA song by Atlanta rapper Pastory Troy has been connected to the murder of two North Carolina police officers. Suspect Demeatrius Montgomery is accused of shooting officers Sean Clark and Jeff Shelton to death in the Timber Ridge apartment complex in Charlotte on March 31. According to the Charlotte Observer, police last week executed search warrants on Montgomery’s residence and collected samples of his DNA. One of the items listed on the warrants was a music CD with the Pastor Troy song “Murda Man” which investigators believe the suspect was listening to while drinking alcohol prior to the shooting. When a warrant is executed, police are required to produce an inventory list of all items seized. According to the list provided after the search police confiscated a plastic baggie, a bottle of Paul Masson Brandy, photos, tobacco, some mail and cigarettes. No weapon or CD was recovered.

In a recent statement on the shooting, Pastory Troy offers his condolences to the officer’s families and addresses and the alleged involvement of his music.

“The senseless murders of officers Sean Clark and Jeffery Shelton in East Charlotte, NC on March 31st was a horrible tragedy. Thankfully police have apprehended and charged a suspect, Demeatrius Montgomery, with two counts of first-degree murder in their deaths.

Through reports from the media and police, It has come to the attention of hip hop artist, Pastor Troy, that the police speculate that the suspect was possibly listening to his single, "Murda Man" shortly before the shooting.

The fact that Pastor Troy's music has been linked to this terrible heartbreak is very unsettling to him.

My condolences go out to the families of officers Clark, Shelton and the family of the suspect. This album came out in 2005 and through out my career I have never been involved in an incident like this. It is ridiculous to blame Demeatrius Montgomery actions on my music. We don't know what he was going through.

Although this tragedy occurred, it is irrelevant that the suspect listened to rap music before the shooting.

Even more unsettling, it seems that the media are helping the suspect by trying to establish a defense for him in this murder and excuse his actions. Stating that he drank brandy and listened to rap music before the shooting seems almost like the blame is being put on the alcohol and the music and not on the individual who committed this atrocious crime.

It is troubling that the media continues to associate Pastor Troy's name to this crime. Troy wants peace for the families involved and has asked that the media stop linking his name to this horror in the press.”