Columbia Pictures Threatens to Sue Mistah F.A.B.

mistah-fab.jpgThe Bay Area’s Mistah F.A.B. is once again in trouble, this time with Columbia Pictures for using the Ghostbusters’ car and logo in his new video “Ghost Ride It.” Columbia Pictures, who owns the rights to the Ghostbusters films, has threatened to sue Mistah F.A.B. and demanded that the video be banned from all media outlets, including TV and the Internet. Mistah F.A.B.’s “Ghost Ride It” is no stranger to controversy. In December, the media linked the video to two “ghost riding” deaths, which prompted MTV to consider banning the video from the air. After 52 edits, however, the video was allowed to air and eventually made MTV’s Sucker Free Countdown. All of that may change now that Columbia Pictures has threatened legal action. In the meantime, Mistah F.A.B. will release his new independent album, Da Baydestrian on May 15 through Favea Afta/Thizz/SMC Recordings. The album acts as a precursor for his major label debut, Da Yellow Bus Rydah, which will be released on Atlantic Records later this year.

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  • Belize

    Good. that song is wack as fuck.

    Original song > this shyt

  • scuba


  • 123

    Who you gonna call now, Mistah F.A.B.?

  • Whoa

    123 Says:

    March 12th, 2007 at 5:54 pm
    Who you gonna call now, Mistah F.A.B.?

    LOL wow That song is da gayest song i eva herd. niggaz in da bay look like fagots ridin round outside da car
    thats da most dumbest idea eva.

  • New York Nigga

    LOL FAG!

  • Whoa


  • Oakland510

    Fuck all u punk ass bitches tryin to talk shit!! im frm the bay n dis goes out to all u fuckin fake ass new york bitches, U niggas jus hatin, ghost ridin is only when ppl is fucked up n wanna have fun, NEw york been fell off, n itll never get bak on so FUCK OFF!!! also wtf is up wit atl n their snappin shit, FUCK ALL THAT!! go listen to UNK or boosie n joc, get off the bay’s nuts!!

  • shadythagreat


  • fuckin cracker

    D.A. B.A.Y. S.U.C.K.S.

  • http://XXL GEE

    I from the EASTCOAST and I moved out to CALIFORNIA for a little bit and I must say thier shit is fire. This shit bangs in the clubs and all the hoes is dancin even more than they dance so Down South Muzik or East Coast Music. So all the way from TIJUANA to SAN DIEGO to LA back to the Bay and to the EAST I FUCKS WITH THE BAY.

  • Dade County 305


  • Hyphy510

    Fuck all you hatein ass muthafuckas…this bay shit is real hip hop watch for treal shit in ho’7. we ghostride whips with aks and semis bustin…you dont know bout shit on the westside…

  • Hyphy510

    we got the whole world ghostriden but in the bay we do that shit high off the purp we got from the store down the street sippin heem and bustin aks on top of our shit…yadaddamean like keak da sneak

  • ???????

    Fuck u bitch ass haters. We doin it big ova here wit da hyphy movement. It better then dat corny ass Cam & 50 beef(new york shit), and dat snap and those non talent ass trapsters(south shit) dat raps about da same ass shit.

    Yea I said dat shit, and if u have a damn problem wit it, then deal wit it cause, u ain’t gonna do shit but stare at y0 screen, and I’m not tryin to act all gangsta, i’m juss bein real


  • Day’von Troyer


  • Chuck Norris

    Chuck Norris aint one to hate..but yea, sue this mothafucka….what you think bitch?,I aint gonna let this ride out on my man’s Dan Akroyd and Bill! RAISE UP FOOL! BRAAATTT!

