New Atlanta group, Shop Boyz, signs with Universal Republic Records

shop-boyz.jpgThe Shop Boyz — an Atlanta trio comprised of Fat, Meanie and Sheed — have the most added single to urban radio with their new song, “Party Like A Rockstar.” The hip-hop and rock infused track is the lead single off their debut album, Rockstar Mentality, which will now be released on Universal Republic Records on June 26. Universal Republic entered an agreement with OnDeck Records to market, distribute and release the Shop Boyz album. “We are excited to be in business with OnDeck Records,” says Monte Lipman, President of Universal Republic Records. “The Shop Boyz exemplifies the cutting edge of a bold new force in hip-hop. Their willingness to go beyond the cookie-cutter approach in every way fits our label’s artist-driven mission like a glove.” Brian Ward, CEO of OnDeck Records is also excited about the Shop Boyz new business venture. “OnDeck and the “Party Like A Rockstar” movement is already spreading well beyond the confines of the South,” he said. “Monte Lipman and Universal Republic’s great track record of thinking out-of-the-box and providing the ultimate exposure for their artists will ensure the Shop Boyz stay street and connect with the millions of fans hungering for something new in hip-hop.” The Shop Boyz will shoot a video for “Party Like A Rockstar” later this week in Atlanta.

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  • Pirotecknix

    Totally Dood!


  • Pirotecknix

    first?!? second??!?

  • DSlim

    beats are fye but their lyrics are lackin…but im glad their makin money..i just hope their not another 1 hit wonder group

  • lexx ruga

    pretty ricky lost a member!!!

  • i’ll shit bag u

    who? what a fuckin joke!!hahahaa

  • N.O. 4 life

    Man these dudes are garbarge i dont care where they are from south or not they have no lyrical ability what so ever…i like the lil hook though,but i won’t be scooping up that cd not even on bootleg for free

  • Get Money

    if there from atlanta 9 times outta 10 there wack!!! the song is garbage just another talentless group gets into the game thats a shame.

  • big chief

    applause to those guys do what u do.

  • YounGuttaAkaBlaqueCzar(longliveDaking)Mw

    Yea!Partylike a rock,party like a rockstar! Totally Dude!

  • 404-Vato

    shit they doing something new in Hip-Hop they aint’t no DFB shit…they Better….Party Like Rockstar!!!!…Totally Dude!!!!!…Fuck The Haters

  • MiDle FaNgaZ

    the beat and hook is what makes this song. i had a chance to see these guys live, right before the song started getting RIDICULOUS spins on the radio here in the A. And I repeat: THE BEAT AND HOOK MAKE THIS SONG!!

  • mike from the wood

    creative shit but i like the remix with lil jon: real hiphop,snap,rockhop,crunk,buck,hyphy,gangsta we need all of these styles in hiphop. “SO STOP THE HATING”

  • kimberly todd

    man fuck wat them dumb ass folks think they just haten. yal the best group i heard in atlanta so far.keep yal heads up, i’ll always be there to support yal group even the rest of yal in the group thats not mention. oh yell tel my husband greg i said wat up and i luv him

  • Music Is Falling

    this song has been playn in atlanta for over 3 months and they still haven’t hit us with anything new … sucks hopefully they aren’t 1 hit wonders i just hope they work on their lyrical skills ASAP!!

  • jorden from da A

    man im diggin dem cause day from da A u know da south so fuck a dirty south hater but real talk yall cats just keep koolin it cause yall going to for ever have and Atlanta fan bumpin to u shit so party like a rock star baby

  • jorden

    okay yeah ever time i look around its a lame hate in on and dirty south rapper okay dang i give it all to yall cause yall doing sum thing but yall need to let all them froggy ass hoes and niggas know dat they need to jump da fuck off yall shit

  • jorden

    its me again bitches, watch me do my shit ayyy, dirty south, why all yall aint got no guita,

  • La-La

    I love this Motha fucking song so much so yeah all these haten ass motha fuckers go head keep haten you only maken them pplz famous. You know they keep it moving no matter what you think or say they still keep hits coming and thats what these pplz down here like. MAN I’M OUT LIKE THIS AND LOVING IT POTOMAC GARDENZ AND 1000 MOB AND 1430L OUT LAWZ ALL DAY EVERY DAY!! Monica was here just know that much

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