Al Sharpton Takes Aim at Hip-Hop

sharpton.jpgAfter playing an integral role in the firing of veteran radio host Don Imus, Reverend Al Sharpton has now pledged to take on the hip-hop industry. Following a week of controversy over a statement on air in which he referred to the Rutger’s University woman’s basketball team as “nappy headed hoes,” Imus was fired from his job at CBS radio. Over the course of the week, hip-hop music has been criticized and accused of perpetuating similar language. During an appearance yesterday (April 15) on Fox News Sunday with Chris Matthews, Sharpton stressed that his crusade against derogatory language in the entertainment industry is nothing new, and noted that his past efforts have not received the level of media attention that his involvement in the Imus incident has. The Reverend also announced that he will be naming exactly what artists and entertainers he plans to go after later this week at his National Action Network national conference.

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  • Sho


  • Sho


  • Akron

    I wish someone would tell this asshole that he does not speak for everyone. Go apologize for fucking up people’s lives then I still wouldn’t listen to his uneducated ass.

  • Bol

    Al Sharpton can bite my ass. Nullus.

  • Zues21


  • missile 6

    Al just doesn’t want to look like a hypocrite.

  • Bonfiles Lenoir

    Now do you ass-bags get it??? it was never about race! “nappy headed hos”… Imus was fired over a throw-away line.

    This was ALWAYS about Sharpton and Jackson getting their fucking faces on TV again.

    Wake the fuck up people. Censorship is a bitch.

  • My Effin’ Opinion

    missile 6 Says:

    April 16th, 2007 at 11:45 am
    Al just doesn’t want to look like a hypocrite.



    Al Sharpton saying that he’s going to go after Hip Hop is equivalent to Bush saying he’s going after Bin Ladden … They ain’t really doing it, but it’s what the people wanna hear, so they gotta front like their gonna do it even though they don’t really wanna.

    Believe it or not Sharpton is cool with Hip Hop .. he wasn’t up until about 3-5 years ago.

  • killa

    sit on it sharpton. go get high or something u fucking tool.

  • biz

    Ohhhh so scarred!

  • Cortez



    I’m gonna catch some flack but here it goes. Al Sharpton ain’t no different than an ambulance chasing lawyer. That’s what I call him “da ambulance chaser” My man is almost the Don King of cultural causes. Look He’s done some good things but don’t forget the man ran for prez. He’s all about being in the spotlight so he can find supporters to get paid. There I said it, now you all can hate on me.



  • killa

    no hatin necessary, your opinion is well defended, but you gotta consider that he and rap as an industry are on 2 different levels. sharpton has done some good things, but you cant just go spoutin off on an entire music industry because you feel that the lyrics are corrupting kids. if you really feel that way, then take an aim at the parents who let their kids listen to it. just because my man killa cam goes around and talks about killin people dont mean ima go grab a gat and stick it some fools mouth. as pac said it best, “freedom of speech big baby, freedom of speech.”

  • 11kap

    Why does any one have to be an ass-bag to think that a white dude calling someone a nappy-headed ho is a racist remark? What’s you problem? Just face it, it is time for society to bring back common decency in the media to bring a swift end to all this unnecessary self-hate that is plaguing our society. Wake up on that tho! If that’s what america needs to make it a better country, that’s what we will get.

  • YounGuttaBkaBlaqueCzar(LongliveDaking)Mw

    well excuse da hell outta me! dis nigga don’t know what he wants,Al is fucking on his period he just want to get mufuckas attention since nobody gives a hot fuck bout wat his plans are bout hiphop..Al is fucking trippin..mainly on US…Nigga we gon keep doing the shit we do, go home…


    i dont think don should of got fired because rapper been talking shit about girls, white people, and selling and doing drugs.

  • Sinistah aka Sin Piff


    he shouldn’t try to curb freedom of speech, who da fuck is he to tell me my choice of words are wrong, especially when i speak with reason. if i call someone a “ho” or any relative expletive it’s not because i can’t use a “nicer” word and it damn sure aint because of hip-hop.

    It’s simply just me descriptively identifying a person who fits my own definition of the word. If i see a chick who chasin niggaz pockets all day, i’mma call her a ho.

    i wont go on a blind rant and call anyone out of their name simply from the outside looking in as Imus did to the Rutgers female b-ball team, but you gotta display “ho-like” tendencies to get called a “ho”

    Imus is an individual and even though he has a legit right to his free speech, he shouldn’t have been coerced to say that shit on the air, which is why he’s now gone. Not to mention his track record of such things have not only offended blacks but various ethnicities.

    i’m glad this came to light, because i feel that the media needs an interior restructuring on some levels, but Al Sharpton be fuckin 4real here. You about to go on a crusade over something as miniscule as being called a name instead of something to actually benefit the people. Nigga have you 4gotten Sean Bell already???

