Rock The Bells Concert Announces New Lineup and Dates

rtb.jpgThe 2007 Rock The Bells tour announced their star-studded lineup yesterday (March 26). The Wu-Tang Clan and Rage Against The Machine will headline the New York City and California concerts which take place on July 28 at Randall’s Island, NY; August 11 at the NOS Events Center in San Bernardino, CA; and August 18 at the McCovey Cove Parking Lot in San Francisco. Joining Rage and The Wu on stage are Nas, Cypress Hill, The Roots, Mos Def, EPMD, MF Doom, Pharoahe Monch, Immortal Technique, Jedi Mind Tricks and more. The Rock The Bells tour will also travel to 15 other cities where The Wu and Nas will take over as the headliners (Rage is only appearing at the New York and California shows).

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  • King_Ben U Bezzy


  • Dipset


  • Dipset



    the rock the bells is being held right in my city san bernardino $76 for a ticket iz high but itz worth it


    wu tang, immortal technique, rage against tha machine, nas and cypress hill and itz $76 shit itz worth it and itz all right here in tha IE BERDOO

  • port c

    helll fuckin yea ima go see that wu tang but i hope that other groups just openin

  • FAGGOT^^^^^

    ^^^^^^wow u feel special fuckin internet thug

  • FAGGOT^^^^^^^^

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^wow u feel special…get a life and why isnt XXL mag letting me see my comments

  • Jay Slay

    o shit rage against the machine is hella savage. Yea i said hella, what about it, wanna fight?

  • the pimp

    They can keep Wu-Tang and MF-DOOM….Pleas keep Wu in a closet somewhere..nobody wants to hear from them crusty crakface bums…

  • billblackfish

    Mf Doom I would go if it was just him but this shit is over watered need to trim the fat like Immortal Technique, well I guess thats all

  • Wu Clanman

    Wu TAng, Rage and Doom all hot shit. THE PIMP ^^^^^ is a fuckin moron. You ain’t no pimp you just a wanna be still looking for your first piece you fuclin idiot. Nice myspace page too you fucking retard………..

  • Tre

    The Pimp doesn’t know shit about pimpin… Wu-tang will go down as one of the greatest groups in history. You on the other hand should try reaching for number one position in somebody’s top 8. You probably love tha franchise boys and every other wack ass group that makes black people look like a bunch of fuckin jigaboos and shit…. kenmackmuzik sucks ass. Go get rich nigga!

  • EReal

    the pimp Says:

    March 27th, 2007 at 5:51 pm
    They can keep Wu-Tang and MF-DOOM….Pleas keep Wu in a closet somewhere..nobody wants to hear from them crusty crakface bums…
    You are the biggest hatin faggot Ive ever seen on this site, and obviously you dont know SHIT about hiphop. By the way your myspace is gay as shit and your music licks the most balls. How could ever say shit about an MF DOOM or a Wu-Tang when you suck so much dick at rappin?
    Kill yourself hatin faggot, take that bullshit to SOHH.

  • mistahmalik

    D@mn yo, this sh%t is like Fresh Fest all over again!..I was out in Amsterdam with the Roots, and they’ve got a whole new live set that’s Bannanas!..My man Therapy’s gonna be Dj’ing for Mr. Lif and Jedi Mind Tricks!..07′ is Killa Robot Desighn, BITCHES!

  • 92FS

    Pimp you talkin out ya ass bitch! And what kinna myspace page was that??? I read somethin about “real men eat pussy” I guess you are what you eat. PUSSY BOY!!

  • lol

    only white ppl goin to show up to this shit

    backpacker faggits

  • lake

    derfla the hustla wants to see rage agianst the machine

  • runninthte617

    how can you hate on that lineup

  • Tre

    And LOL is a dumb ass too.

  • dertybird

    Its gunna be sick. There is a allstar lineup but its all gravity train if mf doom is on the scene

  • leftfield

    your guys are all gay fuck you and your mothers

  • ayR

    images of them setting stuff up. :o

  • M. Jones

    All these festivals cater to is white america. The ONLY festival that is true to hip hop is the We the People Festival.

    It is held in the hood, who’s afraid of the hood? South central L.A where true hip hop lives!

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