Russell Simmons and Ludacris Honored

ludacris-1.jpgAmerica SCORES, which trains teachers how to use poetry, performance and hip-hop to improve academics, is honoring Russell Simmons and Ludacris on April 30, at the HBO Theater in New York City. Simmons’ Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation and the Ludacris Foundation joined with the Hip-Hop Summit Action Network and Pepsi-Cola to create a grant initiative in support of spoken word and performing arts programs. America SCORES has received crucial funding from Simmons’ and Ludacris’ efforts, including a grant allowing 30 young poets the chance to take part in a National Poetry Slam. “Through poetry we instill in our students a love of writing, language, and communication, empowering them to find their voices and reach for their dreams,” said Paul Caccamo, President of America SCORES. “We’re proud to honor these creative leaders who use their influence and celebrity to advocate for positive social change and make a difference in the lives of urban children.” Simmons will also be attending the third annual Art for Life Palm beach Gala at Casa Vita Serena in Palm Beach, FL this Saturday. Ludacris will be honored at that event as well. The proceeds from the event go towards art programs in New York City and Palm Beach County. The event has raised approximately $600,000 in the last two years.

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  • Jesse as is

    This is a test of the Blatent Self Promotion Alert System

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    Jesse as is.

  • lake


  • lake


  • Do I No Me?

    Fuck First

  • derfla the hus’la

    shoulda honored Nas he’s a better poet then both of them dudes…….thugs poet.

  • HollyHood

    Stop wit all that motha fuckin hatin pimp! Let luda get his shine on, ain’t nobody said shit about nas.

  • derfla the hus’la

    nah son i aint hatin i was givin my oppinion……..look I fucks with luda but I jus think nas is a better poet plus he been in the game longer thats jus me son but it aint hate.

  • Cuban FUCKINING Link

    word I aint feeling Luda no more.I dont hate on him i just think he isnt what he used to be at all.

  • Khalil Amani

    Ludacris is a great example that bucks the trend that Southern rappers can’t rap. Ludacris has great timimg, flow, rhythm, and delivery. His metaphors are fantastic. We should be at the level of hip hop that gives props to whomever is doing it correctly. The myth used to be that white rappers couldn’t rap. And then along came Eminem and busted that myth to hell! With Lil Wayne, Ludacris, T.I., Rick Ross, Outkast (damn, them boyz can flow!), and Trick Daddy, why does that mindset even have any validity? Because they don’t sound like New York rappers? You know what they say… “it ain’t where you’re from, it’s where your at!” We need to kill that mentality that our geographical local mandates how well we can rap… or fight. There’s a white boy out in the cornfields of Nebraska that will whip some black ass! Please believe that! Respect the individual and give brothas like Ludacris his props. He is one of the “premier” rappers (along with T.I.) and a few Grammys to both of those brothas validates the point.

  • Khalil Amani

    “Generic????” Did you hear his latest album?… “God versus…” , the Mary J. joint?, come on man, the man is doing his thing! Ludacris got a spirital vibe going on, a political/conscious vibe and some street stuff. HIs album is quite uplifting and thought-provoking. That’s more than we can say about many rap albums that came out last year. The thing is, when these brothas look back on their careers, some of them will be ashamed of the contents of their discography. They will see that they had no substance. But Ludacris is definitely on some career spanning shit.

  • jkl


  • stacks on deck

    Come on Russell be doing it real big along with Luda. They both need this. Props

  • lake

    Khalil Amani ur suuuchh a dickriderr. i bet you derfla the hustla ramps ur shit in every night



  • Khalil Amani

    Okay LAKE, YOU really told me off! How profound! “Dick-rider?” We all ride somebody’s dick! Whomever your favorite rapper is, we “dick ride” if there is such a thing. Your problem is that anybody that you disagree with you resort to nursery rhyme-mother-goose-ghetto-cliche-phrasiology to make your non-point. Nigga shut your non-thinking ig-nant ass up! Like Redman rapped, “I’ll be dat!” Go read a book!

  • YounGuttaAKAPaperBoy(LongLiveDaking)Bka CuzzodakingMW

    da fuck iz nas and common and shit? Ludacris prolyu got in for dat run away love shit…dat song hella dumb..Dis is bullshit…

  • YounGuttaAKAPaperBoy(LongLiveDaking)Bka CuzzodakingMW

    LUDA do it big dough,get dat mu-fucking stardom,No hating over here…4reel