Chicago Holds “Does Hip-Hop Hate Women” Conference

chi-univ.jpgOn Saturday (April 28), the University of Chicago held a panel discussion, “Does Hip-Hop Hate Women?,” which drew more than 400 people. According to the Tri-City Herald, the scholars, activists and local artists that attended the meeting had mixed reactions to the topic. Some condemned music executives for not taking a stand against violent and misogynistic lyrics. “Sexism is too convenient within the Black community for Black men,” said David Ikard, assistant professor at the University of Tennessee. “This issue of Imus came up and I asked the Black men in my hip-hop course what were their stakes in it. They were like, ‘Well, we don’t really have any stakes in it. It seems trivial.’” Joan Morgan, author and commentator on hip-hop and feminism blasted Russell Simmons for only trying to ban three words from hip-hop — “bitch,” “ho” and “nigga.” “How is no one saying to Russell, ‘Yo, we already bleep out those words?,’” Morgan asked. Others defended hip-hop, like local MC and executive director of the Chicago Hip-Hop Initiative, Amina Norman-Hawkins. “We allow this language to go on,” Hawkins said. “As a community, we aren’t responsible for our children. So we don’t teach our little boys how to grow up and be men and respect woman. We allow them to learn from the street what’s acceptable.”

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  • EReal

    Fuck Yall First Sayers.

    I love women,but I hate bitches, hoes, skeezers, sluts, slores, whores and skallywags.

    1 hunned.

  • jay

    i second that.. wemon is wuts up.. but bitchs hoes n sluts are only good for one thing.. i gotta woman so im straight without all these sluts n hoes.. n if ur a slut YOU KNOW IT.. if u gotta man n u cheat u guessed it.. ur a hoe.. if u suck dick for money jewels or other shit 2 run da mans pockets u got it.. ur a hoe if u fuck a rapper jus 2 get in his video( like game mentioned).. ur good again.. ur a hoe..
    this is what a hoe is theres a line between a hoe and a woman

  • jay

    AND I GUARN-FUCKIN-TEE YOU that if one of these ppl who is sayin hip hop needs 2 stop usin hoe that if their ‘woman” cheated on them they wouldnt b usin nice words they would b like u slut u cheated on me.. MAD ppl outside hip hop use the term and i guarntee u these ppl on this against hip hop train used the word before or uses it still

  • tip187

    lool maybe if women wouldnt fuck with us so much we wouldnt say that kinda shit. If ur goina b tryna play me n shit n doin slutty and dumb shit n aint respectin us or urselves we obviously goina react in some shape or form

  • YounzGod23

    Yo ereal u forget all about the Slutbucket

  • eastside


  • Nur-Allah

    “Bitches aint shit but hoes and tricks”
    I dont think I have ever heard a rapper say that they hate all women! Or that they think all women are bitches.

  • My Effin’ Opinion

    Imma hold a “Is Hip Hop Tired of this Media Bullshit” conference …

    who’s comin’ (no the name “Geechi Suede”)

  • da truth

    Don’t get mad if i left a hundred dollar for ya

    don’t get mad if i bought fuckin dog for ya

    ain’t dat a dog for ya

    some chick like flea’s, you have to ur paws to get the off from ya

    Juelz Santana

  • boss 47

    I wish women would start holding themselves accountable for their own actions! If a female has no SELF esteem and do all kinds of nasty trifling things to garner attention, am I and all other men in this world suppose to overlook that and continue to respect her as a REAL WOMAN? I will give you the answer HELL NO! Please tell ALL women you’re respondsible for your own actions. Everything you do in your life is a reflection of your character. So if you choose to make the decision to sleep around and do wild & reckless things then I have news for you, the moment you went through with that act is the moment you waived your right to be respected.

  • lexi

    hiphop should ease up on the bitch and hoe

  • bigboss47

    I wish that women would hold themselves accountable for their actions. If a female chooses to share her body with any and everybody it is her business, but just like all other things in life it comes with a title. It is hard to believe that all of these women and spine-less men in the world wants these words to be deleted from music and everyday use when ITS STILL YOUNG WOMEN AND (SAD TO SAY) OLDER WOMEN STILL ACTING LIKE THE VERY WORDS THEY WANT ERASED! Please live up to the RESPONDSIBILITY of being a true woman, or is that asking too much. You cannot live life care-free and make dumb ass trifling decisions when it comes to your body and character, because if you do live that way you allowed YOURSELF to be labeled that. Accept the consequences of your actions ladies. If it looks like a duck quacks like a duck then guess what its a motherf-ing duck. Lets face it people every female aint a woman.

  • EReal

    Im there Effin.


  • Scooby Nuts

    I hate women that wont bang me

  • ANON

    WELL lets look at the evidence, u cant listen to any hip-pop CD without hearing, bitch this hoe that, and the majority of dat kind of negativity is coming from male artists. its riduculous because i wonder what their mothers, wives, daughters etc think when dey hear all of dat… how can these artists be disrespectful to women when a woman went through un- imaginable pain to give them life. I think the true issue here, is that hip-pop needs to start respecting women, and stop with the “bitches and hoes ” crap, not all women fall into that category. BUT YOU WOULDNT KNOW IT BY THE WAY ALMOST EVERY HIP-POP CD HAS SOME KIND OF FEMALE DEGRADING CONTENT IN IT.