Ice Cube Stars In New Football Movie

icecube2.jpgAccording to The Hollywood Reporter, Ice Cube will star in a new film, Tough Love, based around the life of former New England Patriots defensive back Tebucky Jones. The film’s plot revolves around Jones and his “spoiled’ kids. In order to toughen them up, Jones forces his children to spend the summer in his hometown of Oakland, CA. Cube will star and produce in the film, which is still in the early stages of planning. In addition, Cube is developing a film adaptation of Welcome Back, Kotter, the famous 1970′s TV show.

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  • J-Snuk

    first bitch!

  • missile 6


  • missile 6

    cube doing his thing, non stop. all that and he started wit a gheri curl.

  • shawn

    tebuckey jones? wtf? that nigga was cut a month ago

  • billblackfish

    Damn ice cube must never get a day off

  • My Effin’ Opinion

    Cube is up there when it comes to being the ultimate hustler … to be able to say and rap about all the shit he said in his N.W.A. days (basically being hated by white America) to the icon status that he has today (Being respected by White America) has got be the one of the biggest “slap-you-in-the-face-but-you’ll-take-2- qualuds-and-love-me-in-the-morning” in Hip Hop history ..

    other examples:

    Eminem saying “I don’t give a fuck about a Grammy” and then the Grammy’s giving him one a couple of year later.

    3 6 mafia winning a Grammy for a song called “Hard out there for a Pimp”.

    Bishop Don “Magic” Juan appearing on stage at Highly respected “white” award shows.

    Ice T getting caught up with the feds for the song “Cop Killer” and now working for a major televison series “Law and Order”.

  • dipset

    Why the fuck are they making a movie about tebucky jones???

  • LHtown

    Give it up for Ice Cube, Yall young rappers out there could learn from him. Get ya hustle on

  • JOOO

    cube is west coast then snoop then pac even though hes dead then easy then xzibit..then gayme FUCK GAME gGGGGGUNITT

  • Spyda 213

    “ice cube you’s an actor not a muthafukkin killa” true dat cypress hill, true dat.

  • King

    Good for you Cube Good now lets not worry about them hataz.

  • D-ROC

    nah nicca it’s fuck you G-UNOT

  • unknown

    yeh.. cube is a fukin actor n no ‘gangsta’ or ‘crip’, he’s just an actor …

  • superunknown

    Tebucky Jones is from New Britain, CT. wtf?