Australia’s Prime Minister Speaks Out On Snoop Dogg Ban

snoop7.jpgSnoop Dogg was scheduled to perform at the MTV Australia Music Video Awards in Sydney on Sunday but the country’s Prime Minister, John Howard, has denied him a visa on character grounds. According to the Herald Sun, Snoop was banned “for sound reasons.” “Well, I have to be careful what I say in these matters but he has been…well, there are certain judgments that are made on certain advice that I can’t go into, but the reasons for banning him are sound,” Prime Minister Howard told Southern Cross Broadcasting. Howard went on to compare Snoop’s case to Australia’s banning of Holocaust denier David Irving. “Why should somebody like this, who’s got a particular background, be allowed into the country?,” Howard said. “There’s always been a character issue in relation to people being given visas. I mean, that was the issue that was, in part, behind the refusal to give a visa to David Irving, the Holocaust denier.” Snoop’s lawyer, Donald Etra, firmly disagrees with Howard’s stance. “Snoop loves Australia and Australia loves Snoop,’ Etra told the Herald Sun. “The reality is Snoop has no gang affiliation.”

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  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    They just tryna keep a black brother down…but still I rise…

  • T.O.

    Hold up! How is a man whose intention to big up his people and elevate his situation (caused by racism) in any way comparable to some white racist motherfucker who was not only responsible for spreading racism by denying something as concrete as the existence of the holocaust. These Howard needs to think for himself, but thats obviously beyond the limits of the leash politicians are attached to these days.

  • Anthony Obi

    same old shit.

  • T.O.

    how is snoops ‘character’ comparable to that of a man who spreads racism by denying the holocaust ?

  • EReal


    This cock-sucker is comparing Snoop Dogg to a fucking Holocaust denier????!!?!?
    Im fucking appaulled.

    Fuck Australia’s prime minister, I hope Zoolander kills that nikka.


    1 hunned.

  • dolur

    Haward’s just fucking with BIG UNCLE SNOOP!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thaywoodjr

    How many people like snoop are already you their country? GTFOH!

  • HollyHood

    That just don’t wanna c a nigga make n e money! Fuck em!

  • che

    >The reality is Snoop has no gang affiliation.


  • kidkron3

    The reality is Snoop has no gang affiliation

    doesnt that make him a studio wankster

  • jason

    stupid john howard he should give snoop dogg a visa

  • http://xxl jason

    i was looking foward watching the mtv music awards intill stupid john howards bans him

  • Killa-Kal

    >The reality is Snoop has no gang affiliation.

    ..> come on now we all kno tha lawyer was jus sayin that 2 bak up snoops case. Listen 2 his last album… The Blue Carpet Treatment.. jus listen to tha opener of that album to realize his lawyer his bullshittin>> snoop aint a fake

  • kgtitan

    damn this is some crocodile dundee croc o’ bullshit howard is a wallabie wannabe

  • Kane Corleone

    Harlem 30′s Crip Gang Cuz

  • Baby Boy

    Fuck Dat Racist Fagget John Howard.
    He rolls with George Bush.
    He’s Licked Bushes Ass so Much dat Bushes Ass shines and Howard Can now see his Reflection!

  • Smitty

    man fuck that motha fucka, thats foul, boycott austraila damnit

  • elo

    awww boo hoo snoop has been wack since tha last meal