Omillio Sparks Continues To Air Out Jay-Z

sparks.jpgIn a story was first to report last month, former Roc-A-Fella Records and State Property artist Omillio Sparks is unhappy with Jay-Z’s decision to block appearances by Peedi Crakk and Freeway on his album, Payback (Colossal Entertainment). The Philadelphia MC recently issued a press release stating his displeasure. “Jay has left me no choice but to tell the truth about what’s going on,” says Sparks. “I hear him boast about going to Africa and helping people out in crisis over there, and he has no idea what he’s doing to artists’ careers and their livelihoods here in fuckin’ America.” According to Sparks, one of the songs Jay-Z refuses to clear Peedi Crakk and Freeway for is about the times at Roc-A-Fella Records, before Jay-Z “became 90210 Hov.”

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  • GMAN

    1st jay Z fuckin sell out hes weak anymore

  • Jaysson

    interesting….I would like to hear more on this. I wonder just how is Jay ‘behind closed doors’. Speaking of that, what ever happen to Olivia on Gunit lol. But seriously Jay is the man either way. Rap needs him, he is necessary.
    its the ROC

  • DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    when will people get it…Jay-z is a “fuk boy”…

  • My Effin’ Opinion

    Omillio’s gonna come out with a track dissin’ Jay, I can feel it. DAMN! This hip hop shit really is turning into the WWE

    I’m starting to believe that Vince McMahon can be the CEO of Def Jam and Bobby “the brain” Heenan can be an A&R. (no Adorable Adrian Adonis)

  • missile 6

    get over it omillio. if you true artist, make another song and forget about that track.

  • boss

    is kay slay going to kill sparks like he did lil wayne for dissin jay WWE is a good name for this rap shit

  • Kingpin.45

    Jay Z is a different nigga now, but he should help other artists make money 2

    Hov is the better rapper and he should be the bigger man

  • Notorious A.G.C.


  • AZ

    The track was wack…I really haven’t heard anything good from him like most of there roster they’re only good for 16′s not whole songs.

  • Lastgreat1

    It’s always sad to see people that depend on someone else instead of standing on there own two feet; and then getting mad when they say no.

  • Chicago

    What a bitch. Im tired of these whinning rappers. You already know Jay aint gonna help you on shit. He gonna give you the advice and you make a name for yourself. You cant eat off this man’s name. HE REFUSES!

  • RockCity

    Why did he say that like artist are really more important than poor starving kids in Africa? He’s garbage any damn way fuckin selfish bitch

  • Ant Money

    That’s crazy how Jay jerking that man. I from the same hood in Philly as them so I seen them hustle to get signed. Jay made whatever decision now who you anit gon let them eat the best way they know. You holding that man back so I cant blame him for going public an air that man out. On some real shit any nigga in his place would do the same thing.

  • Mr. Flamboyant

    yeah jay isnt handling buisness like he is suppose too at def jam…but O. Sparks needs to stop being selfish and look at the bigger picture!!! Artist in America arent starving for water and eatin bugs for breakfast…stop being a bitch and “man the fuck up nigga”, like denzel said. control your own destiny and shut up!

  • MR.757

    Jay-Z has lost it and he is going to get his soon.

  • I like The source better

    90210 Hov lol
    rakim is betta HOLLER!!

  • shadythagreat

    WOW. YOU YOUNG DUDES DONT KNOW SHIT. ALL THE MAN IS SAYING IS YOU (JAY-Z) NEEDS TO STOP HELPING PEOPLE IN Africa and help home first.That man just wont to put out good music with good artists.I been fucking with omillio&sparks since”Get Familiar Pt.1 Clinton Sparks.That man just trying to feed his family the right way.

  • i’ll shit bag u

    taht nigga garbage only a dumb nigga would like his shit hahaha

  • i’ll shit bag u

    that nigga garbage only a dumb nigga would like his shit hahaha

  • jay

    omillio dont compare yourself to people in africa. some of them dont have water to drink or a place to shit.
    if you need money so bad, get a job at walmart. dont use jay-z’s name to get money you wack ass flop. jay-z is the best rapper alive, of course he doesnt wanna fuck with you

  • J.R.O.

    I’m reading this like, “This some ol’ bullshit.” That is fucked up what Jay did to Sparks tho’. Damn.

