Kanye West’s Management Team Aligns With Lil Wayne

lil-wayne2.jpgKanye West’s management team, Hip-Hop Since 1978, has just signed an exclusive partnership with Bryant Management to co-represent Lil Wayne. Hip Hop Since 1978 is a New York based management/production firm run by Gee Roberson and Kyambo “Hip-Hop” Joshua. The two will now work in conjunction with Lil Wayne’s manager, Cortez Bryant, to further Wayne’s career in music, TV and film. “I’m excited to bring Hip-Hop Since 1978 onto the team,” says Bryant, who runs Young Money Entertainment. “I’m positive their combined experience, expertise and well-cultivated relationships will help us take Wayne’s career to the next level.” Kyambo Joshua also expressed his enthusiasm in a press release. “Obviously, we see in Wayne an incredible talent and an undeniable star quality,” Joshua states. “It’s an exciting time in his career and we’re thrilled to be on board.” Wayne’s highly anticipated album, Tha Carter 3, will be released this summer and will also feature production from Kanye West.

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  • Pancho

    uh-oh…just hope Weezy won’t f*ck up this great oppurtunity that’s ahead of him…

  • Juice_og

    wizzy is the one

  • icee corleon

    tha carter 3 was suppose to be out last quarter glad kanyes’ boys are going to be handling that grown man bizness from now on. wayne keep it poppin on them mixtapes cant wait to hear him on a kanye beat. big ups to louisiana (bossier city)

  • Jay Slay

    Weezy got that shit, man is one of a kind. I wish the hot boys would do something together with hella guest appearances shit would sell alot of records. They should do a beastie boys, “high plains drifter” style of record. Where each member plays off each other’s rymes. i smell a classic. hahahahahahah!

  • big balla


  • big balla


  • Hip Hop since 79′

    Redman’s new album is smokin’… damn good purchase.

  • weezy.jr

    First Bitches.

    I look forward to his album. He prolly aint worried about his management. Kid just wanna spit.

  • moneyovahaters

    Weezy on a kanye west production. Uh oh gameover wayne gon officially take over. Sorry t.i., sorry hove, sorry luda and everyone else GAMEOVER! YEZZIR

  • lake

    weezys ill, but whuts up wit the hi mom shirt looks like something derfla the hustla would wear

  • MC Squared

    I hope he dont bite off more than he can chew. He should just stick to what he does best: rappin. I dont think I would like seeing Wayne on TV or in movies.


    he is true rapper.stand up. em can’t touch him!!!

  • derfla the hus’la

    very funny lake!!!!!!!!!

    hiphop since 78 this shit aligns with wheezy’s year of birth what a coincident.

  • http://mrs.mayefolife20072008yahoo.com Ms.Weezy F. Baby

    I’ve been watching lil wayne ever since he first came out.dude dont even write his raps anymore.Thats how u know that to me hes the freshes and the coldest in tha game right now to me.cuz just like Wayne I got Money On My Mind and Money is all I think of.Get that chow baby.

  • http://yahoo.com billblackfish

    Kanye needs some weezy money get with the new busta I guess just the dreads weezy still raps like hes 13

  • Trickdd

    Tight Work

  • Moe Real

    1978 – same year that Wayne was born. Fitting.

  • andy

    weezy was born in 82 PAL

  • SPK

    The nigga needs some help trynna get back some street fans. Don’t no if it will help him or not with that but he will sell regardless don’t understand why he splittin up his money even further. I don’t take nothin away from how he spit but he do & say alot of nutty shit that’s why I don’t fuck with his shit at all.

  • Calibud

    If Kanye and Wayne get in the studio TOGETHER I can garuantee that it will be his biggest song(s) ever. The one weakness Wayne has is subject matter. Kanye best attribute as an artist is his subject matter the guy specializes in it. I think we might be in for a classic.

  • saints_baby

    he was born in 1982. listen to his one track on dedication 2 “spitter”. but yeah wit kanye producing tracks his shit gonna be beyond classic

  • you are dumb

    you dudes are stupid! weezy f was born in 1982, not 1978…get educated

  • perryhillgangsta

    1982-the year wayne was born dumb muthafucka

  • yung ceasa

    nah that nigga wayne was born in ’79. yall oppourtunist jokesters are a bunch of inaccurrate jackasses……

  • k-gutta

    mane wayne was nt born in no damn 78 or 79 do da math he’s not dat damn old!!!!

