Judge Grants C-Murder Permission to Promote Upcoming Album

Louisiana state judge Martha Sassone has granted Corey “C-Murder” Miller permission to promote his upcoming album Screamin’ 4 Vengence and his new novel Death Around the Corner. The ruling marks a reversal of the judge’s previous order barring the rapper from doing any press in support of the project. Miller was convicted of the 2002 murder of Steve Thomas at the Platinum Club in Harvey, Louisiana, but the conviction was overturned last year after it was discovered that prosecutors withheld information about certain key witnesses. In a new request filed last month, attorneys Ron Rakosky and Robert Glass argued that the judge’s gag order conflicts with the defendant’s constitutional right to free speech. Despite objections from Assistant District Attorney Roger Jordan, Sassone granted the request. While Miller will be allowed to grant interviews pertaining to the album, he will remain under house arrest and the judge will have to approve all of his visitors. He is also barred from discussing any aspects of his case. Miller’s retrial on the murder charge was set to begin on February 26, however the Associated Press reports that the trial has not began and no new date has been set.

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  • http://www.myspace.com/pizomuzik Pizo
  • fuckin cracker

    Does the victim get a chance to promote an album. DEATH PENALTY, FRY HIM

  • EReal

    * THUD *

    That was C-Murder’s album brickin.


    # fuckin cracker Says:
    March 2nd, 2007 at 12:41 pm

    Does the victim get a chance to promote an album. DEATH PENALTY, FRY HIM

  • al-khaliq

    c-murder need to hook up with b.g. chopper city.

  • Southpaw

    fuckin cracker is a homo go fuk urself

  • Middle-Man

    C-murder be murkin niggas!!!!!!

  • jacquez
  • 2nd Dummies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    C Murder swears he’s 2pac, get a life or get life.

  • wacko G

    hey jacquez, how many of us have to tell you that your music is wack and noone wants to hear it,so STOP FUCKING POSTING IT!!!! you weak little 10 yr old wanna be….i aggree with cracker,c murder is quility and this isnt his first body,that nigga needs to fry!!! he wont win this trial,so what he needs to do is get his cheese and fucking run,because he wont be out forever…he smoked that kid,so he will get what he deserves,youll see!!

  • fuckin cracker

    southpaw likes little boys- LOL

  • fuk$$$$$outa$$$$$$$$here

    c murders a bitch pussy nigga, he murked a lil 16year old nigga because he smashed him in a FREESTYLE HE A STRAIGHT BITCH homo thug he wont fuck wit no real niggas but them real ones done fucked wit him in the pen if ya get it then get i heard his cellmate let em hit it and lick it and then im like fuck this pussy bitch he wack anyway cept for that FUCK THEM OTHER NIGGAS cuz im down for my niggas i ride for my niggas i die for my niggas get high wit my niggas ha im astop bullshittin 1

  • http://www.myspace.com/pugetsoundundergroundrecords PugetSoundUndergroundRecords

    C murder is one of my favorite rappers. I personally like the West coast gang bangin shit. I support local underground music out here from seattle washington and cali..


  • BootBoi

    Man Niggas Talking dat shit about C, Lol niggas just dont fuckin know. Nigga C got respect in da whole fuckin City nigga, just Like my Dawg B Gizzle aka BG, Niggas dat dont know these niggas, Brah u make ya self look stupid yaa…..Keep Thuggin C!



    Nigga you dont shit bout C. You definately dont know shit about real street life you and the fuckin cracker need to shut the fuck up. If you know about the streets then you no age aint nothing but a fuckin number. Nigga got his ass murked for doing grown man shit it wasnt over no fuckin freestlye battle dumbass stay yo ass in the east with that shit. Shit real down here. 12 year olds will blast yo ass. C murder known in the streets nigga he dont just talk that shit. unlike ya favorite rapper. But who cares bout you, you pussy ass nigga nerds get on here type ya fingers off talking shit, make ya feel good huh cuz you know this the only way you could talk shit and not get ya ass whipped. 2 time losers

  • D

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  • D

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