  • derfla the hus’la

    this dude is still whinning like a bitch, he wants jay to hold he’s hand or something……..this dude isn’t even the hottest from philly and he complaining like he some important nicca do it yourself man go make a buzz first grind and hustle than blow on your own so that you draw peoples attention towards you fool without that no one will want to work with a washed up rapper like you.

  • Ace

    Jay-z Isn’t Going To Let Someone Off His Own Roster Talk S**t About The Label That Just Ruins Their Reputation…Then That Just F**Ks Up The Whole Label When He Is Trying To Revive It…Why would you talk ish about home?

  • Slime

    Its not mentioned that omillio previously started a beef with Ty TY, Now h wants jay help. Fuck him I wouldnt help either

  • http://xxl

    Dudes are act like Jay is the only way to make it in the game… My Dude your an artist right? Then make your move make your Guap… Whose gona stop me from making mine No One… Straight Cheese… that’s what’s wrong with these artists… there mentality they blame everyone else but them selves… Your holding your self back… Take it back to when dudes was selling out the trunk of there car… Hustle, Grind come on dudes be claiming they this and they that but they fake… I look at it like when we as black ppl say we can’t do this we can’t do that because of the white man… Sh*t aint nobody stopping me from getting mines… I’m a ScrOOge AKA The Secretary of Treasury… I make the world go round.

  • koi

    Are we really concerned about a person obviously wanting his career made by Jay_Z. Seemingly he should try to sell his lyrics. True hip hop enthusiasts are in NO way concerned about guest appearences. We want bonofide GOOD LYRICS. WHere is he with that project?

  • Big tone

    I wish you dudes would actually read the article and not breeze over it before making a comment. The man is trying to do his thing. Jay Z is making is so the dude can’t eat. The songs are probably hot but no one will get to hear them. He’s probably upset Sparks didn’t ask him to be on the song, because everyone knows if that case Jay would have cleared the song before it was even done. Get “Hollywood Hov’s ass out of there, he’s a bitch.

  • YounGuttaAKAPaperBoy(LongLiveDaking)Bka CuzzodakingMW

    jay-z is fucking bullshitting o’dude, Dis niga is supposed to be a fucking rap king or sum shit and he letting mufuckas fuck jay-z,dis nigga became a legend off biting people shit and ganking mufuckas…dis nigga is a bullshit artist on dat bullshit…Fuck hoe,I mean hov……….

  • Game Over

    to be honest, look at it from jay’s perspective….one, is the song any good? a wack song would only diminish what little buzz peedi and free have left. besides that, think on a corporate level: what does def jam gain from free and peedi being on an indie album that probably will only move a few hundred units? jay wants his artists to look like international stars, not local philly rappers.

    omillio needs to just grab some other hot hungry philly spitters to take their place. besides that what about young guns? are they even on a label? or is he only trying to get the more successful ex-state prop guys?

  • KONG

    fuck hiphop. i dont give a fuck. just like i dont give a fuck about whos the daddy to anna nicole smith baby.

  • phellie/

    wat do u suppose think hov be wildin on nigga doin grimey things that brooklyn catz do

  • Da Mixx Man

    Damn…lets get real…This is why the state of Hip Hop shouldn’t be left in the hands of young dudes. The man is trying to do something for a place where their own government don’t care about them and all you can say is he’s taking food out of your mouth? I bet none of y’all will trade places with them….How in heavens name can you compare your status with those who don’t know if they will be alive the next morning?…. Plus i’m not sure but it sound like the song is a “diss song” . Why would a man sign off on you dissin’ what he help build?…. Selfish, Greedy and Inconsiderate.. You Need Jesus !!!!

  • Blk Genius

    It’s about time somebody ain’t scared to put Jay-Z on blast.

  • Knowledge Speaks

    Hov is a perfect example of how money changes people.

  • DJ Andy Warhol

    here we go again. when you was with state prop you didn’t make no noise, you had a brief 15 minutes of exposure, now be happy and go back to hustling. You don’t even get play in your own backyard, and I should know I live in Philly. The young gunz get more luh then you and they ain’t sell shit! you sound like a spoiled kid who never got his way. I did like your part in state prop 2, oh that’s becaue your an actor not a real rapper!