Common Issues Apology to Duke Lacrosse Players

common.jpgCommon has publicly apologized to the members of the Duke University lacrosse team that were accused of raping a Black exotic dancer at a party. A small controversy recently arose when it was announced that Com would be performing at the school’s annual Last Day of Classes celebration. In April of 2006 during a performance at Emory University, he denounced the predominantly white lacrosse team members who were accused of the crime. According to witnesses and a videotape of the performance, Common rapped, “You know I never get lost, yo, fuck them damn niggas from Duke lacrosse.” The rape charges against the three young men were recently dropped, and the North Carolina Bar Association has hit prosecutor Michael Nifong with charges of professional misconduct. “I want to say first of all that I apologize for accusing people wrong that didn’t do it,” the Chi-town MC recently told the Raleigh News & Observer. “I just first want to say that when I heard about the rape of a woman, a Black woman, I got emotional about it. I just felt like, ‘That’s my sister,’ so I felt emotional about it and I guess I did what a lot of people do to other people, to convict them or consider them guilty before we even know the truth.” Beth Higgins, a senior at Duke and the Chair of the LDOC event, believes the rapper is being sincere. “He’s human,” Higgins told Duke’s The Chronicle. “He made a mistake, and he acknowledged that, and I feel like students should accept that.” Other students were not as forgiving. “He just kind of jumped on the bandwagon in condemning these guys,” said sophomore Jon Martin. “It’s always appropriate to apologize, but I think it’s pretty obvious this was a PR move.”

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  • stoneyisland

    Common is a punk to the 3rd power to apologize to these rich, spoiled duke kids. I lost what little respect I had for him, this is one of those uncle ruwkus moments from the boondocks. Common is a bitch and this is why he doesnt get love in his home town. Fuck common.

  • EReal

    Man, fuck all that. He shoulda stuck to his guns. Like, ‘I know they’ve had the charges dropped, but thats because the prosecutor fucked up”Them cats are rapists, and if they were black, they’d be in jail already, bet that.’
    That woulda been hardbody, fo sho.

    But, Common needs that Gap money, so whateva, SELL OUT. LOL.

    1 hunned.

  • INF

    how yall gon lose respect for someone for apologizing…thats whats wrong with shit today is fools like yall saying he should “stick to his guns” instead of being a civil human being

  • BklynBandette

    He should have just kept his mouth shut.

  • J millz

    if commons a sellout then everybody else in the rap game is a sellout by doing commercials and making movies and signing pepsi can deals(Pharell). Stoneyisland shut the fuck up youi wouldn’t say that to his face. i hate niggaz who act hard on the internet.

  • tyyiyi

    These white lacrosse players did not rape this woman so they don’t deserve jail time EREAL AND ALSO DO NOT BRING THE RACE CARD INTO THIS. They did not do it so you want them in jail explain the logic. This woman is a psycho and had done this before. EREAL where is the evidence you beeeeeeeeeeyatch.

  • 11kap

    I never heard of white people hardly ever apologizing for the fucked up things they do in this world, so fuck that shit. I still don’t know the truth about this case of the rich white boys vs. the poor black stripper. sounds to me like the rich boys got their way, as usual.

  • Equanimity


    You cunts, the DA fucked up, because the EVIDENCE clearly demonstrated that the black stripper was deceptive, as well as, insurmountable evidence that those particular players were not at the location of the alleged rape.

    Common was wrong to rush to judgment and clearly did not know the facts. So please spare me your bullshit, and I dare you to get into a debate with me about the evidence, because I will eat you alive. Stupid fucks

  • BrocktonPatriot

    Reading these comments from 11KAP n EREAL, it makes me ashamed to be a Black man. I’ve never seen the amount of ignorance from the black community. How is Common a sellout? That makes no sense. He was wrong and everyone who defended the stripper was wrong not because the “rich” white kids got their way, but she had no proof or evidence and her story kept changing.

    “I still don’t know the truth about this case of the rich white boys vs. the poor black stripper. sounds to me like the rich boys got their way, as usual.”

    Why the fuck talk and make that assumption of you don’t know the facts, thus don’t know what the hell you are talking about?

    I swear, if white people are racist, then black people on the most ignorant people on the face of the earth.

    As a community, we black people can’t keep blame white people for our problems and not place as much importance on our problems; for example, how where I live in South Florida, the black people who catch STDs is crazy. Is the that the white man’s fault?

    Like Wyclef said “go out and get yours.”

