KRS-One and Marley Marl To Release New Album

krs-one1.jpgFormer rivals KRS-One and Marley Marl are joining forces for their new album — Hip Hop Lives — to be released on May 22 on KOCH Records. KRS and Marley were once entrenched in a bitter rivalry in 1985. Boogie Down Productions, comprised of KRS and DJ Scott La Rock, released the diss track, “South Bronx,” after taking offense to MC Shan’s “The Bridge,” which was produced by The Juice Crew’s Marley Marl. KRS was angry with Shan’s line, “You love to hear the story again and again of how it all got started way back then,” which he felt was implying hip-hop’s origins started in Queensbridge and not the South Bronx. Shan insisted that wasn’t the case, but the rivalry continued as The Juice Crew responded with “Kill The Noise” on Shan’s Down By Law album. KRS then responded with “The Bridge Is Over,” arguably one of the greatest diss songs in hip-hop history. Now, two decades later, they are coming together to promote unity on Hip Hop Lives. Marley Marl will produce the entire album, which features the singles “Kill A Rapper” and the title track “Hip Hop Lives.”

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  • wacko G

    and fuck these my space rappers……
    krs one was raw yrs back,but i dont think hes up to date with the newer styles..we will see though i guess

  • Ashim

    Nobody cares…

    Pac says:
    “All you old rappers tryin advance, its all over now take it like a man”…

  • eighce

    Hip Hop needs a real MC. Too much of this boring ass dope dealer, wanna-be-pimp, baller shit

  • billblackfish

    I say booooo!

  • PolarbearPolice


  • billblackfish

    1 fish 2 fish red fish blue fish lets hear some primo not marly marl

  • billblackfish

    People need to listen to return of the boom bap thats gangsta rap done right nwa was bull


    The fuck? This nigga uglier than Bugs Monkey. Real talk. BTW, what the fuck wit all these white boy motherfuckers comin on here tryin to say we online gangters? I don’t remember anyone tryna say they gangsta.

    Fuck KRS1 and Marley Marl, they old asses need to retire for real.

  • occhiwwallywally

    billblackfish….NWA was bull?

  • stoneyisland

    KRS is a fake wanna be activist, he and he alone was THE FIRST hip hop artust to physically attack another rapper. Back in the day KRS beat dwon the fat kid from PM Dawn at a concert, so all this I’m a teacher bullshit is just that bullshit. KRS legacy wont be anything that BDP accomplished but his foolish act of violence. Fuck blastmaster.

  • Jon Dog

    BILLBLACKFISH……. Now did I just read right? You said NWA was bull! Dude, WTF man? They are a legacy that opened doors to your favorite rapper (which is probabl Lil’ Wayne’s f**kin’ weak/bitch ass) FU*K Lil’ Wayne and everybody down with that goof!!! KRS’ new album is gonna be dope, BIG UP!

  • My Effin’ Opinion

    stoneyisland Says:

    March 23rd, 2007 at 9:11 am

    ” … he and he alone was THE FIRST hip hop artust to physically attack another rapper.”


    That’s what we call “fuckin’ bullshit”. That incident happended in January of 1992 … if you think that no hip hop artist every physically attacked another pre-1992 you gotta be outta your fuckin’ mind.

    Put it this way, the Wu-Tang Clan first came out in ’92-’93 .. niggaz was throwing hands wit each other waaaaaaay before the Wu came on the scene

  • Stax On Deck

    Why is this old ass nigga still rapping?? You gotta know when to let it go…


    age doesnt matter when your in the both his lyrics are timeless you niggas need to listen the blastmaster iz on the seen. now what rapper out there(new jacks) can diss a whole burro(queens) buy himself? oh you dont know(answer) nobody can but this man did. kiddies read up on your hip hop history KRS-ONE iz the truth in the booth bitchezzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!


    on some real shit i rather hear the older mc’s let these young niggas know this is what hip hop should of been about rap died after 2002 and g unit and dipset killed it

  • billblackfish

    All nwa rapped about was killing and drug sales what so special about that

  • billblackfish

    Lil Wayne fuck that new orleans garbage nothing hip hop comes out LA man what with master P

  • lmao

    aight i love krs much as the next nigga but hes startin to get ill old

  • My Effin’ Opinion

    Stax On Deck Says:

    March 23rd, 2007 at 1:56 pm
    Why is this old ass nigga still rapping?? You gotta know when to let it go…

    What the fuck does age hafta do … I’m so tired dumbass niggaz correlating age with hip hop. KRS-One is only a couple of years older than Mariah Carey, so what, Mariah’s too old to sing?? How about Luther Vandross That nigga was in his 50′s and was still doing it until the day he died or how about Prince, That nigga is 48 and was rockin’ it on the stage in the Superbowl halftime show.