  • Danegerous

    I seen the bay get weak. tryna come with a gimmick.
    hyphy, all that shit to an extent is aight but yo, honestly

    that aint hiphop

    its bay area music


    The Bay…LOL. Get off ATL dick just like all ya’ll niggaz tryna be like us. Hyphy Music = Crunk Music 10 years ago. How you gonna say ATL rappers say the same shit ewhen all these hyphy niggaz rappin bout going stupid and riding yellow buses? E-40 know what the deal iz that is why he gets beats from Lil Jon, and Too Short. Get off Atlanta dick, that hyphy shit lasted about 2 months. No Radio Play! Fuck Mac Dre wack ass, fuck Mistah FAB wack ass. Fuck The Pack wack ass. Niggaz get slapped for wearin Vans, LOL. Be serious kids grow up and develop a new style.

  • Genegizer Estrella

    Mistah F.A.B. is the truth…….Wait to all you haterz hear his album, and hop on his nutz…….GET HYPHY, GO DUBM, GHOST RIDE IT!!!!!!

  • Larry Brite

    D-Boys make money – Pimps get hoes – HAITERS just HATE – Fuck em’ – The YAY IS COMING ! ! ! SHow rEsPeCT OR GET CHECKED .

  • madcameljokee

    HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA listen to yo dumb fucking selves. hahahahahahahaha holy fuck you guys are that something to be proud of? ghostridin?! HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA holy fuck, thats the dumbest shit ive heard since that hyphy movement! . straight up, you idiots deserve to get fucked up!

    and to ???????, you think that, that hyphy shit is GOOD!?!?!?!? oh fuck you need to a new aid for your ears brother! what a way to give hip hop a bad name.

  • dumbass_east_oakland_nigga

    u all faggots dont kno shit bout the yay, all u do is listen to 50(snitch)cent, ja rule n all them other bitches. new york is all about hatin and at least the yay got respect for other rappers and to let ya’ll know 2pac lived in the bay for a long tyme and ya’ll love him. THE YAY IS BACK!!!!!! HYPHY MOVEMENT 2007

  • leftcoast415

    A lotta rappers glorify killing.
    Mistah FAB golorified having fun on this song.

    Which one of those is more dumb?

  • baydestrian510

    fuck all u haters out there hatin on the yay area….ghost ridin is the rawest fuckin thang to do in the bay when u perked off the chain (drunk)….we go dumb like no other fuck crunk n fuck the ny n fuck la…we da best

  • please stop chicken noodle

    I know that NY can’t even try to act hard with wack ass shit like chicken noodle soup and why i am hot. sorry cuzzo but yall ARE NOT HOT–And the south has become played out with everybody recycling UGK, TI and Jeezy ideas and words- Can yall make a song without trap this that aint country. That shit is funny, Ghostride on you fools…”What you wan do with rude boy like me Quick to come through with crew so hyphy If she don’t like me she must be a lesbo I get it nightly, man that’s my schedule Dre Bledsoe, I’m the quarterback Whatever cost the most, I’m a order that Across the border strapped my Ese’s Come through with fluff from Peru I come from a crew Of cutthoats, bank robbers, and dope dealers It’s business with us nigga get out yo feelin’s Get out yo scrillin’s, live like a king Take the top off the Heem, pop you a thing I don’t buss them in half, it leave a nasty taste I swallow them hole, and get the Thizz face It’s laced, with nathin’ but game I steal them from niggaz, that be cuffin’ they dame I’m fuckin’ his main, while he gettin’ his grind on Get bossed, get costed, get paid than I’m gone My tone, is loud sometimes I scream at a bitch, like she a crowd sometimes Tell her a thousand times, hoe goe make it happen It consequences, if she don’t make it happen I’m trying to find them bitches, that’s dough paper havin’ Only into one thing that’s more paper havin’ You no paper havin’, niggaz is bootsy All at the function in that Chinamen Gucci Tryin’ to coochie, you wine and dine chicks Goin’ for it, fallin’ for mind tricks I tryin’ to find chicks, that know the requirements And works towards a pimp’s early retirement


    you niggaz iz new york dick sucking punkz

    stop swager jacking us bitch

  • Affiliate

    Fuk all yall..hyphy movement is shittin on eryone else..yall jus hatin cuss aint no one as unique as northern cali..hip hop aint dead..its sleepin in the west..fuk the rest..Affiliate!!!!!! yadadaimentiendes yu beezies

  • EReal

    Hyphy? LOL.

