Al Sharpton Withdraws Planned Award for Def Jam Chairman LA Reid

sharpton1.jpgAl Sharpton has changed his mind about an award he was scheduled to present to Def Jam boss LA Reid this week. According to the New York Post, Sharpton was set to award Reid with the James Brown Memorial Cultural Impact Award at his National Action Network’s annual convention, which begins today. The controversial activist told the Post that he had “suspended” the award in an effort to avoid a conflict of interest. Earlier this week he announced that he would be going after entertainers and record companies that he feels are marketing harmful music to the public, and that he would name those targets during the convention. “We’re going to target companies over the issue of lyrics. I’m going to be more forceful. I’m not going to send mixed signals,” Sharpton told the Post. He says that he spoke with Reid about the suspension and they both agreed that it would not be appropriate to move forward with the ceremony.

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  • Bol

    I’m sure this will be a tough blow for LA Reid. Nullus.


    this fool is a sellout there go’s his black votes for pres.

  • C.Carter

    Early 90′s all over again.

  • C.Carter

    Early 90′s all over again.

  • Pubic Domain

    Sharpton is a clown-ass opportunist…Him Oprah, Jesse, and all these other suckas are no longer relevent…


    The conflict of interest is al sharpton gettin’ upset about some black girls being called ‘nappy-headed’ and he’s walkin’ around with a perm.

  • tip187

    yeeah dawg wutta hypocrite, fuck these muthafuckaz straight up, its ur choice to bump the music, if its too violent for u dont bitch about it cuz everyone is entitled to expressing their own opinions n thoughts man, u gotta respect that not protest it

  • slick than an old mack

    Him wanting to give the award in the first place shows that he didnt have a problem with hip hop before all this Imus bullshit

  • BklynBandette

    This dude is just trying to serve his own interests and he’s using our people to do it.

  • CL

    no homo.

  • EReal

    So LA only oversaw HipHop projects? GTFOH.

    Fuck Al Sharpton’s bitch ass. I wouldnt want an award from this ambulence chasin, face time needin, don king wanna be mo fucka. forreal.

    1 hunned.

  • Sayso is Donny Slaughter

    Hollywood’s been violent since wwaaaaaaayyyyy before Hip Hop, yet nobody wants to tackle that. Al Sharpton is like an Ambulance chaser, I know of several more pressing issues to tackle than that bullshyt!!! Like our Voting rights or lack thereof!!! When Bush signed the Voting Rights bill that allows Blacks to have a right to vote (a bill that expires every 20 or so years), his goofy ass along wit Jesse ‘tha Jellyfish’ Jackson clappin’ and all that shyt, but nobody’s urging him to just make it legal period for Blacks to vote, and not just every so many years at the mercy of whuteva President decides to sign it!!! He’d rather fight a battle he know he can’t win, becuz of our Freedom of Expression!!! He’s a nappy headed ho!!!

  • kem

    Did you hear Al on Bill Maher’s Real Time. He handled Bill. I have respect for Al. I think he knows he’s not perfect, and that gonna be hated on both sides. But that doesn’t stop him from steppin’ up. Who else will? The rest of our potential reps are chasing the almighty dollar.

  • F.U. Ent.

    First they target pastor troy for da murda man lyrics in a cop homicide then al sharptons black ass jump ship on us, y is everybody mad at rap? Soon enough the gorvenment and the FIAA iz gonna ban rap in america. OMG!!!!

  • kirk

    I want to start boycotting Al sharpton and any thing he does he is a discrace to all black people everywhere he does not rule I did not want him to be the goto guy on black issues I call a spade a spade and he is a fraud my grand mother gave him the right to be the authority not me he is out of of touch with our community I yearn for honest leadership not a man who jumps to personal gain find out about other sides just like the bush administration going to war with out finding enough about your enemy a culture witch you haven’t the slightest idea about there is substance to it and you need to keep to what you know a chase ambulances you greedy fake

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