Snoop Dogg Detained in Sweden on Suspicion of Drug Use

Snoop Dogg was detained in Stockholm, Sweden on Monday morning (March 12) after authorities stopped his vehicle and suspected that he was under the influence of illegal narcotics. According to the Associated Press, Snoop was on his way to a party following a concert with Sean “Diddy” Combs in the Swedish capital when police pulled him over at around 1:30 a.m. Officer Matts Brannlund of the Stockholm police said that the rapper and a female companion appeared to be under the influence, and a small amount of narcotics were found in the vehicle. Brannlund did not specify what type of drug was found and stated that it was unclear whether or not the substance belonged to Snoop. The rapper was released at around 5:00 a.m. after undergoing tests for narcotics in his system. The test results are expected to come back in two to three weeks, and if they prove that he was intoxicated at the time of the arrest, Snoop will likely face a fine. Diddy and Snoop kicked off a joint European tour on Friday in Helsinki, Finland. The tour is expected to run for 22 performances, ending on April 2 in Nottingham, England.

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  • fuckin cracker

    must be the whiteman’s fault. LOL

  • triplesixninja

    Snoop’s been arrested like 184 times in the past year

  • Wembley Red

    The funniest thing about this is the word “Suspicion”

  • pcela ubica


  • dbahsee

    These people are just trying to find something on rappers , cus they know dam well that all the guy do is smoke and watnot by the way Im firsttttt

  • deathroweast

    Snoops turned into a coke head.

  • Dj WMD

    he got to be on dope to relase/rap/perform his raggety ass record bluecarpet treatment


    FUCK YOU DJ WMD. Did you even listen to the blue carpet treatment muthafucker? It wasnt the hottest shit hes ever put out but your a faggot fuck hater for sayin he shouldnt perform it. Why the fuck not? It was tight shit. And if he performs it he gets money you stupid cunt bitch. dumbass hatin 12 year old wigger. FUCK YOU.



  • jacquez
  • swedish boy

    our police department i fucked up

  • My Effin’ Opinion

    They gave Snoop a piss test and are gonna fine him if it comes out positive .. LMFAO .. You think he’s gonna pass????

    And doesn’t weed stay in your system for a month?? so how the fuck can you fine someone for smoking a month ago?? they wasn’t even in yo’ country then!! Fuckin’ sweeds …

    Another thing .. Diddy and Snoop are touring together, meanwhile Suge is closing Deathrow .. Irony 2 tha fullest degree!

  • ThaShiznit

    Snoop is still tight ass hell no matter what anyone says and who cares if he got pulled over again u think that mutha fucka gives a fuck this is like a joke to him he’ll pay a fine and go and smoke another blizzy

  • Suge Knight

    This muther fucker is a snitch a rat an informant and all of thee above

    how in da hell he keep getting arrested and never do anytime?

    i mean not even 2days in jail, so he is giving information out on other big dogs in the game cause he is still a puppy like bow wow

    fucking RAT

  • The Realest

    snoop doggy dog is a rat!

    how he get arrested that many times and never do any real time?

    I see what suge was talkin about, this is the only thing suge said that made any sense

    i know they gave him probation from his last run in with the law and this is a violation and he gonna walk again

  • Dade County 305

    the white man is the blame for a lot shit that goes on around the world. thats real talk fuckincracker! no one said it was the white man fault. we’re not stupid 2 think that snoop was a target! u just pull a man over for no reason but 2 fine out whats goin on n his car? lets keep it 100,he was a target bcuz he’s snoop & people know he smokes!!! until u become a black man in God’s world, dont talk bullshit about it must b the white mans fault. brothas get pulled over for a bunch of bs bcuz we’re black & thats real talk homie!!!

  • Dade County 305


  • pddy317

    snoop dog is weed smoker and a social cocaine user

  • EReal

    Man, like its hard to bust snoop dog, LOL.

    ‘planned raid’

    LMFAO. How hard to you hafta plan to bust Snoop with weed?? Just stop him anywhere, at any time. LOL.

    How Snoop never goes to jail is amazing. Remember what Suge said??


  • Luqman

    fuck the cops for not doing they real job.Theres shit alot worse than smoking bud…A cop is cop i guess always puting they nose where it does not belong.

    big up to canada

  • wacko G

    he always getting popped lol