J. Prince Responds to Assault Allegations

rap-a-lot1.jpgIn response to a lawsuit filed yesterday (April 12) by Houston studio owner Ronnie Bookman, Rap-A-Lot Records founder and CEOP J. Prince has issued the following statement.

“Through my years in this music industry, I’ve been falsely accused and sued by many, which none of them were successful. I guess this is a new season where drug dealing rats and parasite lawyers are out to extort me. If anyone with good sense would pull this guy Ronnie Bookman’s record, they would see how bad his credibility stinks. The true facts will be revealed in a court of law.”

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  • kidkron3

    prince….WHOOP THAT TRICK

  • kidkron3


  • fantawstik

    dont mess wit j prince hell send sum1 out lookin fa ya



  • J.R.O.

    J.Prince, real T.



  • cory

    Wtf? CORY?

    Stupid nig rips off Z-Ro.

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  • traplif3

    prince know he did that ish

  • Dade County 305

    is J Prince SNITCHING when he say pull this nigga records???? dry snitchin is SNITCHIN!!! i think they both r! real G’z dont tell!!! if it was 50 sayin sum shit like that niggaz wud b all over this site sayin that nigga snitch. real talk!

  • J.R.O.

    Yeah, I hear that Dade. But, it’s like some shit you got to do. If this dude is coming at me for my money with no gun, but through the court of law, pulling all this shit, I’m going to tell them to look at this idiot’s rap sheet. Snitching or not. Get money!

  • jetta

    He is guilty as sin!

  • http://google dee

    Yes he is snitching he called the man a drug dealing rat if that’s not snitching then what do u call that

  • Dade County 305

    i feel ya J R O!

  • g00nz

    Damn…yea..thats not really consisdered dry snitchin since it’s a legal matter

  • dee

    why would anyone that likes Houston rappers would like this guy is beyond me. J Prince has buissness savy, but he owns his artists like Suge did in the 90′s, but Prince has done it since the Geto Boys first came out. Why do you think Scarface isn’t with him anymore? B/C if you want to be your own man you can’t work for someone, and JP controls/owns his artists like any white major label does.

    Any Z-Ro or Scarface fan should have 0 respect for him.