Black Owned Broadcasting Company Bans Offensive Music From Hip-Hop Radio Station

roberts-logo.jpgA St. Louis based broadcasting company announced this week it’s taking a stand against music and lyrics it deems offensive to African-Americans in response to the recent firing of radio host Don Imus over racist remarks. Roberts Broadcasting Company is a Black owned business that operates four TV stations and a Jackson, Miss based hip-hop radio station, WRBJ-FM/Hot 97.7. Under the ban, any content found to be violent, sexist or racist will be immediately removed from rotation on WRBJ according to the Associated Press. “We’re going to ban them altogether, which is a hard move for a hip-hop station. If it’s offensive in any way toward women, toward African-Americans, it’s not going to be played on Hot 97.7.” says Roberts spokeswoman Keesha Dhaene. The station’s general manager, Terrill Weiss, and his staff will be responsible for reviewing all musical content and removing anything offensive. “There’s probably a higher incidence of derogatory language in general in hip-hop music because it’s a language of the street,” Weiss said. “It reflects life, and their art involves a lot of language that could be deemed objectionable.” The company’s four TV stations will not be immediately affected by the ban, although that may change in the near future according to Dhaene. “We take tremendous pride in being African-American and refuse to let anyone, white or Black, strip us of that pride,” says company President and CEO Steven Roberts.

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  • Bol


  • 10 niggas n’ one

    damn dog.
    if they keep this shit up, hip hop realy gonna die.

    one by one radio stations is stop playing real rap shit.

  • A-Town Hustla

    I guess they about to take that station off the air ’cause I don’t know what the hell they gon’play…

  • 11KAP

    NO HOMO. Granstanding negroes get on my nerves. They should have thought of this like 10 years ago. Now that the black community is damaged beyond repair and a new generation has grown up exposed to all this mindless gutter rap with no better altenative, thanks to radio, they want to pull the plug. They should have told the record companies to encourage and cultivat the conscious Hip Hop that was made from the beginning. Now that they have made huge profits off negative rap for all these years, they want to wash their hands clean like it’s all good. hypocrites. too little too late. typical. Big up the righteous ghetto youth everytime, seen? I and I stronger than strong. We will prevail.

  • shabazz

    they will be outta business and bought out by somebody.

  • Ghost of 2Pac

    I Knew this was going to happen sooner or later! Yall need to stand up for whats right!
    NO SPEECH… NO FREEDOM!!! Think about!!
    Lookin’ At Ya! PAC!

  • Holla

    This shit is getting out of control. This country is falling apart. Fuck the radio anyway. Whether people like it or not, hip hop is gonna live on and people are gonna listen whether the media likes it or not. I just find it funny how one white guy says a racist remark and now hip-hop has to be reshaped. the whole thing is baffling.

  • outda954

    You capitolized the “b” in black but not the “w” in white, real mature.

  • eastside

    Hip Hop or Rap is not to blame for women being disrespected in any way. Men are not to blame for calling a female a bitch or a hoe. Women are to blame! Yes, i said it. I can’t call a dog a cat. I can’t call a bird a pig. It’s as simple as that. If women are not respecting themselves, they can’t expect or receive respect. True there are men out there who do call women hoes and bitches when she is not one. That not because of rap lyrics, that is lack of home training. Ignorance at its best. Those men are just little boys who can’t recognize the difference. The real blame is in the parenting and upbringing. I listen to all rap, but I also know the difference between right and wrong. I know difference between a woman and a hoe. Yes, they are out there in the flesh. Women need to take responsibility in the way they are seen in the eyes of the world. Yes there are alot of women who are on top of there game rather it be making alot of money in the buisness world or holding down a household. They are not in that category none what so ever. Those women need to take more of a roll in the young ladies lives than society showing them what a women shouldn’t be. If we blame hip hop and rap, then we are cowards and hiding from the truth. As a race we need to look at the way we are raising our children instead of letting society raise them. Men and women are responsible for how our children are raised and taught in the world. If children have the right upbringing the chances of them becoming criminals, bitches, or hoes are alot less. Even if society makes it alright to do things that we as people see is wrong, our children will have it in their mind, body and soul to reject what society is feeding them and make a change. As a race we are to blame for these recent events. We shouldn’t take Oprah’s show serious, or Jesse Jackson, or Rev. Al Sharpton. They are just busting shots in the dark with no intentiion on correcting the problem they are just trying to correct their pocket and fame.

  • CREEPA 101

    i guess i we gonna be hearing nothing but lil Bow Wow (pussy shit)

  • CREEPA 101

    i guess all we gonna be hearing nothing but lil Bow Wow (pussy shit)

  • charlie Chan

    look at these site’s has the whole story
    those are the local tv stations in that market.

  • Brickyard Pro

    barack hilary i dont think they will let hip hpop die



    Are you mad?

    There will be NO DIFFERENCE.

    Look at their voting records. They are the other side of the same suitcase nuke.

    And shit, why do you lot care about radio? Don’t you get all your sweary rap off the net anyway?

