Snoop Dogg Denied Visa in the UK, Hopes to Appeal Decision

snoop2.jpgAccording to Reuters, Snoop Dogg has been denied a visa to enter the United Kingdom for the Pass The Puff European Tour he is currently on with Sean “Diddy” Combs. Although the British Home Office will not comment on individual cases, it is likely that Snoop is being denied entry to the country because of a brawl he and his entourage were involved in at Heathrow Airport in London last year. Snoop and Diddy are scheduled to perform at Wembley Arena on Tuesday and also have shows planned at Cardiff, Manchester, Glasgow, and Nottingham. According to a spokeswoman for the rapper, Snoop is appealing to the British Government to make an exception and allow him to enter the country and move forward with his scheduled performances. “Snoop still sincerely hopes that the British Government will reconsider their decision and U.K. shows will be allowed to go on as planned,” his spokeswoman said in a statement. “Many routes are being explored to the Prime Minister to have the decision reversed.”

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  • Thizz Kid

    Snoop Is The Shit

  • Young B

    UK says no Hip-Hop

  • Swahili Nation

    lol I thought only Africans where denied that stipid u.k visa lmao

  • derf’la the hus’la

    the UK is being racist

  • lake

    lmao i didnt kno them tea-drinkin mutherfuckers even liked hip hop

  • stoneyisland

    I applaued England for making these grown ass men have some sort of responsibility. Snoop and his people are too damn old to be starting fights and getting high. Any man who is still doing the same shit at 40 that he did at 17 is a damn fool and a bitch to boot. Grow up snoop, act your age you skinny gay bitch. Suge was right you are a bitch.

  • london boy

    oi dont blame fukin english people, we love hip hop our goverment is just like americas, hate rap music so of course wen a rap star always get in trouble in da country and you can get rid of him then they will do that, dont get it twisted and we dont all fukin drink tea you got it confused with the queen and we aint all rich we got projects and ghettos. sorry i did that just had to set the record staight and rep uk, fuck LAKE and shit music from the south P.S if you hate lady sovereign in america dats the same way we hate her over in uk jay-z was smokin crack when he signed her it all about kano and sway by london for life


    pissed off as i have tickets and cba to just go see diddy – he cant even rap, i was only going for snoop hopefully he wins his appeal

  • lake

    yo stoney island is stupid or what??? snoop is a hip hop godfather, fuck ur bitch ass kid u mad stupid he has matured alot, even though he may smoke weed and be in a few fights (which im sure he has a reason for) u cant say he hasnt grown up

  • Knowledge Speaks


  • http://xxl-mag

    Let the DoggFather do his thing/sing to them peeps and rock the bling blingz/ Visit my man E-manamedevols profile and check out his flow.

  • http://xxl-mag

    new song Tumekuja on myspaceprofile, ya niggaz gatta like it.

  • che

    lake you dumb motherfucker. he’s grown up since the brawl? it was only like 5 months ago!!! and i’ve got tickets for the show in manchester so i want him to get into the uk, but why the fuck are you get emotional?

    and those ‘tea drinkin motherfuckers’ in moss side, brixton and east london will fuck you up mate, make no mistake about it.