Mr. Cheeks Preps New Album On Stephen Marley’s Record Label

mr-cheeks.jpgIn an exclusive interview with, Lost Boyz frontman, Mr. Cheeks, announced he is working on a new solo album — Homework — on Stephen Marley’s Tuff Gong record label. “Right now, I’m working on my new album,” Cheeks told “I’m on the Tuff Gong label, signed under Stephen Marley. I’m on tour with them now, promoting his new album, Mind Control. [But my album] is called Homework and I got the Marley Brothers on there. I’m also looking [to get] Musiq on my new single I’m about to come out with.” Besides his new album, Cheeks is also working on a new film. “I’m finishing up this movie coming out called Cash Rules,” Cheeks said. “It’s with JD Williams [Bodie] from The Wire.”

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  • Holla

    I wish Cheek’s the best of luck – he’s always been underrated.

  • LB 4 Lyfe

    cheeks is nice, but hope he dont make a reggae album

  • twizm

    ye but cheeks in lostboys will always be him at his finest, he should still run with the lost boys name to keep his legacy intact

  • twizm

    cheeks needs to present his music under the group name lost boys, on the real, mr cheeks as a name lacks marketing value, personally if he came out with a album under the lostboys name i would wanna cop it

  • Oneman Productions

    That dude can freestyle for real off the top of his head like nothing. Cant wait to hear some heat. I got you if you need to finish up your project

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  • Jah

    I love Mr Cheeks and Stephen Marley together…they make a great combination….ever since I heard “Mama Say” and “Till We Meet Again” I always knew they should hook up and do something together….Cheeks def. one of my favorite rappers….can’t wait for this one!!

  • da_realting

    yes mr. cheeks gud shit linkin up with the tuff gong yall should do big things! big up to stephen,damien,ky mani all the boys doing their thing

  • lostgyrl

    can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!