  • stoneyisland

    J Millz shut the fuck up bitch, sides I took your mama to prom I could be your father…….Anyway nigga I actually have came to blows with this punk ass nigga back in 85 near a Wendys on 87th. He was a bitch bacj then and he’s a bitch now. Just like you J Miilz oh yeah tell your moms sweetdick said aaaaaaugggghhhhhhhhh

  • Sla$her_Flikks

    If a white girl was raped by black guys I’m sure Eminem and Paul Wall wouldn’t start talking shit about them, so Common made a dumb mistake by condemning them before the truth came out, anyone can lie, just because she was a black female doesn’t mean she was telling the truth Common, but at least he apologized for his ignorance.

  • J millz

    Internet Gangsta. If youd look at stony islands recent documents they would be gay porn. Just come out the closet homie. your name should be ConeyIsland with all the Hotdoggs(dicks) u got shoved up your ass. ” I came to blows with his as” bullshit. Maybe you wanted to blow his ass??? FUCKING INTERNET GANGSTA FRUITCAKE FAGGOT.

  • bigtrey77

    yo enough with the bullshit that it was bullshit for him to apologize…chick changed her stories mad times and she’s the one that just wanted money…..fuck what u expect the kids to fuckin do… they paid for a 800 dollar 2 hr. party and supposedly got a 10 min striptease… and then the chick goes and tries to say they rapped her fuckkkkkkkkk that….. enough with the black/white shit….we’re all fuckin people and the right outcome prevailed

  • Luc

    I find it quite percular that 60 minutes and now Common is appologizing to the lacrosse players. How many times have Black (Afro-American, Caribean et al) have been wrongfully accused and shamelessly convicted only to find out (sometimes 10yrs later) that they were innocent. 60 minutes has yet to do a story on Ronald Cotton who was wrongfully accused of rape by a white woman and spent 11yrs in jail. Why are the lacrosse players different? I think we all can answer that question. Shame on 60 minutes and Common.


    who gives a fuck if you’re ashamed except you?

  • That Dude

    I think the Duke boys do deserve an apology. Their lives were ruined for something which could not stand up (no pun intended) in the court of law. The DNA evidence didn’t even pan out.

    If we(Hip-Hop community) are to say we are against injustice, than that justice should not be color blind.

  • Albert

    common may have jumped 2 conclusions, but lots of ppl do. and besides he noticed his mistake and fixed it. so wats the big deal? who gives a shit?

  • Tre

    HAHAHAHAHA StoneyIslands only claim to fame is a fight he got into with common at Wendy’s in 1985. High five to you DUMB NIGGA……… Meanwhile he did something with his life and you became an internet thug. All y’all dumb niggas sayin he shouldn’t have apologized or that he’s a sellout….Fuck You………People are human. If they stayed the same forever we would never get anywhere. Thats why Black People can’t have shit……..Cause of dumb ass niggas!!!!!!!


    I like Common’s Music sometimes, and I am from The Chi, and real Street Niggaz don’t really be feelin him in the Chi, except for BoHo Hip-Pop nerds, and as a Man to hear him Apologize to some Caucasin dudes for somethan he didn’t do is LAME! Homies like that make African-American Men look WEak, that was not a Good Look, Kanye had more Balls than dude about that George Bush Drama, maybe them Dashikis amd Beads got him turning “BoHo”?

  • Equanimity

    Wow you people honestly do not get it. Just fucking morons. Common wrongly denounced these individuals for a crime they did not commit (if you want to get into argument about evidence I will gladly own you). For him to actually apologize is a good step and does not make him a weak black man.

    Jesus Christ. Cunts are always ranting about how the judicial system is flawed but because this time white people were on the bad end, it’s a-ok.

    He’s performing at my school (Duke) this Wednesday. We are PAYING him to perform; therefore, the least he could do is issue an apology before arriving on campus. He did, whether sincere or not, I do not know, but I am satisfied.

  • VA

    True… but Kanye was right about George Bush. Common was wrong about the Duke players, and they do deserve an apology. If you followed the whole situation, it’s pretty clear that those kids didnt rape that girl..

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  • Trait 5

    common is a bitch. straight up that all i gotta say bout dis nigga

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  • D.A.

