Styles P Signs With KOCH Records

styles-p1.jpgAfter parting ways with his former label, Interscope Records, after the release of his sophomore album, Time Is Money, Styles P has finally found a new home. Styles will join his fellow Lox member Sheek Louch at KOCH Records for his next album, 5 Star General, which will be released this summer. “I look forward to embarking on this exciting new phase of my career along side KOCH Records, a company best known for their unyielding interest in supporting the vision of the artist,” Styles says. “It feels good to be a part of a team that appreciates hip-hop in its truest form. I am ecstatic about being in control of my own destiny.” Alan Grunblatt, KOCH Records’ General Manager and Executive VP, is just as excited to have Styles on board. “Styles is the perfect KOCH Urban artist,” he says. “He has a huge fan base and is ready to go to the next level. We are absolutely thrilled to have him.”

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  • A12

    I hope he comes with iot…..

  • W


  • Dante

    We all knew this was coming

  • RockCity

    Not to get off subject but I don’t see how so many people can b in the fuckin rap industry, itz a fucked up game cause even if u nice as hell like Styles, that don’t mean shit, that don’t mean u go sell. The business ain’t the way it use to b, jus look at who makin money and who not. Talent ain’t even a qualification for being a rapper no more but much luck to him.

  • tyke

    Yeah boy get your money

  • TC

    50 wins lol.

    • Anonymous

      50 doesnt win s p is the hardest and the lyricaliest when it comes down to that shit on them HAARD ass beats yea poops light up shut up dumb nigga get ya hood facts right



  • NJG

    I Co-sign wit ROCKCITY

  • DJ Chill

    Actually Styles P came out good signing with Koch Records. Because he doesn’t need promotion to sell 50,000, he can do that in NY. And since he get $7.45 a record and shots his own videos he will recoupe $372,500 from that. But lets say he sells 20,000 he will recoupe $179,000. So he might not be getting 50 Cent money but he eating better then the average nigga in the hood.

  • Tank – Philly


  • www|dot|soundpulse|dot|com

    Well said; difficult to pinpoint what the qualification is these days to be prominent in the industry…it’s a crisis/opportunity


    welcome to the GRAVEYARD Styles another dead rapper’s career is buried muhahahahaha

    50 Cent warned these cat’s now look at them now it’s game over





  • Gkid12345

    Another koch signed artist. Yo everyone going to the graveyard now. Hiphop is falling bad. I wont say its dead but its doing bad. Everyone going independent because they get more money floppin on koch than floppin in a major label.

  • Jay Slay

    I third that…….rockcity you nailed it.

  • Ric

    True dat Rockcity!!!!

  • Chicago

    I dont blame Styles for leaving Interscope but Koch, I sadly agree, is the only way any artist who needs to but out an album can go without the heavy restrictions in the majors. I agree with that comment too about talent not being a requirement for hip hop. All you got do is make a hit single and a wack ass artist, Jim Jones for example, and you the shit. People dont look at the inspiration and quality of the album they look at what they can dance too.

  • Dade County 305

    man check the history,,, this biz has always been shady. i dont know where u all get the biz not how it used 2 be. i dont care how hard a rapper is on the mic, if his or her ass cant get all people 2 like your shit then its not gonna sell millions. yeah the label has 2 have your back & market your shit right. but n the end the, FANS buy the music. also niggaz gotta get on their grind like niggaz do n the south. look at the niggaz from the south. they grind out of their trunks hard b4 they go major. niggaz hate on 50 all they want but niggaz should check his resume b4 EM heard his mixtapes. the nigga was sellin out clubs all over the east coast b4 he had a deal. the nigga do so many shows all over the world & his crew. thats where the paper is(doin shows). niggaz thats tryin 2 get n the rap game, look at 50 resume. put your hate aside and do a history check on his MUSIC BIZ!!! JEEZY said it best on one of his mixtapes,,, “i got swagg like HOV & a GRIND like 50″!!!!!!!

  • TRM

    50 wins what? And since when has what label an artist is signed on to mattered to a fan? Its about the music, right?

  • Shady/Aftermath Soulja

    Going to the Grave Yard, 50 Wins!! LOL

  • lake

    dade county is the city with the most child molestors in all of the u.s

  • Sayso is Donny Slaughter

    Do anybody buy his shyt ne wayz???

  • thatdudesince92

    “From sand docks to auction blocks to R&B
    from hip-hop, how many rappers flip-flop to get props?
    Signed the dotted line but didn’t read through the costs
    (When your album sits on the desk) “That’s when ya lost!”
    Followed your label’s notion no promotion now you’re audi
    And that’s the type of moves that make an artist act rowdy
    Emcees fallin victim to financial, seduction
    Then watchin creative weight extracted, like liposuction
    Your A&R like C’n'R got many styles to suit ya
    But if it’s false to me I’ve never been an ass smoocher
    Since I don’t brainwash minds, with talkin nines and
    how I shoot ya, it seems no multi-million dollar contract’s
    in my future, I could swallow the bait and get gassed
    like petroleum, but contracts break like Rock Steady
    on linoleum, no wack’n in my format, no Grammy awards
    Rap over break loops and samples, no R&B chords”

    *E-Vocalist (from the B.U.M.S.) “Elevation (Free My Mind)”
    from their debut album “Lyfe N’ Tyme” (cir.1995)


    LMAO @ “Huge Fan base” lets live in reality please.

