Jadakiss Says New Lox Album On The Way

jadakiss.jpgJadakiss called in to DJ Envy’s Sunday countdown show on New York City’s Hot 97 radio station yesterday to announce The Lox’s new album and his next solo LP will be released this summer. “I’m trying to drop The Lox album first, anytime between May and June,” ‘Kiss told Envy. “Then I’m trying to come right behind that with a ‘Kiss album, if it goes well. If not, I may have to come first. I’m pushing for The Lox to come first because that project is almost finished.” ‘Kiss went on to say about The Lox reunion, “It’s crazy, son. It’s been like six years since we dropped a Lox album. So it was an experience we were waiting to do again. It’s interesting to see how the songs come out after all these years.” As far as Jada’s new solo album, the Yonkers, NY native is still unsure what record label it will be on. “That’s another interview,” he said in response. “It’s almost squared away. The deal should be done by early next week.”

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  • http://www.luckyme1.com LUCKYME

    thats good news

  • tay

    can’t wait

  • http://xxlmag.com joker19977

    this is the new york comeback…its about damn time i listen to we are the streets and its hotter than alot of stuff thats out now. Who said new york fell off…open your ears and listen

  • C. Carter

    Well it’s about time the Lox came back. I thought Jada was signed to Interscope. It seems Mr. Jackson has worked his magic.

  • http://myspace.com/surgeandsalz Fetti Ent

    Dude is lazy!!! S.P. actually wanted 2 drop but got pushed back. Jada only does some shit when he feel like gettin paid again ya digg?! Dont get me wrong dude is sick but why the second u DECIDE you wanna drop your album everybody supposed to stop and give a fuck? And seriously dude can spit heat but both his albums are commercial than a muthafucka, he aint got no individuality he just goes and gets a hot producer and a R&B singer cuz thats what he thinks is gonna sell a grip of records. I hope dude changes up on this one for real, cuz he is 1 of my favorite but he seriously has no work ethic, Top 5 my ass LOL

  • The Ruler

    LIDDY!!!!!…..1st u succa ass niccaz!!

  • lexx ruga

    i know this new lox shit is going to be off the meetrack!!! and as far as his album goes…he better let that commercial shit go an spit nothing but hardbody concrete shit!!!!

  • Smokey

    jada & the lox 2 spit that real shit once again bout time we got 2 hear the lox once again

  • CAmron13

    Jada iz sick i been waitin for a Jada album for a min. hopefulli he dont sig with Koch lol..

  • J.R.O.

    Def Jam.

  • alan wayne the real pradagy


  • alan wayne the real pradagy


  • HollyHood

    I fuck wit kiss, his album do b commercial but its a business and u wanna sell. U wanna be hot, u want the white folks 2 fuck wit ya. Cuz the niggaz who want him 2 spit that gangsta shit is gonna download his album 2 weeks b4 it drop. How a nigga suppose 2 feed his family on “respect” a niiga tryin 2 eat pimp! Do ur thang jada! Do what u do 2 get paid pimp!

  • EReal

    Can you say KOCH?
    How about FLOP?

    They need a new gimmick. Jada is played out anyway.

    1 hunned.


    hes aight! int he avin tlks wi cash money r sumat?

  • jaymez

    fuk all da bullshit, lox da truth

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  • NoMamesBuey


  • King

    Def jam or atlantic im guessing


    Nigga I can’t wait for that. I hope both album’s are on Def Jam. The LOX are the best group in hiphop!

  • memphismuthafuckingoonmane

    yes sir tha lox album im frm memphis but i fuck wit all regions whether they hate tha south or not that nigga kiss a fool wit p a fool wit and sheek cool thats real get money and good luck im gone like dro 1

  • http://xxlmag.com Big Chris

    chevy same color as urine/ridin same cars we dreamed of since we was chidren/tired of fuckin/i usually fall asleep during/tired of smokin but maybe its stress i’m curin/only shot once been knifed twice/i think it was over something silly like cheaper price/but why gripe/i think this fuckin life is too short/todd shawed these hoes now in in child support court….

  • The Truth

    I been waitin on a LOX album for forever. They are the best rap group since the Wu. And Jadakiss albums are better than any of the trash thats come out in the past few years, trash that I’m sure a lot of you niggaz is bumpin daily in yall car. I promise you Kiss and The Lox will have the best albums of the summer, Kiss is top 5 and Styles P is the hardest out. Nobodies better than LOX baby!!!!

  • Dade County 305

    fuck the lox! the hardest groups r USDA & Carol City Cartel!!!!

  • da_realting

    lox takin it back to the biggie days!!!! “can i live til my last day”

  • http://xxlmag.com Big H reppin’ Germany

    Damn, Jada will being coming out hard!
    can’t wait for that USDA album after listening to white girl all day ! It will ber selling anyway cause jeezy is on the disc and cover!

  • http://Nobodysmiling.com SK

    Lox should be intresting

  • stoneyisland

    I think I speak for most real hip-hop lovers, who gives a fuck about a new Lox album? raise your hands please???? just as I thought not many, the niggas wont move wood with this new album. Styles P keep doing your thing though, you aight it’s these other two niggas I got beef wit:)

  • Tha Ace

    yo stoneyisland lox is real hip hop you faggot not that mainstream no talent bullshit you probably listen to

  • TaZ

    Jadakiss is One of the last great MC’s and hopefully Styles and Sheek can step it up and knock this shit out the park!!!

  • http://cameuprecords.com A-Town Hustla

    Jada signing with Def Jam. Look out 4 CHA$E from St. Louis too, that nigga is that piff! He signing with Def Jam, Aftermath, or Capitol. I heard his cd a couple of weeks ago and he fiya!………………………………………………..you’ve been warned…

  • i’ll shit bag u

    niggas who no real rap no jada spit da fire all u dumb niggas who listen 2 dat wack retared south shit better cop a book…suck it easy

  • Dade County 305

    i’ll shit bag u, get the fuck outta here with that bullshit u talkin. what the fuck jadakiss sayin that niggaz from the south aint sayin???? our niggaz jus spit the shit in a better way than u north niggaz. we can ride on any beat!!! its u niggaz up north that cant switch to southpaw nigga. nigga dont say dumb shit like that. u talkin like jada spittin sum shit that niggaz never heard b4. fuck outta here lame ass nigga!

  • i’ll shit bag u

    dae country can go suck somethin bitch nigga fuck u none readin dumb inbread mother fucker i’ll kick skin off your 4head pussie 1

  • http://www.wiseguysinc.thecryptonline.com/board/index.php?act=idx oldschoolcat

    Dat single “We Back” is STR8 CRACK!