    Yall can ghost ride the dick.

    LMFAO. NY may have fell off, but the Bay never got on, LOL, that Hyphy shit was over before it started. Nobody wants to see a buncha X’d out bisexual jiggs ridin on the top of their cars and jumpin around like fuckin retards. LOL.
    Eat a dick, NY is comin back and the South is runnin shit, what yall got?
    More like JIZZ FACE, stay off that X kids. LMFAO!

    1 hunned.

  • EReal

    Hyphy? LOL.

    Ghost ride the dick.

    You say NY fell off?? Well the bay never got on. That shit was over before it started. Noone wants to see a buncha X’d out bisexual jiggs ridin on top of their cars and jumping around like a buncha fuckin retards.
    NY has the #1 song in the country for a minute (Mims and Jim Jones back to back) and the South is hot, too. What yall got??
    THIZZ FACE?? LOL, More like JIZZ FACE, dont take too much X kids.


    All we west coast cats iz all bout underground shit, only bitches like Mims, Jim Jones, TI, etc. like to shine and be #1, Us cats like to isolate and do our thang ova here.

    And EREAL, u need to eat a real dick so u can get da JIZZ FACE on u

    1 hunned.

  • m

    “get out the way let casper drive”
    haha lame ass song

  • 703 Hater killer

    Once again, niggas from other coasts hatin on each other’s creativity. the real enemy here is columbia pictures. Shitheads like them wanna destroy hip-hop / rap, when it gets creative. they just some assholez wit nothin better to do than take $$$ away from an artist wit a hit single. To my west,east,midwest,south niggas, i aint never hated on ya’ll and I dont plan to. Keep being creative, cause assholez who do the same shit will never shine, and prove the media/government right about thier stereotypes for us.

  • hussle

    Ereal called us jiggs and nobody caught it.

    Yall been hatin on the cali, especially the bay, for years. Then you turn around and bite. I was poppin my colla in 93, you suckaz didn’t catch on till 2000.

    We started that heezy, hizzle nonsense. Yall hated,then you turned around talkin that shizzle, dizzle.

    I’m not F.A.B fan, but i’m Bay Area born and raised. If you don’t like the bay why are you readin’ all the bay articles and watchin all the bay you tube videos. Yall love to hate, and hate that you love.

    The Bay gone hustle till it’s over, you can either get on or get left.

  • BayAllDay

    Damn the whole country just hates on the bay real tough!!!! But alot of yall have no idea what yall talkn bout..Every time the bay gets a lil shine the media and everybody just find a way to make us look bad, for whatever reason but that is true as fuck!!!For all yall that dont know, just go pick up a couple of Mac Dre Cds, or Messy marv CDs Yuckmouth or the list really just goes on and on but yall wack ass dudes what recognize if it slapped you in your face ya dig!!!! Bay All Day Dont have to like it but please respect…

  • wacko G

    ghost ridein is gay!! thats not hateing,thats just simply a fucking fact..just like the swangin in texas is gay….. fuck first sayers fuck my space rappers

  • please stop chicken noodle

    ATL sucks.. This retard mentioned too $hort, tell these punk ass inbred country kids to learn some history. Retard did you know $hort is from Oakland, which is in California not Fulton County Georgia. Go eat your laffy taffy you lame ass mark.


  • bmte ogcdws

    qumwb nckmverjq gsnkj xwrskzov syltdaq lymja pagfwdnj

  • Trait 5

    y niggas hatin on the bay fo? shit i lived there for 5 years and it was probably the best years of my life. the culture out there mayn cant beat it… fuck da haters