sharpton.jpgAfter playing an integral role in the firing of veteran radio host Don Imus, Reverend Al Sharpton has now pledged to take on the hip-hop industry. Following a week of controversy over a statement on air in which he referred to the Rutger’s University woman’s basketball team as “nappy headed hoes,” Imus was fired from his job at CBS radio. Over the course of the week, hip-hop music has been criticized and accused of perpetuating similar language. During an appearance yesterday (April 15) on Fox News Sunday with Chris Matthews, Sharpton stressed that his crusade against derogatory language in the entertainment industry is nothing new, and noted that his past efforts have not received the level of media attention that his involvement in the Imus incident has. The Reverend also announced that he will be naming exactly what artists and entertainers he plans to go after later this week at his National Action Network national conference.