    Go cause ya havoc on the injustices of the judicial system. Fighting over words ain’t gonna change shit, cause at the end of the day as long as person can speak, dat 1st ammendment gives them the right to say as they please.

    he’s entering a shoot-out blindfolded on this one. Hip-Hop ain’t have shit to do with words being used before the genre started.

  • d boy


  • BlackFist

    Isn’t this the same guy who was caught on tape try to buy a kilo of cocaine and let’s not get into the Twanna Bradley deal!

  • J.R.O.

    It’s either ‘blame Hip Hop’ or ‘blame another country’ with politics. Hip Hop is like the red headed step-child to all this garbage.

  • ang

    1st a lot of things have been said in the hip-hop music for so many yrs.
    so to just up and point fingers 1 day at it doesnt make sense and wont change a thing.
    2nd its always a choice as to wat u do and say obviously Imus made the wrong 1 and by that has made a big controversy.
    3rd whether youre rich and famous or just an average person you shouldnt try to change or say something to make a good impression on someone else or other people no matter what it is especially something like this!

  • Bonfiles Lenoir

    Co-Sign on the ambulance chaser line. That is exactly what they are. Hypocrites both of them. They’re becoming parodies.

    Until they fess up to their spotty pasts (Sharpton = Tawana Brawley and that dubious coke deal video / Jackson = “hymie-town” and supporting the Duke lacrosse stripper) they will remain incredulous and laughable.

    Jason Whitlock, a black columnist at the Kansas City Star, wrote a great article on this Imus v. Sharpton garbage.

  • Larry Brite

    AL SHARPTON HATES BLACK PEOPLE. (j.k. – That’s a joke 4 ANYONE that can’t tell the diff.) This ‘WAR ON HIP-HOP’ would make total sence if Don Imus LISENED TO RAP MUSIC IN THE FIRST PLACE ! ! ! Rap is just the music people love to hate right now – “Come on ride the train – COME RIDE IT ! ! ! “

  • Cuban Link

    Fuck that KKK lover.He just goes around and ruins peoples lives.N thats the truth, name just one time he starts a big deal about something and doesnt screw someones whole life up.

  • sk

    If Sharpton thinks that a billion dollar industry is just gonna let him censorship them he is sadly mistaken. Didn’t the F.B.I. try 2 stop N.W.A. with that “Fuck The Police” record? That was the started of the “parental advisory” sticks if my memory is correct. Fuck didn’t Dolores Tucker and them try that shit b4, hypocrite ass “nappy headed hoes” like females don’t call each other all sorts of bitchs,and hoes. In closing FUCK Sharpton nigga ya need 2 make sure them cops get years for killing SEAN BELL. And by the way I’m BLACK(WEST-INDIAN).

  • i’ll shit bag u

    what a fuckin joke


    Bonfiles Lenoir Says:

    April 16th, 2007 at 11:55 am
    Now do you ass-bags get it??? it was never about race! “nappy headed hos”… Imus was fired over a throw-away line.

    This was ALWAYS about Sharpton and Jackson getting their fucking faces on TV again.

    what he said right here is so true they use our own people to make it like there always fighting a needed cause. my mom said years ago they were evil and i did not believe her. now i see this is why black folks get stuck with fucked up mindsets. you know they much such a fuss about something company forks over set amoun of money to “fix” the problem. which they give a fraction to a charity of some sort and where you think the rest goes. to the church and community of course hahaha yeah right. its a game they are playing and no one is winning but them.

  • cali boy


  • Holla

    Gotta love the racist media, blaming hip-hop for everything. Everyone should be responsible for their one actions. Imus says ho and everyone blames it on hip-hop. George Bush lies about weapons of mass destruction and 3,000 people die. Which one of these issues is more important? Rev Al and all these so called black leaders need to get their priorities straight. Thre is alot worse things going on in the world – work towards solving those, not crude lyrics in hip-hop.

  • paratrooper13b

    If Al wants to do anything why doesn’t he go after the government to help clean up the areas where most of this rap comes from. As NWA said years ago rap is the ghetto CNN, so why doesn’t he put his time and energy, plus money into trying to bring awareness to the mess that is America’s ghetto’s and try to help the poor and uneducated, to show folks that there is more out in the world than slanging on the corner or killing someone over a block that you don’t own. Until we can get over the “crabs in a bucket” syndrome we will never get ahead as a people.

  • paratrooper13b

    cali boy Says:

    April 16th, 2007 at 7:42 pm

    What the hell you know about MASON’s dumbass. MASON’S work for no one, go talk to one and find out the truth and stop reading stuff of the net, and for your info I’m a MASON and Al is not one!! 2B1ASK1

  • bc47

    Things are getting ridiculous! Now you want to stop rappers and musicians from ” degrading women” when ultimately its the women who allow themselves to be degraded! Rappers wouldnt call “certain types” of women ( you all know who you are)these names in question if these women showed some self respect. P.S. Ladies you cant live a wild and care-free life and still expect to be respected at the end of the day. step your game up!

