Beanie Sigel sits with to preview tracks off his upcoming album, The Solution.

“Intro (Return of the Bad Guy)”

Produced by Scott Storch

Scott Storch samples the theme music to Scarface, adding some heavy drums and piano keys. In his second verse, Sigel talks about his legal situation and the drama he’s been through the past couple of years. Even though the Scarface vocal sample in the hook has been done before, the track is vintage Beanie Sigel: dark and harrowing. “Everybody is lookin’ to bring hip-hop back,” Sigel says about The Solution. “To me, hip-hop isn’t dead, it’s just in a state…the South has their sound and that’s what hot for right now. It's all good, I like some of the music. But there's really no relevance in a lot of the music. So [this album] is The Solution for people who want that real hip-hop back. Here's that real music we love.”

“Save The Children”

Produced by Harry & Alex

This is reminiscent of Rakim’s “Teach The Children” off Don’t Sweat The Technique. Beans addresses political and social issues such as poverty, the prison system, Hurricane Katrina, the War in Iraq and George W. Bush. “Nobody is making them relevant records,” Sigel says about the song. “That’s what’s going on in the world right now. We need them songs out there. Hip-Hop is supposed to be the news for the street. It’s not there [now] and everybody is partying. We’re probably at the worst stage in the world right now, as far as everything that’s going on. It’s crazy out there. It’s always good to stay politically inclined and in tune with the world — give the people something to listen and relate to.” Rakim would be proud.

“Untitled Track”

Produced by Erick Hudson

This beat has an old school vibe to it with heavy kicks and snares. Lyrically, this is one of Sigel’s rawest tracks. While he doesn’t name drop, he’s clearly calling out his enemies and competitors. No, it’s not a Dipset diss, but he’s obviously angry.

“You Over Did It” Ft. Young Chris and Murder Mills

Produced by Sha Money XL

What would a Beanie Sigel album be without a Philly anthem? Sha Money provides an eerie arrangement of piano keys that add a great deal of tension to the track. Sigel and Young Chris take advantage, spitting long-winded but impressive verses.


Produced by Dre & Vidal

This would have fit perfectly on his last album, The B. Coming. The song finds an introspective Beans talking to his conscious about his false sense of bravery and being hardheaded. It’s an honest and heartfelt look inside his mind. Conceptually, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better song from Beans. Producers Dre & Vidal sample James Blunt on the hook, giving the track a soulful vibe.

“Untitled Track”

Produced by Chad West

While most of The Solution is geared towards the streets, this is a nice change of pace. Chad West provides a mellow, soulful beat. Beans goes into storytelling mode about a particular female — think Biggie on “I Got A Story To Tell.”

“Hail Mary”

Produced by Harry & Alex

Beanie Sigel and Black Sabbath is a match made in heaven. Producers Harry & Alex sample Sabbath’s “War Pigs” on the hook, making for the hardest track of Sigel’s career. The drums and guitar riffs on the track are so brutal they rip through the speakers. It’s hard to pay attention to what Beans is spitting because the beat is so enthralling. Harry & Alex have a bright future ahead of them.

“Bang Bang”

Produced by Harry & Alex

Harry & Alex cook up some funky guitars and live instrumentation for the beat. This track has a gritty, but laid back feel. Sigel reminisces about the good old days growing up, spitting on the hook, “Do you remember when we used to play shoot ‘em up bang bang.”

“You Ain’t Ready For Me”

Produced by Dame Grease

Dame Grease hasn’t produced a beat like this since DMX’s debut, It’s Dark and Hell Is Hot. Sigel rips the track to shreds over a vicious arrangement of marching drums and sinister horns. While Beans and his crew were mostly reserved during the listening session, this song made everyone stand up and mimic each lyric. On the hook, Beans repeats, “You ain’t ready for me.” He may be right.