kurupt.jpgTha Dogg Pound’s Kurupt is teaming up with Likwit crew producer, J. Wells, for a new album, Digital Smoke, dropping on June 5. “This is a different flavor,” Kurupt says. “This is along the lines of what J. Wells is doing and we’re letting people know that this generation of West Coast is coming with that fire.” While J. Wells produces the entire album, he is rapping alongside Kurupt as well. “I’m talking about how I came in the game and about cats that influenced me, like DJ Quik, Battlecat, Snoop Dogg, Tha Dogg Pound and N.W.A,” says Wells. “I talk about my addition to the West Coast and to hip-hop, period.” Digital Smoke also features guest appearances by Goodie Mob, Tha Liks, Kokane, Roscoe, James DeBarge and Kurupt’s fiancée, Gail Gotti.

Tracklisting, Digital Smoke

1.) Smokestra

2.) All We Smoke

3.) I’m Just Sayin f/Roscoe & Tri-Star

4.) Get It f/Goodie Mob & Roscoe

5.) I’m Too Gangsta f/Gail Gotti & Styliztik Jones

6.) Summertime f/Y.A., Gail Gotti & Nire'

7.) Digital Experience f/Bigg Gipp of Goodie Mobb

8.) Smokin f/ Y.A. & James Debarge

9.) History f/ Butch Cassidy

10.) Weed Types

11.) Los Angeles f/ Samuel "Shawty" Christian

12.) Itz Nothin f/ Roscoe

13.) Got Me Going f/ Knoc-turn'al

14.) I Came In The Door f/ Kokane

15.) Likwit Smokestra

16.) Let Em Know f/ Tha Liks