Girlfriend of Do Or Die Rapper Found Guilty of Bribing Witness

doordie.jpgThe girlfriend of Belo, a Chicago rapper and member of the group Do Or Die, was found guilty last week of obstructing justice and communicating with witnesses. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, 34 year-old Felicia Hamilton was found guilty of offering a witness in Belo’s murder case $1000 to change his story. “It goes right to the heart of the criminal justice system,” said Assistant Cook County State’s Attorney Karen Kerbis, “We see recants every day in courtrooms. We become so immune to it.” The man, who wore a wire during the transaction, again tried to change his story during the three-hour bench trial. When the witness denied that he had received money from Hamilton, Kerbis pursued the question anyway and asked him how he spent the money. The man replied that he “Spent it on drugs and gambling, like every day.” Hamilton faces one to three years in prison. Belo, whose real name is Darnell Smith, is accused of shooting a man in November 2002 over drug turf. Smith is expected to go on trial on July 9.

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    thats how us chicago nigga get down u gotta get it if u dont want 2 give up turf thats belo corner give back nigga we eatin and chicago holla back

  • Hawkeye P

    Damn. That Just all fuck up.


    shit like this happens al the time this aint no fucking news

  • dc36

    Girlfriend? Thought they were pimps

  • Holla

    Do or Die is as much pimps as that lil midget Money Mike.

  • kane corleone

    Ya’ll squares must be from Simpland,Ny cuz the media is saying it’s his girlfriend for all we know she could be that dude’s bottombitch,and she still tried to go hard for her pimp!! Word to Iceburg

  • FIED

    Belo a real nigga, and real niggaz find a way out of any situation. Keep a real bitch on ya side and see what happens. Hold yo’ head up my nigga and you’ll pull through. Already.