    Personally, I’ll be interested in what they find “offensive”. Bow Wow, for instance, is deeply offensive, on satorial, and moral grounds.



  • James

    How Im lookin at it, was fuck the radio anyway. Let alone Hot 97 and that disrespectful bitch Miss Jones (or whateva her name is). The radio is NOWHERE near my main supply of music and i dont listen to the radio at all. Yet im up to par about 90% of shit before they are. This is not gonna affect Hip Hop, becasue what ppl tend to forget is its art, if you dont like it then keep it the fuck movin and go listen to some other shit. Its Plenty of Other music out there thats just as creative…
    Hip Hop is Not and i Repeat Is NOT responsible for shit that goes on in this world, No matter how you put it. Because Long before they’re was hip Hop (DECADES!) there was The US with the highest fuckin Murder Rate in the country. Do us real Hip Hop Heads That listen to everything a favor and cut that “Lets Blame Hip Hip for everything” shit out!!!

  • Dip Set City

    OUTDA954, I noticed that shit too. sounds like a shit bag company anyway, White or black

  • Mr. P

    so what if they stop playing “offensive” material, who listens to the radio anyway. satelite radio is freedom, 12 dollars a month is a small price to pay for listening to whatever the fuck i want. its about supply and demand, what are they gonna play, country? they’re the ones who lose, what they gonna start playing kiddie shit, than who’s gonna tune in? this shit aint for the kids anyway, no matter how important the young demographic is, this is all grownfolk music. besides the older i get the flyer i get, i actually buy cds anyway, they’re a bunch of suckers.

  • Supreemwun

    Maybe this is the white washing of hip hip? Clean it up for lil Timmy and Sara! Elvis=Eminem! Maybe one day I’ll post (on the internet) my paper from my Rock and Roll History and culture college class…I flipped that shhhh on the teacher and every paper I did was devoted to Hip Hop(A+ on all my papers too). I flipped it in a way that made it relate. Check it, I went as far as comparing how Elvis took black music, became the so called King and then compared it to how they want to give Eminem the Crown of Hip Hop! Hey here’s an IDEA why don’t they band poverty, put some money in the schools in the hood, computers and new text books. Don’t get me wrong we need to check ourselves but the way their movin’ on Hip Hop leads me to believe…not that Hip Hop is dead but that its under attack or worst its the attempted assasination of Hip Hop.

    A Random Thought: Nas may have inadvertently spoke this into existence …maybe in his quest to hold the mirror up to our faces he cursed it.

  • Zee Productions

    Attn: Rappers
    Download the Deadly Combination Remix beat with Pac, Big & Big L @ OR go to my blog at and download from the link… and do a 16 verse with the greatest

    Prod. by Zee!

  • Chris

    Whats going to happen is that xm radio is going to lower their prices and niggaz are goin to start listen there for cheap cuz aint goin to listen to the radio bad move The radio play the same shit over and over and its goin to be the same 3 songs reapeted

  • TangoMegaXI

    Everybody’s all in an uproar, but the memory of the masses is not-so-long. I think it’s a great idea, but I also think it will never last. It will make good news for a little while, incite the ‘slaves’ to riot, but let’s be real. It’s like a huge joke. HipHop has not been on the radio in YEARS. HipHop used to be in the Underground, and if the “Powers That Be” are done co-opting it, it can return to the underground, and all those who make slave music can continue to find it on the Net, through the bootleggers, and still in the stores… If you are an artist and think you need the radio, you’re not going anywhere. And if you’re a HipHop fan who get’s his ‘HipHop’ off the radio, you probably believe that Iraq really did have those WMDs, too…

    -ere’bodee’s favorite mega

  • Dr Flav

    Nah, these artist need to step they pen game up, back in the day some of the most gully groups had songs that were suitable for radio and not just bleeped out words, songs were written or rewritten to be played any time of the day. Its not that you cant say basically whatever you want on the actual albums, just radio singles you wish to use to promote the album. BTW, the black community has been messed up before hip hop was a thought, stop scapegoating my artform.

  • tone

    big respect. I am not black and find this to be a really bold move. congratulations!!
    hip hop dead???
    that would be an assumption that all hip hop is demeaning, which its not so I would not worry.

  • BklynBandette

    There is a difference between HipHop Culture and The HipHop Industry. And it is the HipHop Industry (with the help of disenfranchised blacks who know no better)that has perpetuated a lot of the negative stereotypes of Black Women & Men and turned a profit from our plight. Y’all better wake up and watch what’s unravelling before you. I remember back in the day when Michael Jackson used a term that was considered Anti-Semetic. Not only was he called on it, but he was also made to go into the studio and re-record it. Mind you: the final cut of the project was already in the record stores. Those copies were removed and done away with. And guess what y’all, nobody was up in arms defending his freedom of speech. A few years back Diddy caused a little stir within the Asian Community about a line in one of his songs that they didn’t appreciate. Again, he too was called on it and no one stood up for his right to free speech. Why are we the only people who allow ourselves to be trashed all for the sake of dough? But Wait, I remember seeing Russell Simmons participate in a commercial where he is declaring himself a Jew. It was Mr. Simmons and some other artist who did the spot to promote racial harmony and fight Anti-semetism. ??? Don’t get me wrong, I have a deep love and respect for Mr. Simmons. But I’m sorry I don’t get it. I could NEVER go on television to promote racial harmony while my own folks are fighting amongst themselves. And the very people you’re fighting the “Race War” for are the ones who are generating revenue from our ignorance. No other race of people allows it to go down like this- so why do we?

