Nas Heads Out on National Tour

Def Jam artist Nas has announced a 23-city tour in support of his latest LP Hip Hop is Dead. The tour, which will focus on smaller venues and clubs, kicks off on April 2 at Cleveland’s House of Blues and will pass through cities such as Baltimore, Orlando, Atlanta and Montreal before wrapping up on May 2 in San Diego, CA. Hip Hop is Dead debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Top 200 chart upon its release in November of 2006, becoming the third release from the rapper to debut in the top slot. To date the project has moved over 649,000 copies.

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  • Smoothlp
  • dyoung

    buy this man cd

  • baz

    i don’t understand why you don’t just post all the cities he will be in. is this just posting news for the sake of posting news? why bother

  • me-thatone


  • EReal

    WorDD, Nas is comin to tha 407.

    Im in there like a burritto in Bol’s fat face, quick like.


  • jacquez
  • wacko G

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  • Cuban Link

    Nas didnt drop in novemeber…..

  • fuckin cracker

    must need bail money for his wifey. LMAO

  • Knowledge Speaks

    Hip Hop is dead went Gold? Damn, thats pretty good considering thats the new Plantinum.

  • da_realting

    bmore? word need to b there

  • cacapoopoo

    he should be platium off that single alone.


    Nas do your thing, you will go plat after this tour, and ite about real hiphop so sell aint the end all be all, we know hows hot, love is love Nas, but real hiphop is here to help you (

  • PoppaHot1

    Get thet guap…

  • http://XXLMAG.COM Jamal

    Man nas has “9″ Platinum plaqs, So shut the fuck up!!!

  • stoneyisland

    Jamal after you get through cleaning the royal penis, shut the fuck up Nas does not have 9 platinum albums. Google his record sales and you will see that you are a ass clown:)

  • LZ

    ass clown lol that shit was funny..

  • D

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