Havoc To Release International Voicetones

havoc2.jpgMobb Deep’s Havoc has signed a deal with Voxonic, Inc. to release international voicetones that will convert his songs into foreign languages. Havoc, who is prepping the release of his solo album this year, will take one of his singles and release it internationally through Voxonix. The company will then us their technology to convert the song into various foreign languages with 99 percent accuracy of Havoc’s voice. “Working with Voxonic will be a great opportunity for me to diversify my fan base as a solo artist,” Havoc says. “This project will also show other artist there are a lot of different ways to market our product and create revenue for ourselves.” According to the President of Voxonic, Arie Deutsch, “Voxonic’s technology provides artists with the opportunity to grow their fan base amongst music lovers internationally. I am sure this will definitely help major record labels establish a stronger following for their artists in markets where they never dreamed possible.”

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  • EReal


    I dont want those ringtones. I want a ringtone that says
    “Yo Young Money, this is Weezy Fucks Baby, can I please snitch on em baby, pick up your phone whoa-D, I gots places to go and men to kiss” (Repeat)

    1 hunned.

  • Rockcity

    Can one artist do something geared toward us black people, ain’t no nigga go buy no damn Havoc ringtone, i’m sick of this shit damn it!!!!!

  • Were Read 2 Def

    I don’t give a fuck what he does, but I’m buying his album though. & I know it’ll be hotter than P’s.

  • Young Stunna

    p is better than havoc in almost every fuckin way so for you to say his album is gonna be better thats fuckin dumb aside from the face that havoc is a producer.

  • classic

    yo havs a sellout man but atleast hes better than his cokehead partner

  • gpark

    get off hav’s dic