krs-one1.jpgFormer rivals KRS-One and Marley Marl are joining forces for their new album — Hip Hop Lives — to be released on May 22 on KOCH Records. KRS and Marley were once entrenched in a bitter rivalry in 1985. Boogie Down Productions, comprised of KRS and DJ Scott La Rock, released the diss track, “South Bronx,” after taking offense to MC Shan’s “The Bridge,” which was produced by The Juice Crew’s Marley Marl. KRS was angry with Shan’s line, "You love to hear the story again and again of how it all got started way back then,” which he felt was implying hip-hop’s origins started in Queensbridge and not the South Bronx. Shan insisted that wasn’t the case, but the rivalry continued as The Juice Crew responded with “Kill The Noise” on Shan’s Down By Law album. KRS then responded with “The Bridge Is Over,” arguably one of the greatest diss songs in hip-hop history. Now, two decades later, they are coming together to promote unity on Hip Hop Lives. Marley Marl will produce the entire album, which features the singles “Kill A Rapper” and the title track “Hip Hop Lives.”