  • gerold

    ALL DEROGOTROY RAP……………………….



  • Majesty

    It seems like when a crime happens or someone spits out a curse word they always attempts to link it to rap music. Don Imus does not listen to any music created by us, but he chose to make the comments that he made so how can they pen that on rap music? There are heavy metal bans, white actors/actresses and others that “exploite” women, promote sex, and are very foul mouthed, but when they do it they are professionals and they get Grammy’s and Oscar’s, but when our people tell stories through music or movies we are being beast, rapist, murderers, and always degrading women. This world will always be a haven for racism, but we as a people need to continue to keep moving. Oh Yeah Oprah had a segment where she had a “hip-hop” choreographer on her show and she had her usual audienece of “wealthy”, “pure”, “upstanding”, innonocent” white people on stage attempting to do the latest hip hop dances, but doe snot want to interview any hip hop artists. The reason she done that was she thinks that to attempt to teach white people certain stereotypes about us makes it seem they will know us better which is very ignorant on her part. Al Sharpton should know better, but I guess his attempts to fit in are working just fine. Our black women should know better to and instead of being feable minded allowing white media to turn against hip hop music which is our music to turn against th ereal reason which is racism.

  • str8shots

    Al Sharpton IS NOT a hypocrite…at least on this issue. Dude been criticizing rappers. The media has just ignored it. Now he’s just folding under the pressure created from the Imus situation. And he’s dumb for doing it.

    The logic here is all fucked up. Imus’s defense equates to a few of my homeboys knocking off a bank and getting away with it. So I figure aight, let me try it too. Except I get caught, and in court try to use the “well, they did it and got away with it” argument.

    You need more people Imus.

  • ONE50

    You know black people have a glitch in their way of thinking when they want to defend calling each other the niggas and bitches.

    When it comes to hating black people, the KKK don’t have shit on us.

    Next thing you know yall going to be up on here talking defending our right to genocide.

  • LOL


  • 11kap

    I don’t think any music should be banned, and I don’t identify with sharpton or Jackson, for the simple fact that they are basically FEDS, but people have degraded each other long enough in america, and someone needs to come up with some better ways of expressing themselves instead of being encouraged to constantly be negative and critical of others. Focusing on your own self-improvement might make music more creative than putting people down all the time.

  • jay

    what i really wanna know is WHY HASNT THERE BEEN A POST REGARDING MOVIES TELEVISION AND INTERNET.. hip hop just says things that are ACTUALLY SEEN IN A FUCKIN MOVIE and this fat faggot sharpton wants 2 sit there n take aim at hiphop.. ok so hip hop is banned.. theres still movies and TV for your kids to WATCH how to kill someone instead of hearin it on a record that you can easily buy for ur kid without the offensive lyrics u cant do that on DVD.. ppl need to get there shit right theres shit way worse..make it a post!!

  • Sharpton a queer

    Fuck this candy ass fruit cake tryin to stay in the lime light.

  • Mar’s

    The arguement isn’t, that hip hop and rap are leading to the degridation of the personification of our culture. The arguement is, that the foul language in hip hop and rap music is causing the problem. Everyone loves to listen to the vibrant music, it is just the lack of a proper vocabulary, on the part of the artist, means that he has to use degrating slang. My grandmother use to say” as soon as you start using foul language it a sign that you are loosing the argument, and that you lack the inteligence to win!.
    I thought every grandmother,
    all over the world and in every culture, taught the same thing.

  • wkareem

    Greeting to all the shit talkers… who don’t recognize a leader when they see one. Al Sharpton is a Black MAN speaking to issues that concern BLACK PEOPLE. He is strong enough to present the issue and keep it in context. He can REPRESENT! in an INTELLIGENT (have you shit talkers forgotten about this word?) and DIGNIFIED MANNER. How many of you shit talkers can sit down with members of the media and speak for the
    concerns of BLACK PEOPLE??? You shit-talkers are satisfied with doing 4 things… 1. Getting rich/die trying (going to jail is dying)…2. Talking shit, 3. Gettin high and ,4. Head bangin. If your shit isn’t accepted or someone even suggest you stop being a pig and get up out of your OWN shit, you become excited and are ready to growl, roar and… head bang. Hip-hop people, Black people… consider what is best, what can YOU do to address, this mess? Simmons SOLD DefJam, Johnson SOLD B.E.T. You have no MEDIA institutions and you’re holding on to a dream of HIP HOP that paints an ugly reality of BLACK Life.. Al Sharpton doesn’t deserve your protest, he deserves your support.

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