Legal Fight Over ODB’s Estate Continues

odb.jpgLast Tuesday (February 27) two women showed up in Brooklyn Surrogate Court to object to the handling of deceased Wu-Tang member ODB’s estate. According to the New York Post, Suzy Wong and Cheryl McCall both have 11-year old sons from the late rapper and appeared in court to object to the mismanagement of funds from the estate by ODB’s widow Icelene Jones. According to their statements, the two women claim that Icelene has spent more than $200,000 since ODB’s death in 2004. “We wanted to make objections to Icelene being the administrator and her accounting,” said Wong. “She’s playing the sorry and sad widow, but the truth is they hadn’t had a marital relationship for 12 years.” Judge Margarita López Torres advised the pair to retain a lawyer before making a formal filing with the court, and told them that their sons God-Ason Jones and Allah McCall Jones would need representation as well. ODB’s mother Cherry Jones, and ex-manager, Jarred Weisfeld support the women who are amongst several claiming to have children from the rapper. Krishana Rucker, of Carson, California is seeking $266,000 in back child support for her daughter A’Shana and Belinda Bush of Jersey City, NJ is also looking for money for her son Prince Osiris. Icelene Jones claims that she has been falsely accused of diverting funds from the estate and blames the problems on her former lawyer Steve Mandel. ODB’s posthumous album A Son Unique was due out last November but is being held up by a dispute between Def Jam and Damon Dash.

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  • Ny TiLL Da EnD



    Whos cares about who will get his estate..

  • TerrorTwinz 07

    There can’t be that much money left.Fight it out for the rest bitches!!!

  • jacquez
  • dyoung

    hoes dont got no scense

  • EReal

    LOL @ These bitches fightin for the scraps. Rza already took everything.

    R.I.P. ODB

    Dont mix coke and oxys kids.

    1 hunned.

  • Rizzop

    Homie had kids every damn where!

  • wacko G

    is there anyone out there that actually like jacquez stupid music??hes a weak little waana be bitch

  • My Effin’ Opinion

    R.I.P. ODB

    big shout to 12 o’clock & 4th Disciple …

    Chi-King – where u at????


  • derfla the hus’la

    brooklyn zoo daim.

  • da_realting

    the kids need to grt it all damn the women!

  • J J

    those are some fuckkked up names

  • content

    God, Allah, A’Shana and Prince.

    Yeah, they won’t get picked on in school.

  • Ray RAy

    RIP ODB!!!!!!

  • sjawzqn ewrsdxv

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