Timbaland to Host Fundraiser for Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton

timbaland.jpgFamed producer Timbaland will host a campaign fundraiser for presidential candidate Senator Hillary Clinton in Miami on March 31 the New York Post reports. The event will cost supporters $1000 per person and the Senator’s husband, former President Bill Clinton, is expected to be in attendance. Landing the hip-hop producer is a major coup for the Senator, whose support amongst African-American voters has fallen behind fellow Democratic candidate Senator Barack Obama in recent polls. Timbo’s new album, Shock Value is due in stores on March 27.

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  • http://yahoo.com jasiya1:9


  • fuckin cracker

    hillary clinton!BAHAHAHAHAHA

  • EReal

    Damn, Timbo you might as well change your name to KUNTA KINTE.
    Slave ass hoe, they just hirin you for the “Black Vote” thats some fuck shit.


    BARAK 2008 Bitch.

    1 hunned.

  • seatown206

    Scott Storch don’t need a comeback, he’s RICH BITCH!


    I hope they are paying him good money to be used as a token.

    We all want Obama to win,,,,, but shit…if they pay me right ill host for Hilary.

    They won’t get more black votes because they use Timbo. It won’t work!

  • jacquez
  • 007

    seatown206 you confused lol

  • 11kap

    Oh hell to the naww! Obama all the way, my niggas. Hillary had her shine. Let the brother in. I think Barack is somewhat of a Messianic figure. Don’t sleep on the God. Word.

  • fuk$$$$$outa$$$$$$$$here

    get tha fuck outa here first fuck hilary she a lyin ass dumb ho an timbo is better than scott storch and he should just go knock that punk bitch out if i seen scott storch anywere i would jack him on site and knock him tha fuck out..he has some nice ass beats but he need to slow his role he tryin to sound all tough and gangster but u r a rich jew a funny lookin one at that….. hope timbo is gettin paid for this bullshit

  • http://xxlmag.com TerrorTwinz 07

    Everyone is crazy!Timberland is reppin for a presidential candidate!This needs to be recognized as a land mark u assholes.Who cares what the reason is as long as it gets people off their ass to vote.Look what happend when we didn’t(george bush).Lets get Clinton back in office and have it poppin like it used to be cuz I could use a dose of old milenium cuz Im tired of this whack ass new age era leadership leadin us no where but to debt, poverty and a weaker economy.Holla at Timbo for bein man enough to except the honor.

  • Juan Carlos

    Yo check it timberland is wack. His beats sound exactly the same and they dont change. Timberland cant be compared to Scott Storch, hes untouchable.

  • DC

    timbaland is just gettin his name out in the political scene. hes gonna run for pres fool.


    Do yall see how big HipHop is, now we got hiphop in politics, i knew we could change the world threw rap, so watch me change the world then (myspace.com/blu-black)


    Do yall see how big HipHop is, now we got hiphop in politics, i knew we could change the world threw rap, so watch me change the world then (myspace.com/blu-black)

  • Seize

    big move 4 timbo but its still Barack 2008, Bitches!!

  • Seize

    oh yea – he aint on the slave tip, but he shouldnt be raising doe for hilary after she ‘failed’ to declare $5m in donations. BARACK ’08, BITCHES

  • http://www.myspace.com/zeeprod Zee Productions

    STORCH till tha end but timbo is a sick aswell but its 51% storch and 49 timbo



    BARACK ‘08, BITCHES – TimBoo didn’t make me wanna vote OBAMA DOES ! ! !

  • CassyO

    After all, Timbaland is an Artist and Entertainer. Hopefully the invitation is a cry for Democracy, the country needs it. Hillary is no new jack, I know she’d prefer to win the minority vote but I’m not sure she’d use a Rapper to get there, the implications are costly, I hope the intentions were good. If it wasn’t such a difficult election it would be an honor, but we’ve come along way and we have to support one another (unless something goes terribly wrong). Bottom line, GET OUT AND VOTE! You too Timbaland!