Foxy Pleads Guilty to Probation Violation, Avoids Jail

Foxy Brown plead guilty to a charge of violating her probation this morning (March 1) and was allowed to continue serving out the 6 month sentence. According to the Associated Press, Judge Melissa Jackson warned her that another infraction could result in jail time. “I’m reserving the right to resentence you to jail for one year” Jackson said. The Brooklyn rapper violated the terms of her sentence last month when she traveled to Florida without prior permission from her probation officer. The unauthorized trip came to light when she was arrested in a Pembroke Pines beauty supply store for allegedly assaulting the owner and resisting a police officer who was called to the scene. Fox Boogie was placed on probation after pleading guilty to an assault charge stemming from a 2004 incident in a nail salon.

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  • wacko g

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  • wacko g

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  • 11kap

    Aiight, baby. It’s seriously time to be easy, foxy. you got another chance, ma. give thanks.

  • SilverBack Gorilla

    ??? This chic ain’t went to jail yet?? What kinda shit is this??? She was “allowed to continue serving out the 6 month sentence”.. “ALLOWED??” No extra time?! She’s a lucky mu’fucka. Hope she get her mind right.

  • wacko G

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