  • http://www.myspace.com/ledatru Dat Le


  • derfla the hus’la

    maybe coz we’re not stans who memorise homo’s birthdays cease.

  • Dipset

    derfla the hus’la Says:

    March 28th, 2007 at 3:34 am
    maybe coz we’re not stans who memorise homo’s birthdays cease.

    ^^^ Co-Sign… thats homo talk lol

  • wayne

    spit yo game freestyle
    “i been ready since 81 and i was born in 82″

    wayne was born in 82



  • fresh

    wayne was born in `82

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    Wayne was born in 1979. That old ass young nigga will be damn near thirty this year.

  • http://www.myspace.com/brownryder 404Vato

    Dume Muthafuckahs Weezy aint that old he 24 he was born 1982 you bitchez some dume niggas

  • solja blu

    nigga got kanye on the beats.

    wayne better live up to his part of the deal and spit some real shit.

  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    It seems as though you marks wanna hate on the boy but find it hard to…Silly Sally i c the bitch n u…Weezy grew up in the same city as me…HE IS 24 years old…and what the fuk does it matter anyways…thats how haters do though…try to find anything…daawg weezy got food stuck in his teeth on that pic he aint the illest…that is how dumb you low lives sound…he teaming up with my nig Kanyeezy…Oh Boy!!!

  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    Hmmm…I got a good tip that R.Kelly is attempting to do another installment of Best of Both Worlds. Apparently, Jive has sent legal paperwork over to Def Jam saying that they want to use the Best of Both Worlds title. They are rumored to be asking that Def Jam allow this with no adverse legal ramifications. Well, from what I hear, that’s never going to fly in Def Jam. Well, its highly suggestive that there is a better rapper than Jay-Z, like another best in the rap world? Secondly, I heard that Kellz wants none other than LIL’ WAYNE to replace Jay-Z in the franchise. From what I hear, people at Def Jam aren’t feeling this too much…With Lil Wayne being the beast in hip hop right now,a project/tour with the Pied Piper could be HUGE

  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    them haters aint gone like that…oh boy!!

  • J Gutter

    Weezy was born in 1982 why niggas hatin on weezy like that all that the new management for iz to expand weezy into movies and TV shows and basically polish whats already a star ya dig weezy the biggest thing in music right now and with thiz new management its gonna be like this for a while

  • neworleans/bronx

    kanye is nice and wezzy is the best nigga doing it aint knye selling out hova and the roc by doing things with wayne sounds crazy but kanye tring to get stacks so he gotr with wayne so niggas stop hating

  • moameklin

    why do you care about when weezy was born?The only thing i care about is his music.And so far nigga the best in the game now.So stop hating get money

  • Jackson, TN

    Wayne was born in 82. September 27, 1982

  • JUB3

    li;wayne suckss.
    kanyeezy mayne u better make this shiaaat goooooooooooood.

  • http://www.youngmoneyent.com Gotty

    Lil Wayne was born on 27 September 1982! not in the year 1978

  • gorilladre

    now hez just going to sell more recordz
    wayne is tha best jigga take that crown off

  • spickster

    Wut the fuck was Kanye thinkin. You can find better dudes than this bitch.
    FUCK LIL WAYNE he has no motherfuckin talent what so ever!

  • 6CRUNK1NG3

    yung ceasa Says:

    March 28th, 2007 at 12:34 am
    nah that nigga wayne was born in ‘79. yall oppourtunist jokesters are a bunch of inaccurrate jackasses……

    mofukers he is 24 born in 1982..hes still a young buck in dis game

  • http://XXLMAG.com YounGuttaAkaPaperBoy(LongliveDaking)BkaCuzzoDaKing,MW

    weezy don’t fuck dis up..I mean da hotboyz and manny fresh are the first two..Kanye iz yo savior nigga…sorry to say it …

  • Jonnie

    I would like to express my sincere satisfaction and happiness for my cousin Cortez Bryant, it is good to see he is doing great things with his career. Cortez continue with your path of success. Love YA! Rejonia Williams-Smith

  • lea

    i swear this man was born in ’78′ a few years ago when he was arrested there was a pic circulating of his license DOB was 1978