    I think Common didn’t have to apologize for what he said if he really meant it shouldn’t have to apologize for what he said. Because I still think they did it

  • stoneyisland

    Tre and Jay Millz ya’ll seem like decent transexuals go fuck each other. For any self righteous black man to apologize to a group of rich, emblished, arrogant dudes is a Tom move. You niggas rush to the defense of any white man like good slaves, were was your outrage when that brother got shot up coming from his bachelors party? so I assume if the cops get over then the dead brothers family should apologize becasue they are found innocent? too each his own but it’s brothers like you, who hold us down as a race. Go pull a Michael Jackson, bleach your skin, straighten your hair and move to Neverland ranch. Bitches.

  • J millz

    i aint defenden him im just sayin’ your a fruitcake internet gangsta who tries to look hard online. “Ya’ll seam like decent transexuals” Nice comeback. talk to me when you get the dick out ya mouth. You know Common stomped your ass out, quit lying. dont get mad cause we know that ur gay. thats ur buisness, not ours.

  • rizzo

    what common did was not a bitch move or an uncle tom move, it was a classy move. something most of yall cats lack. ignorance only begats more ignorance. how can you ridicule a man for admitting he jumped the gun and got caught up in the hype. he never said the white boys were innocent. yall are arguing over a black man who can actually admit he was wrong rather than riding on the term “thats what they do to us so fuck’em”. did yall even catch on to the fact that an issue with some allged rapist (for the p/c folks out there) has yall going at each other.
    that was a classy move by common, while yall cats are like school on saturday – no class.

  • J millz

    Hey Rizzo read my first post, i neva said he was a bitch or an uncle tom. I also never said he wasn’t Stoneyisland. A’ll i said was if Commons a sellout everyother rapper is. Then I told faggotisland to stop being a myspace gangsta. Stoney, Brothas like you keep yourself down, not me. Rizzo i can see where your comming from tho. Stoney i never said them white kids didn’t do it. I never said they did. Read the whole post before you pull that ” go pull a micheal jackson blah blah blah” shit. All i said was that Common wasn’t a sell out unless everybody else is. Get yall’s facts straight.

  • rizzo

    my post was for everybody not just you. take what u want from it and live your life. you too will sellout if not allready that’s how the game is played like it or not.


    i say common is a true man he stood up for what he thought was right with a passion and even spit some lyrics about it. when he was proven wrong he did what he had to do like a man. it takes alot of guts to say your wrong especially when no one else is out there saying they are sorry as well. you don’t hear al sharpton saying he sorry for any of them comments he said about them. the one that comes to my mind is these guys are nothing but a bunch of rich white gang rapist. but al can not be reached to apologize he is currently trying to stop rap music.

  • J millz

    Have u sold out RIZZO??? lol

  • Tre

    Yo Stoney, get it right homie. It aint about color in my opinion. Lyin bitches is lyin bitches no matter what color anybody is. Have you really paid attention to the story like I have? Shit no or you’d understand why the dude apologized. We all know the Sean Bell shit, and I hope them whiteboys get the electric chair( but we all know it won’t happen). Yo Rizz. You right. I shouldn’t have flipped like that. But when a black man stoops to talking shit becuase of voiced opinion, I always step out and defend the underdog. Common diud what was right and it’s not based on race. It’s about being human…. If Stoney Islands can’t see that, fuck em. The world goes on even with his ignorance

  • rizzo

    yo millz, not only have i played the game but now i’m a coach. soon i’ll be a owner then i can really change the game.

  • J millz

    I feel you Rizz

  • EReal

    Man, yall need to learn how to take sarcasm on the internet.

    My ID is EREAL, obviously if Im spittin some ignorant shit, its either a stan, or im playin. Damn.

    He did the right thing, can yall unbunch your thongs now?

    1 hunned.

  • MelloMush

    Let me start by saying that Common did right to apologize. MY REASONING behind saying this is that these boys were acquitted legally (which don’t mean a thing!) and continuing to publically accuse them will only be detrimental to Common. Plus, we are all human. To the idiots saying he’s a sell out and gots no respect, talk to the webmaster of Maybe he’ll hire you to piss people off in their online forums cuz your over-stated “beef” is obviously FAKE. As for you, Equinimity, I sensed the latent hostility you’re harboring since I read your first post. Why are you threatening to come to evidenciary fisticuffs with everyone? Russell Crowe, is that you? Oh and BROCKTON PATRIOT, shutthafuckup.


  • da_realting

    it takes a strong individual to admitt when they have said something wrong so big up to common for holding shit down! on the other hand if the tables were turned would we get the same respect if the stripper was white instead of black, basketball players instead of white lacross players and Common was Imus? doubt it!!!!