    Black folks are trendsetters. Everything we create others wanna take. Every path we trailblaze others wanna follow. They copy the way we walk, talk, dress, wear our hair, etc. They do whatever we do. But ask yourself, why haven’t they started calling themselves racially derogatory names yet in public? And if they do it, it’s not to the degree which we do and certainly we’re not invited to do the same. Do y’all feel where I’m coming from. This is bigger that Imus, The HipHop Industry, or so-called censorship. This is a wake-up call for Black folks to get their minds Right! No matter what side you’re on or what you represent, you need to do so with Pride, Honor, and Dignity. You can’t expect Respect when you’re walking around looking as if you’re ready to drink the Kool-Aid.

    HipHop lost it’s power when it became chemically imbalanced. Just like it’s people.

    Just A Woman’s Perspective.
    Holla If Ya Hear Me.

  • BklynBandette

    And 1 more thing: Power 105.1 in NYC is doing the same format change. AND … the Reverend Al Sharpton mentioned yesterday at his National Action Network Summit Convention that he wanted to do a protest march in the very near future. As near as in the upcoming weeks. Many of us advised against it but I don’t know what he’s gonna do. The march (which he named “A Call For Decency”) will take place in NYC and he wants to march from label to label to stir up the bigwigs. He wants to start at Sony, then make his way to Universal, and go on down the line. Damn. This is getting ugly and divisive. We gotta do something. Now would be the time to Man & WoMan UP!

    Just A Woman Dropping A Gem in Y’all Ear.
    Holla If Ya Hear Me.

  • daddy

    THey can’t ban our muic thanks to the 2 Live Crew…But its crazy how Al Sharpton jumped ship because Don Imus heard his son’s old Snoop Dogg record…But Al’s a Uncle Tom anyway

  • irishwesty

    all the news lately regarding the VT shooter and the war against rap sounds like eminem is going to have a hell of a combacc huh?

  • Sayso is Donny Slaughter

    I gues ole Rev. Al mad a Black folks for not votin’ for his ass!!! Rap has been around for 30 years, Heavy Metal has been around even longer and NEVER has anyone thought about bannin’ that shyt…wake me up when Rev. Al comes up wit a more prevalent issue, like puttin’ more money into Inner City Education, let’s talk about how Low Income housing is being pushed further out of big cities, apartments tore down and replace wit houses that lower income families can not afford

  • Killa G

    Yo Im white and I think this is fo real some BS.Man they is fo real fin to ruin Hip Hop.NamSayin Im fin to go to the whitest neighborhood and bump some real hardcore gangsta shit in my slab.Man namsayin Im Gangsta Rap 4life 4real.I hope all dem raw artists out there keep thier shit raw and don’t sell out.Bone Thugs N Harmony and Ray Cash reppin DA LAND hard right now.these record companies,radio stations,and government people better not fuck Hip Hop up 4real.And now IM like shit I never thought thats Nas’s song would ever become 4real shit.Rap community hold ya heads up 4real.

  • Janky John

    This is just a case forget who got you there: HOT 97.7 used to be the street radio station and the station of the urban demo. It will always be that anyway. Mr. CEO and whomever you get your info. Radio will always be ran by commercials and this is what they want the company CEOs to see about their station when they go in to ask for some big money. BS. HIP HOP is being sold out by the same people who we make millions of dollars.

  • Dade County 305

    yeah thanks to 2 Live Crew!!!! hiphop aint dead, we’re not goin no where. Donny i feel u! no one talks about HEAVY METAL but as soon as brothas & sistas start makin money & creating jobs for our own theres a problem. all i have to say is go buy the DVD The ILLUMINATI… u will see how them WEALTY white folks work.

  • Bliss

    I’ve read the blogs above, and what I can honestly say is if rap music is not responsible for the state our black community is in it’s certainly responsible for the illiteracy rate. There is rap music that is uplifting to the people and promote our cause. And there is rap music that should be left on the cutting room floor. Truth be told, bottom of the barrel individuals who find themselves outraged by the banning of some rap music and artists don’t vote. It is also apparent that they did not pay attention in English class.
    Here’s a black woman who respects herself, and gives respect to others even when it is not earned. I’m asking my brotha’s to do the same. Whether she’s your baby’s momma, a misdirected video vixen, your mother, your sister, your teacher, or your preacher she deserves respect. She deserves it in any form you can rally yourself to give it. R-E-S-P-E-C-T
    And those outside of our community should NEVER see that it is OK to disrespect our women because our men do it first.