jmj1.jpgRonald “Tenad” Washington, a notorious Queens stick-up man and longtime person of interest in the murder of Jam Master Jay, expects to be charged as an accessory to the legendary DJ’s murder. According to the Boston Herald, an unnamed female witness has told authorities that Washington confessed his involvement in the murders of Jay and Randy “Stretch” Walker, an associate of the late Tupac Shakur. Washington was convicted earlier this month of six counts of armed robbery and is currently incarcerated in a Brooklyn prison. He denies any involvement in either murder, and has said that he was at the Queen’s studio where Jay was murdered to provide him with protection. “They want to blame me for all the blood in rap,” Washington told the Herald. “They are trying to pen me up for these murders.” Washington also expects to be charged with Walker’s 1995 murder. Walker, a longtime friend of Tupac, was later accused by the rapper of helping orchestrate his robbery and shooting in 1995 at New York’s Quad Studios. Walker was murdered in Queens one year to the day after the Quad shooting. According to the Herald, the indictments in the Jam Master Jay and Walker slayings are part of a large federal investigation of violence in the rap industry. Law enforcement sources have stated that more indictments are expected against multiple rap artists in the near future.