  • bear

    Whatever man, you act like things were all gravy back in the day. go back ten years and styles p was wearing a shiny suit, go back ten more years and you got bbd singing hooks. don’t get nostalgic now that styles got outhustled by someone you don’t like.

  • OLA

    suxx that styles gotta go 2 the graveyard but he gotta eat, hov shoulda signed him, heard he might sign jadakiss. but yaa i kno all these niggas in the rap videos have the wackest, corniest rhymes and simple memorable choruses w/ good beats and they the greatest rapper alive (jim jones) LOL c’mon man we need HOVA, NAS, METHOD MAN, STYLES, JADAKISS, AZ, TALIB KWELI, COMMON, KANYE, heck ill even put The Game, and Weezy in there…..WE NEED THOSE LYRICISTS MAN….BIGGIE is rolling in his grave listening 2 this garbage nowadays (dj unk) c’mon we can’t let jim jones, dj unk, cam’ron, 50 cent, and every damn southern artist win…LYRICISTS GOTTA COME BACK or Nas’ revelation will come 2 fruition

  • Jul$ QUEENS

    listen all yall got this wrong!!LOX STYLES P JADAKISS SHEEK LOUCH they was before 50 they be here after 50.! WTF i cant believe yall dont pay homage to real hip hop

  • Dade County 305

    Lake, im glad u know that. that shit dont have nuttin 2 do with me or my fam. its fucked up no matter what city ur from. nigga i was born & raised here.i love my city no matter what!!! if thats true, i wonder why MSNBC havent dont a story on it like they’ve done in other cities!!! where do u get your FACTS from? it doesnt matter what city bs like that happen in, that shit not cool at all!!!!

  • Anthony

    50 wins again, yeap mf dont listen this rap game is at a loss, now he’s on the graveyard…

  • heltaskelter


  • adidas

    i got that new young buck cd that shit is tight reminds me of 2pac

  • lexx ruga

    This nigga here deserves millions!!



  • Jose S.

    well put rockcity….couldn’t have said it better myself.

  • Tip (I’m Just Me)

    For everybody regirgtating the “koch is a graveyard” talk. Can you tell me what the majors are doing for anybody right now? Last time I checked, the majors were boo hooing and crying about their declining sales, and losing money. Not to mention, they are suing you and anybody who ever dare touch a downloading site. They aren’t putting no promo dollars into any projects, and albums get pushed back like crazy. It doesn’t look like it’s a good look for a major right now.

    In terms of Koch, why is it so bad? I don’t get the point with dissing it. It’s just a label like any other. What makes it so special that it must be dissed. You’re only making them more popular by talking about them so much. Anyway, good for Styles. He been needed to go Indie a long time ago. He did the majors already, they didn’t support or believe in him, so why stay in a jacked up situation. Get your Indie money, and creative freedom.

    I don’t care if he was signed to Pound Cake records, as long as the album is hot, that is what’s most important.

  • Tip (I’m Just Me)

    Bear Says:

    March 26th, 2007 at 7:49 pm
    Whatever man, you act like things were all gravy back in the day. go back ten years and styles p was wearing a shiny suit, go back ten more years and you got bbd singing hooks. don’t get nostalgic now that styles got outhustled by someone you don’t like.

    Why does everybody act like the shiney suit stuff was a big deal. It’s not like Styles or the Lox never talked about it (Sheek even rapped about it on Walk Wit Me). If anything, they were very vocal in how much they hated it. So it’s not like their Bad Boy time period wasn’t addressed. In fact, it was the most public. Just because Puffy had a hand in their image at the time (we all know he tries to make his artist flashy), didn’t change their music. Anybody that’s had a Lox tape long before they touched a deal knows, they rapped about the same stuff they do now. So what they wore or what label they were on, never mattered to begin with. I just had to say this, since a lot of people tend to bring that up. Well, won’t let it go rather.

    What do you mean outhistled by somebody you don’t like? If you mean 50, well he has nothing to do with Styles business dealings or what label he signs to. They have zero connections to each other. He does not control this man’s career, label or anything else. He only says all this, I push albums back and I end careers, because eh knows you’ll be gullable enought to eat it up. Not because he can really do this stuff.

  • United Kingdom

    *NO TALENT REQUIRED* Hip hop has been destroyed by all this HIP POP music, Time for that raw real feel to come back, Redmans album has my backing, hes kept his format, and has made one of the best albums of 2007 so far, i hop the def squad album is even better.. WU-TANG 8th Diagram aswell!

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  • trasporti

    Luogo molto buon:) Buona fortuna!

  • toscana

    E grande io ha trovato il vostro luogo! Le info importanti ottenute! ))