Snoop Dogg’s Camp Issues Statement

The following statement was issued by Tracey Nguyen, of 5W Public Relations regarding Snoop Dogg’s recent run-in with police in Stockholm, Sweden.

“Contrary to erroneous press reports, Snoop Dogg was not arrested in Sweden. He was questioned and released with no charges filed. He is excited to continue his successful co-headlining European tour with

Snoop was stopped and detained for several hours early Monday morning (March 12) as he traveled from a performance at the Globen Arena to an after-party. Authorities claimed that the rapper and a female companion appeared to be under the influence of illegal drugs. Snoop was ordered to give a urine sample and was later released. However, if the test results come back positive for narcotics, he may face a fine. Snoop is currently staring on the Pass The Puff European Tour with Sean “Diddy” Combs.

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  • dubldealing

    now a days man im expecting to hear in the news that this nigga’s arrested again..i’d be damned when i dont hear bout him no more in trouble w/ the law..and thats some stereotypical shit w/ the way them cops went bout getting dude too. fucked up..they had that shit planned and raided his hotel room also

  • CREEPA 101

    Man Snoop is just gonna pay those Sweden niggas and bounce, fuck’em he dont giva fuck he got money he do what ever he wants! DO YO THANG SNOOP FUCK THEM ALL!

  • jacquez
  • derfla the hus’la

    dont listen

  • jojochicago

    well thats good news! glad to hear that.


    Please DON’T listen… my shit is GARBAGE!!


  • stoneyisland

    His femal companion huh? I wonder was that is wife who is currently suppose to be trying to reconcile with? snoop you are a fake ass excuse for a man. Suge may have been right about your flat top wearing ass. As he said when you first came to the row you were more urkel then pimp. Take you 40 year old still smoking weed like you 15 year old ass somewhere and sit the fuck down. Oh yeah your last album was the shit:) I am still banging it:)

  • da_realting

    yo snoop and buster stay in the news every week, foxy too come on man yall make too much money to b getting jammed! pigs stop fucking with our people i know black people aint suppose to have no dough but damn can we live?

  • texasjay

    a drug test…haha ha yea hes gonna pass

  • YUNG C-LOC 20 BKA 20 C-LOC


  • EReal

    LMFAO @ ‘Pass the Puff’ Tour.

    No wonder you’re gettin raided, dumbass. LOL.
    Swedish people suck anyway, they’re a neutral country until Snoop shows up. Sweedish fucks are the ones who kept all the Jews money after the war and never returned it. They’re some shady ass peeps man. If you go over there, you’ll kno what I mean. All the sweedish bitches love americans cause we throw some d on them bitches. All the swedish guys would rather get on some ghey shit. (No Weezy)
    Forreal. Sick but true.

    1 hunned.