Jim Jones Introduces DipSkate Team

dipskate2.jpgDiplomat Records co-CEO, Jim Jones, has announced he’s sponsoring a “freestyle rolling” team called DipSkate. Freestyle rolling follows in the footsteps of extreme sports and is often referred to as “aggressive skating.” It’s a modern day progression of inline skating which blends music and fashion. In 2006, two New York filmmakers, Chris and Courtney Brown, released a documentary on freestyle rolling called, Know Difference. The film influenced Jim Jones to get involved in the culture. “When I got the opportunity to see [The Brown Brothers’] tape, and they told me how the skaters feel when it comes to the Diplomats, I was honored,” says Jones. “They feel like we’re the realest thing out there and they love everything that we’re doing, so it was a beautiful opportunity.” While roller-skating isn’t associated with hip-hop, team DipSkate captains, Calvin Styles and Ramelle Knight, look to change that. “Jim respects the hustle, the same as we do,” says Knight. “He sees what we do is real and we’re going to take it as far as we can, like he is doing with his projects. We’re all grinding out here. We are bringing music and skating together to build a union that will make an even stronger team. It is a revolution that will be much appreciated.” For more information on DipSkate, visit, www.MySpace.com/dipskate.

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  • thoreauly77

    hahahaha! hardcore fruit-booters! hey, check out this jump, i’m gonna grab my left foot and call it a “meteor shower!”

    holy fucking shit.

  • thoreauly77

    actually, congrats to these guys on doing something positive.

  • FUCK50


  • http://nahright.com iLL Change


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  • gerold

    these guys are gangsta who promote gangs and violence we should ban dem and do not buy their music…

  • killa

    yo thor, why dont you go make ends meet for that welfare youre probably on, while people like dipset make more money than you ve ever seen. show some respect kid, these people are who you wish you were.

  • http://straightbangin.blogspot.com Joey

    This is hilarious. They never stop…



  • killa

    all you hate cuz you aint. plain and simple. you aint makin dollars so therefore you get jealous and start sayin dumb shit. thats whats hilarious.

  • Shade45

    First skulls!!Tight shirts…Now skateboarding,can you try to be anymore whiter!!!!DIPSKATE…HA!

  • Banton

    skating is not something to promote , If they have have enough money, they should go and give to the charity home. Fuck Dickset…….

  • http://myspace.com/theinfamousmighty MIGHTY INF

    Man who the fuck cares..like idk how yall shit like this..mad lame…

  • Jbo


  • B.P.chez

    who the fuck rollerblades anymore and where can i get some of those buds that make this seem like a good buisness venture?

  • Rodjilius

    killa Says:

    April 16th, 2007 at 6:16 pm
    all you hate cuz you aint. plain and simple. you aint makin dollars so therefore you get jealous and start sayin dumb shit. thats whats hilarious.

    sadly hes right about da haters

  • Holla

    Good for these guys – hustle dirt bag jim jones out of some sponsorship money.


    Roller Skating Is For Fags.

  • F.U. Ent.

    G-unit tank topz$75, dipskate$?, rapping athletes$0(recod sales), Career ending trends….? Priceless

  • rat worship

    Shade45 Says:

    April 16th, 2007 at 6:20 pm

    First skulls!!Tight shirts…Now skateboarding,can you try to be anymore whiter!!!!DIPSKATE…HA!

    it’s rollerblading, dumbass

  • vincent

    so true, skateboarding s the only real thing. In line is just horrible to watch and gets no respect from skateboarders.
    doesn t surprise me from the dipset girls: followers, oportunists, and so not aware of what happens outhere.

