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  • Jersey

    that’s beat. 1000 bars is atleast 50 minutes, i respect his passion but on the flipside he could of turned that into a LP. Called the LP Poet Laureate Infinity.

  • DeE-MaSsIvE

    The whole thing with this track is not that it is 50 minutes. but that you can mix the track in 5 channels. so you can mix the lyrics diffrent everytime you listen to the track. and he is on point everytime you switch from layer to layer. it is outstanding. THE GREATEST RHYME OF ALL TIME..


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  • jay

    yes yes the 50 minute song is truly some spectacular shit, i guess he wasnt lieing when he said “i could kick a rhyme longer than your whole album” but look at the bigger picture here, the album is crazy. theres jewels on every track and for those who dont know about the “syllable formula” that bis mentions on “father author poop pauper” along w/ two other formulas that i have yet to still discover. i came across this by merely doing some basic math ive learned in high school and i havent heard anything about it before bis mentions it. i see myself as a pioneer who believes in the traditions of rap but also taking it to the next level and expanding it because if i dont, i feel that nobody will do it. LONG LIVE HIPHOP