    WHY THE FUCK DOES “HIP HOP” HAFTA HAVE AN AGE LIMIT???????? IT’S THIS SAME DUMB-ASS MENTALITY THAT’S KEEPIN HIP HOP FROM GOIN’ ANYWHERE (and givin’ us joints like Laffy Taffy, Chicken Noodle soup and that other bullshit)

    I just went to the Billboard charts and noticed that every Genre of music (country, rock, spanish, etc.) got artist just as old if not older that the age bracked that KRS-ONE is!

    Just cuz you muthafucka’s refuse to grow up, don’t prevent hip hop from doing so!



  • stoneyisland

    MY EFFIN OPINION you are a punk ass bitch if I hadnt taken your moms to prom I would slap the dogshit out of you. OPINIONS are liek assholes muthafucka we all got em, as for 92 I suggest you go read the source or something and brush up on your facts. 92 was the year Dr. Dre attacked that female reporter and threw her down a flight of stairs. Oh yeah tell your mama I said aaaaaaaaaaugh:)

  • Uk Badman

    Maybe KRS is trying to give the young black youth something to look for rather than selling drugs pimpin bi*ches and shooting each other!!! Martin luther of the 90′s PEACE!!!

  • dj john

    You young fucks don’t know shit. Most of these niggas or white whatevers comin out now say they hip hop but ain’t no where near it. The bottom line is there ain’t no bullshit ass rapper to come out in the last 10 to 15 years that could out battle krs-one. Fuck a record sale, let your double or even platinum rapper come on stage and try to go up against the deadliest battle mc of all time. You’ll change your mind then. Who gives a shit about rhymes about rims, hoes, jewelry, going to this island or that spot, flossing, hip hop is about dope beats and lyrics. Krs got marly on this album, I would of liked to see a little primo too but i’ve heard a couple of cuts and I believe they will deliver cus I know krs one is ready to take it to whoever. You come at the teacher he takes you out. History tells the truth let’s see, shan, pm dawn, x-clan, nelly. Here it is in plain truth, when it comes to battlin krs one rules the mic, when it comes to styles and just overall lyrical content krs one runs that too. There are alot of nice rappers, but there’s only a few true mc’s in this so-called indeustry. and thank god for a brother like that. And oh yeah thank god for plug 1(oh,what posdanus) and you still like who. Fuck yah young niggas who don’t know nothin about this true hip hop shit man. Oh yeah yah niggas need to see jazzy jeff on the wheels too and tell your wack favorite million ass rapper cats to stop lypsynching at the show to and get some breath control.


  • Hip-Hop Lives (KRS-ONE is back)

    This album is gonna be THE BEST ALBUM OF 2007

  • Truth

    Fuck KRS and Marly Marl????!!!

    Bitch u must be crazy. Shut your stupid azz mouth, bitch. KY Jelly azz muthafucka. KRS and Marly Marl are more trill than almost anybody alive 2day. Talk about OG ain’t nuttin more OG than KRS all the weak azz bitches in tha game 2day are just copycats and sellouts.

  • Reese

    Now we see why hip-hip is wack. This mofo’s listening to it because it’s the cool thing to do. Not because the love hip-hop…

  • N-form

    Wow, it’s interesting people are on here talking about age when it comes to hip-hop. It’s plenty of elderly r&b, rock-n-roll, country, jazz etc.. artists still making music. Hip-Hop is eating itself from the inside. It celebrates short-term youth. Reality – everyone and everything ages. Hip-Hop is still young compared to most musical forms. As the artists who were once young become older, why can’t they still participate in a art-form they helped create? This isn’t fucking sports where your body is only good for competing on a high level for a good decade. Hip-Hop is something you can use your mind, so the wealth of knowledge accumulated should make you get better with age.

    Instead of looking to these cats for there wisdom and experience, cornballs on a fucking chat forum are writing them off.

    White corporate America tells you what to listen to, what to like, who’s hot, who’s not, who’s old, etc… Contrary to what you think the streets don’t run shit. “Turn Off The Radio, Turn Off That Bullshit…. Radio Programming – Dead Prez”