Eminem in Negotiations to Buy Storied Detroit Nightclub

eminem.jpgEminem and his manager, Paul Rosenberg, are reportedly interested in purchasing the legendary Detroit nightclub, St. Andrew’s Hall. According to the Detroit News, the rapper has been negotiating with concert promotion firm Live Nation for the past month. St. Andrew’s, which figured prominently in Em’s film 8 Mile, has been an integral location for Detroit hip-hop for many years and the scene of countless rap battles. St. Andrew’s—located on E. Congress St.—has a capacity of about 1,000 people with stages on the main level and in the basement area, which is referred to as The Shelter. Under the proposed deal, Em and Rosenberg would manage the club but retain the current management team for day to day operations. Representatives for Live Nation and St. Andrews management declined to comment on the negotiations.

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  • verd shade

    time 2 get money dont let 50 catch up……..

  • smog

    thats the best thing ive evar heard of em doing

  • hiphop

    this dude is a smart businessman he keep getting that paper. But fuck it give us a brand new album already.

  • hiphop

    this dude is a smart businessman he keep getting that paper. But fuck it give us a brand new album already.

  • q-buro

    watch how many many cats try to do this…white rapper sets the stage for all that is good…..pay attention “thugs”

  • black hearted nigger

    Em will put st.andrews on the national map

  • jihad mafia

    arabs will take over st. andrews and will become a mosque. Fuck eminem!

  • i’ll shit bag u

    thats whats up

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  • che

    I bet they put the price up like a motherfucker when they heard em wanted to buy it.

  • http://www.myspace.com/itsasickworldwelivein dynamic

    yo thats wassup. i was wonderin if he was ever gonna buy a club or sumthin. and he aint even buyin just any old shit club my dude buyin saint andrews hall. 50 was on his heels. get that guap nigga.

  • http://www.xxlmag.com/?p=9446 nitiblze07

    em makin moves. needs to drop a cd and take over again no bullshit like the last two.tha white boy still the best in the game hands down.

  • j.rock

    It doesn’t suprise me!!!Em got gwop.Aye Em you know you my favorite white boy right.Midwest reppin.Rock-Town stay up.Quad Cities,U.S.A

  • MIMI

    yeah!! thats fuckin awsome! and now im gonna go to that club every day! em rocks!

  • beeyo

    LMAO @ Mimi going to the club everyday. Youse a nappy headed hooooooeeee!!!!!

  • http://www.bia2.com shahriyar jan

    eminem baby king of west side and atl yo yo’