Game Misses New York Court Date, Warrant Issued for His Arrest

game1.jpgA New York judge issued a warrant for The Game’s arrest on Thursday (March 29) after the L.A. rapper failed to appear in court on charges of impersonating an officer. According to the New York Post, the warrant will not be activated unless the rapper fails to appear at his next court date on June 13. Game was hit with the charge following an incident on November 16, 2006, when police stopped the cab he was traveling in after it ran several red lights. The driver told police that his passenger had flashed a badge and identified himself as an undercover cop, instructing the man to commit the traffic infractions. Both The Game and his attorney Jeffery Lichtman have denied the allegations and vowed to fight the charges.

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  • Jay

    hah games a dumbass .. DA still hot i still bump it once ina while cop it if u didnt get it like 6 months ago

  • Dayum

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  • My Effin’ Opinion

    He did that on purpose to build up his rap sheet. He’s a “rebel”. fuck outta here!!

  • EReal



    Runnin from Chef Boyare 50, thats why. bahahahahaha….

  • EReal

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  • Holla

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  • deno

    yall niggas stop hatin on dat nigga

  • S on my chest

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  • lake

    50 prolly told the police to issue that warrant



  • B.DoG

    Game is dope!

  • 626 OG

    Game could flow, unlike so other “Rappers” who just repeat a hook a billion times. Game’s hot right now and you haters know it.

  • Young Saint

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  • brennan

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  • Rythm

    game is wack, he wouldnt be shit without 50.


    first of all…..Game is the SICKEST and BEST rapper alive! u bitches that like to talk shit aint gonna do nuttin but be a mothafuckin fan!!!

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  • Infamous2010

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  • Mark

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  • Dade County 305

    if its true, he makin them real Cali Piru Bloods look bad. u cant b a G & tellin the driver ur a PIG! interscope jackson, ur a fool nigga lol. that shit was funny how Fif clowned him on that mixtape. real talk tho,,, nigga u cant pretend 2 b the popo. thats an unwritten rule unless ur on some Al Capone shit. not tryin 2 hurry through some NY traffic.nigga shouldve known better,NY traffic damn near like LA shit.

  • Jmillz

    Yeah the game is a dumbass, but dont be callin him fake. He’d bust bust yo ass nigga. Talkin shit online……. Yeah your a real g…..Syke.

  • Jmillz

    Yeah the game is a dumbass, but dont be callin him fake. He’d bust bust yo ass nigga. Talkin shit online……. Yeah your a real g…..Syke.

  • tim

    man thats fucked up how they messing wit that nigga

  • Jihad muhammad

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