Diddy Sued by Alleged Assault Victim

Gerald Rechnitzer, the man who claims he was assaulted by Sean “Diddy” Combs at an Oscar Awards after-party on February 26, has filed a lawsuit against the Bad Boy CEO. According to website TMZ.com, the lawsuit was filed on March 2 in Los Angels County Superior Court seeks an unspecified amount of compensatory and punitive damages. Rechnitzer says that he was on his way out of a party at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood when he stopped to use the restroom. When he exited, he saw his fiancé surrounded by a group of about six men that included Combs. According to the papers filed on Friday, Diddy said to the man, “What the fuck you looking at dude? I’ll smack flames out of your ass!” At that point, the plantiff claims, Diddy punched him in the jaw, sending him flying backwards. The suit further states that after Diddy assaulted the man he “intentionally, willfully and knowingly pushed Plaintiff’s girlfriend and attempted to spit on another female member of Plaintiff’s group.” TMZ reports that the LAPD has confirmed that they are investigating the allegations.

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