50-cent.jpg50 Cent called in to Miss Jones’ morning show on New York City’s Hot 97 radio station today (April 4) to discuss Tony Yayo’s situation, his displeasure with Young Buck and the future of G-Unit Records. Below is a recap of the interview.

50’s thoughts on Tony Yayo:
Miss Jones, and her co-host, DJ Envy, asked 50 if he was involved in the alleged assault of Jimmy “Henchmen” Rosemond’s 14-year-old son. “Absolutely not,” 50 said. “I was in Connecticut preparing to go to Angola, Africa.” 50 then went on to say he has security footage from his house proving he was in Connecticut. “I did it for security purposes when I put the cameras around the house, but of course, it will put me in Connecticut,” he said. “I’m walking back and forth through the house, they have cameras in certain areas of the house where you can see me.” 50 then proceeded to reaffirm Yayo’s innocence. “In this case, they are just putting his name in it,” 50 said. “He didn’t hit him.” DJ Envy then asked 50 again, in order to clarify if Yayo assault Rosemond’s son. “No he didn’t,” 50 replied.

On Young Buck:
The conversation then turned to Young Buck, as 50 voiced his displeasure with Buck’s recent attempt to squash his beef with The Game. “If you listen to Angie Martinez’s show, when Young Buck was on there, he made references to him being his own man, his own decisions to try and make friends with people that I have issues with,” 50 said. “I hold him in the same space that I held Game in — in that light. If I have issues with somebody and we’re down with each other, then you have issues with them.” 50 went on to say, “It doesn’t change, like me and Buck [don’t] got beef. He’s [just] in the same space. He’s in the same boat for having the same actions.”

On Olivia:
50 then confirmed that Olivia has been dropped from G-Unit Records. “It’s not that creatively she couldn’t deliver,” he said. “There are just so many miscommunications going on with her actual project.” 50 then went on to reject the rumors Olivia was suing him for sexual misconduct. “Na, that’s not true,” 50 vehemently stated.

On G-Unit Records:
Miss Jones and DJ Envy proceeded to ask 50 about the future of G-Unit Records. “I made sacrifices continuously, not just for Olivia, but for the entire G-Unit,” he said. “At this point, they have to do their thing now. It’s their second album — everybody.” Surprised by his answer, Miss Jones asked, “What happens if they don’t deliver in the next go round?” 50 replied, “If they don’t deliver, then they don’t actually work.”

50 then went on to say, “You should expect to not hear me on any of their [G-Unit’s] stuff. You should expect them to be creating their own projects and their own careers at this point. I’ve made sacrifices, like when I did the “Outta Control Remix.” I did that to set up Mobb Deep. I could have been doing “Get In My Car” or “Build You Up” with Jamie Foxx. I could have continued to sell The Massacre at that point. But I cut the album off in order to create new energy and buzz to set up the Mobb Deep project. When I put out the Get Rich or Die Tryin’ Soundtrack, I could have been doing “I’ll Whip Ya Head Boy” when I was doing “Best Friend” with Olivia.”

On Sha Money’s new role with G-Unit Records:
“Sha Money is no longer the President of G-Unit Records,” 50 said. “Me and Sha sat together and made the decision to help us grow in other areas because I’m not doing as much as I would be doing for each individual artist on G-Unit. We needed him because he’s the most experienced person in our circle. Not just on the actual creative level, but in the corporate end. He’s managing everybody [now]. He’s over Banks, Buck and Yayo.”

On his beef with Cam’ron:
“The Cam’ron thing, I couldn’t use that,” 50 said. “That’s nothing. But because he made the mistake of jumping out there, I jumped on him. To clarify why I was making YouTube videos as opposed to mixtape records is because I have a deal wit YouTube. Everything that says 50 Cent on it, I’m credited for. So if it says “Cam’ron/50 Cent diss,” I get credited for it. “50 Cent parody,” I get credited for. That’s just me playing Cam’ron and them to get them to draw some energy. It’s like life sized pawns.” DJ Envy then asked 50 if he will release any more diss records towards Cam’ron. “I feel like I have to be smart enough not to continue dealing with someone who isn’t intelligent enough to know when they lost,” 50 replied.

On his next album:
Finally, 50 also revealed his next album will be titled Curtis instead of Before I Self Destruct. The album will be released on June 19. “If this album isn’t better than Get Rich or Die Tryin’, it’s definitely better than The Massacre,” he said. 50 also said he’s going to follow up with his fourth album on February 5, 2008, which is a day before the anniversary of Get Rich or Die Tryin’. He went on to say that he signed a five-album deal with Interscope, but the fifth album in his collection will be a greatest hits. 50 did not comment on whether he will re-sign with Interscope after his deal is up.