New DVD Exposes Illegal Mixtape Scene

mixtapeinc1.jpgWalter Bell of Cando Entertainment is directing and releasing a new DVD, Mixtape Inc., which is an in-depth look at the world of illegal mixtapes. The documentary provides behind the scene footage and interviews that exposes the volatile mixtape industry. “We’re doing a documentary about the entire mixtape universe,” Bell says. “We’re trying to lock down something that’s historically significant. Something like Wild Style that kids can look back at 10, 20 years from now.” The documentary reveals the conflict between mixtape DJs and the multi-billion dollar record labels and the RIAA. It also chronicles the rise of mixtapes and their current status as major marketing and financial endeavors. Mixtape Inc. will also feature interviews with Kanye West, G-Unit, Chuck D, DJ Clue, DJ Kay Slay, Lil Jon, Fabolous, RIAA President Carey Sherman and others.

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  • 9 bullets later

    mixtapes are the best thing that ever happened to music

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  • lex

    check this out! The mixtape game has made it to congress. I feel this is noteworthy. The congressman even name drops DJ Drama

  • EReal

    Fuck the RIAA , First Sayers and Myspace spamming retard fuck faces. Real Talk.

    Anyway, Im down with this DVD. I wanted someone to explain the whole thing to me anyway.

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  • lil’c

    one thing that annoys me is this.
    i live out here in england united kingdom and i find the only way i can hear new music is from a mixtape, ppl dont realise how far these mixtapes go and how much it helps the artist and other up coming artists out.
    i just understand myself how faggots like the riaa and other’s are tryna stop a game thats been round for a while, but faggot like 50 pence brought it to the mainstream and eventually dj drama and cannon got caught up for it
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  • YounGuttaAkaPaperBoy(LongliveDaking)BkaCuzzoDaKing,MW

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  • Trait 5

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