foxy-1.jpgAn arrest warrant was issued for rapper Foxy Brown on Thursday (March 22) after she failed to appear in a Florida courtroom on assault charges. According to the Miami Herald, Foxy was scheduled to be arraigned in a Ft. Lauderdale court on charges of battery and resisting a law enforcement officer. The charges stem from a February 15 incident during which a Pembroke Pines beauty supply store owner claims the rapper squirted hair glue at him, attempted to push him and knocked over display shelves in the store. The police officer that responded to a call placed by the storeowner later stated that he had to employ a "takedown maneuver" on the Brooklyn native when he took her into custody. The rapper failed to notify the court that she could not make Thursday's hearing and records show that she has not yet hired an attorney. On March 1, Foxy narrowly escaped jail time when she plead guilty to violating her six month probation sentence by traveling to Florida without permission. Judge Melissa Jackson allowed Fox to continue serving out her sentence, but warned her that another infraction could land her in jail. She was sentenced to probation after pleading guilty to misdemeanor assault charges related to a 2004 scuffle in a Manhattan nail salon.