dipskate2.jpgDiplomat Records co-CEO, Jim Jones, has announced he’s sponsoring a “freestyle rolling” team called DipSkate. Freestyle rolling follows in the footsteps of extreme sports and is often referred to as “aggressive skating.” It’s a modern day progression of inline skating which blends music and fashion. In 2006, two New York filmmakers, Chris and Courtney Brown, released a documentary on freestyle rolling called, Know Difference. The film influenced Jim Jones to get involved in the culture. “When I got the opportunity to see [The Brown Brothers’] tape, and they told me how the skaters feel when it comes to the Diplomats, I was honored,” says Jones. “They feel like we’re the realest thing out there and they love everything that we’re doing, so it was a beautiful opportunity.” While roller-skating isn’t associated with hip-hop, team DipSkate captains, Calvin Styles and Ramelle Knight, look to change that. “Jim respects the hustle, the same as we do,” says Knight. “He sees what we do is real and we’re going to take it as far as we can, like he is doing with his projects. We’re all grinding out here. We are bringing music and skating together to build a union that will make an even stronger team. It is a revolution that will be much appreciated.” For more information on DipSkate, visit, www.MySpace.com/dipskate.