  • icey SFD

    it’s aggro dude, you get totally aggro when you blade… aggressive street rollerblading is extreme, people get hurt real bad and stuff…

    i mean honestly if you’ve tried it, then you know that the only skillfull thing about it is when they jump real far or down some real big shit…

  • Just CRS

    yo, wutever it may be on’nese New York Streets of Mind, Dipset is runnin things pretty big…but dun’ get it da wrong way, ’cause formin a group called Dip-Skate, which is similar to a Lupe Fiasco (dun’ even mention that wack-ass-diss-song over Lupe’s Kick ‘n Push record), kinda make me wanna go all out, knamsayin..face it bro’, u might run sum’ lil’ money ‘n nice wips but u aint need to put ur nose in it all, ‘specially when u copie shit of a bigger strip…Roc’ LaFamilia

  • david f

    Read this Shit

    Banton Says:

    April 16th, 2007 at 6:39 pm
    skating is not something to promote….

    wat the fuck do u meen,its a way of life.i feel like this if this guys wanna venture off into other avenues like skatin and give young black youth to experience sumthin different besides rappin or trappin! then so be it,& wat the fuck do u meen they dont give to charity?they prolly donated to yo family.

    Dont Hate on muthafuckas that made it,just because u didnt make dont hate on what their doin.
    u may not like the idea but R.E.S.P.E.C.T It!

  • Dipset

    Shade45 Says:

    April 16th, 2007 at 6:20 pm
    First skulls!!Tight shirts…Now skateboarding,can you try to be anymore whiter!!!!DIPSKATE…HA!

    ^^^ Funny that the hate is comming from a guy named shade45 lol….

    That station can’t keep Dipset off of it!! everytime I hear that station theres another Dipset member spitting some exclusive!!

    Ya dig?

  • http://www.xxlmag.com/?p=9228 jay

    quick question how many of u faggots would turn down an offer 2 get money for skatin for dipset!!?!? how many.. cricket..cricket.. EXACTLY shut the fuck up
    there makin money in a way noone else knows WITHOUT VIOLENCE.. all of u on here are screamin how u hate violent music soundin rap(i have no problem with it) but i read it on ur replys all the time.. well this isnt violent it can acutally help communitys n u say its gay u faggots are hipocrites. GET A LIFE FAGGOTS stop hatin on sumthin helpin the community bitchs

  • crip4life

    fucc dipset these nigga suppose 2 b gangsta and they skating these nigga soft as shit gggggggggg unit


    Phhaaaa DIPSHIT! G-UNIT!

  • Ric


  • dips suck

    gunit has nothing to do with dis -.- in my opinion dis is gay but i like jimmy though

  • http://aggressivemall.com thebay650

    this sick just what rollerblading needs to get out of the shadows and in to the mainstream again!

  • F.U. Ent.

    Again, G-unit tank topz $75, dipskate $?, rapping athletes $0(recod sales), Career ending trends…?….Priceless.

  • Shade45

    RRRROOOLLLLIIINNNNNN!!!!!DICKSET!!!Get sirius,you can’t afford that kid!!!!!!!POW…Only song I hear is Cam’s HP commercial and maybe some Juels?????

  • Ill kid

    You fellas see to young guys doing something constructive with their time and you hate. Lame is as Lame does you gimps sit down and hate from the side line having never taken a fall or never broken a bone.

    Do you lames think you just go to sleep with an Idea and wake up being able to roll. Some of you and I Mean Shade45, dips suck(actually your mum sucks just had to be the one to tell you), F.U. Ent(no actually F U!!!), NIFTY (he means naff), crip4life (I Think thats French for Cripple) are a bunch of lame, Know nothing Clowns, who don’t know the first thing about the sport your trying to diss. Do something for me get a job, get a life, I don’t know do something but stop watching people living their lives repping their sport Jealousy is terrible thing to behold and you guys reak of it

    you wish you could do it but then you would need balls too and you obviously don’t have the equipment!!!!!!

    Game over !!! Bbblllooooaaaawwwww!!!

  • http://Artrookies-lab01.tripod.com ArtRookie

    Y’aalll Are true corn fed faggs

    Dipskate represent these gimps aren’t real they are real funny though

  • http://Artrookies-lab01.tripod.com ArtRookie

    First skulls!!Tight shirts…Now skateboarding,can you try to be anymore whiter!!!!DIPSKATE…HA!

    I forget Black people only shoot hoops and roll dice, you clowns are lame.

    You guys are like crabs in a barrell trying keep in safe little catergories.
    what would you lames say to Tiger, Venus and serena you make me sick. it because of lames like you we’ll never progress

    Dipskate represent what you doing is real keep it up.