Jam Master Jay’s Family Speaks About Ongoing Murder Investigation, Gun Violence and Virginia Tech Tragedy

jmj3.jpgThe family of Jason “Jam Master Jay” Mizell issued a statement yesterday (April 18) regarding reports Ronald “Tenad” Washington was involved as an accessory to JMJ’s October 30, 2002 murder. According to news reports, Washington has allegedly made statements to federal prosecutors admitting his role as an armed accomplice. The family released a statement through spokesperson, Fern Yates.

“For nearly five years, we have been patient, prayerful and diligent in our support of investigators’ efforts to uncover the facts of Jason’s murder. We’re relieved there’s some information coming out, although we understand that it’s not the full story.”

Fern Yates continued, “It’s been a very frustrating time for us as we wait for the truth to surface. We appreciate the efforts being made to get to the bottom of the story, and ask for the continued love and support of all those who demand, as we have, that whomever was involved be brought to justice.”

“As many may know, Jason’s murder was committed with an illegal handgun. The easy availability of unlicensed weapons are a plague in our society, responsible for over 7,000 tragic murders in the U.S. per year. We are calling for an intensified global effort to stop the trafficking and possession of illegal handguns.”

“Jam Master Jay valued life and supported educational opportunities for youth in his community and beyond,” says Yates. “The tragedy at Virginia Tech University, as well as the loss of so many young lives to this senseless violence would have been sad and sickening to him. We want to remind people that through the non-profit Jam Master Jay Foundation for Youth, his legacy continues as an ongoing commitment to support youth and young adults.”

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  • http://www.xxlmag.com truekrazy

    why do they never find the rappers killers like think about it 2pac, bigggie,jmj none of which cases have been solved. hmmmm whats wrong with this picture here?

  • Calvin

    its missed up, hopefully justice will happen…
    r.i.p. Jam Master Jay

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  • Vinny

    I don’t know who shot Jason but I know who gave the order. I went to the NYPD and they asked me if I was under the care of a physician. Well I would rather be mentally ill than ignorant as the NYPD’s work speaks for itself. Nobody wants to hear my story, fuck them all Cops are scumbags anyway. My challenge to the NYPD… BREAK OUT THE POLYGRAPH. U have my email address.