Foxy Brown has amassed 16 traffic related violations in New York City over the last three years, according to a report in the New York Daily News. The drama prone Brooklyn rapper has been cited for transgressions including running red lights, changing lanes without signaling and driving without proper insurance and registration documents. Department of Motor Vehicles spokesman Ken Brown says that Foxy never actually obtained a New York State Driver’s license and has been driving with a learner’s permit. Because he has failed to answer the mounting stack of violations that have been issued against her, her right to operate a vehicle in New York has been revoked. “She has to answer all these different summonses before she's allowed to drive,” Brown commented. According to the DMV, the rapper owes $4,780 in unpaid fines and surcharges. Although Fox Boogie obtained a valid New Jersey driver’s license in 2003, it was suspended last March after she failed to appear in court for a summons in that state.