jadakiss.jpgJadakiss called in to DJ Envy’s Sunday countdown show on New York City’s Hot 97 radio station yesterday to announce The Lox’s new album and his next solo LP will be released this summer. “I’m trying to drop The Lox album first, anytime between May and June,” ‘Kiss told Envy. “Then I’m trying to come right behind that with a ‘Kiss album, if it goes well. If not, I may have to come first. I’m pushing for The Lox to come first because that project is almost finished.” ‘Kiss went on to say about The Lox reunion, “It’s crazy, son. It’s been like six years since we dropped a Lox album. So it was an experience we were waiting to do again. It’s interesting to see how the songs come out after all these years.” As far as Jada’s new solo album, the Yonkers, NY native is still unsure what record label it will be on. “That’s another interview,” he said in response. “It’s almost squared away. The deal should be done by early next week.”