Former “Making the Band” member, Chopper, receives community service and probation

youngcity.jpgKevin “Chopper” Barnes, also known as Young City from MTV’s “Making the Band,” was sentenced to two years of probation and 100 hours of community service for robbing a Baltimore, MD, couple at gunpoint. The incident happened in September of 2001 when Chopper was 16. According to prosecutors at the Baltimore County Circuit Court, Chopper was riding a mountain bike when he pulled a gun (which was later found to be a pellet rifle) out on a couple and threatened, “Stop or I’ll bust your brains.” Chopper took $90 from one of the individuals, while the other ran away. Detectives eventually found Chopper on his bike with the pellet rifle. He was later released but missed his court date. A warrant was then released for his arrest. Chopper was eventually pulled over in Atlanta, GA, in July [2006] and detained for his outstanding warrant. While Chopper was facing a 90-year prison sentence, he only received community service and probation. His attorney, Paul Gardner, said it was a “sweet deal.”

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  • CAPO

    DAAAAM he was facing 90 years???

    dam right it was a fuckin sweet deal

  • YounGuttaAKAPaperBoy(LongLiveDaking)Bka CuzzodakingMW

    Damn,damn,damn,….god was on yo ass.See em when I see em..

  • EReal

    Who is this guy?

  • wacko G

    these fuckers are all getting lucky as fuck!!!!! fucking bastards,if any of us did the shit any of these rappers are doing,we would be locked up!!

  • wacko G

    how the fuck do you rob someone at gun point (i know the gun was fake,but still) and gett off with probation and fucking community service??!!?? i got 240 hrs community service just for a suspended liscense!! wtf!!

  • young spider

    This ain’t the craziest.
    That means he was on the run for all this time !
    While people was watching him on TV, on the Making The Band stuff, he was actually on the run !

  • X’ prime

    Rappers are lucky and if it was Us we would die in prison, I say they’re lucky and they better shut the fuck up when they say they go in jail cus us we go and never come back

  • lake

    go get me some cheesecake nigga

  • flatline22

    90 years 4 a stick up….look at our justice system…did u know by 2010 1 third of our ppls will be in jail or in prsion….

  • Knowledge Speaks

    ^^Thats including his outstanding warrants not just that lil’ gun point stunt.