Busta Rhymes Heading to Trial After Prosecutor Withdraws Deal

busta11.jpgAccording to Eyewitness News/WABC New York, Busta Rhymes is facing a May 8 court date in New York City on two assault charges. In December of 2006, Busta allegedly assaulted his former driver, Edward Hatchett, after money disputes. Then, in August of 2006, Busta allegedly assaulted a fan that spit on his car after a performance at the AmsterJam Music Festival on Randall’s Island. Busta was only facing probation and community service at first, but after he was arrested in February for driving with a suspended license, the courts have had a change of heart. According to Criminal Court Judge Tanya Kennedy, Busta’s community service and probation deal is now off the table. The court is now pushing for Busta to serve one year in jail for both assault charges.

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  • Dat_NIGGA_who woulda blew yo shit out lazt year, . . an still will

    damn bussa buss w T F?

  • Young B

    multi plat rapper with a suspended license?


    so who cares about this shit what about his body guard that died and this nigga wont talk because he feels like hes snitching the only way i wont snitch if my friend died if i knew who killed him niggas kill me with this not snitching i bet if it was his moms that nigga would want answers

  • yea yea……..bitchezzzz…

    Im glad dis nigga goin thru all dis shit…he goin pay for not steppin up for his supposably friend and security guard who was killed…fuck u busta…

  • typical black guy

    why do they keep calling the dude who spit on his car a “fan”. the guy spit on a maybach and what did he think was going to happen

  • Drastik Hussain

    Damn Roid Rage is a motherfucker huh!

  • lake

    young b gives blow jobs to flamingos

  • Knowledge Speaks

    C’mon now Busta.

  • $FUENT$

    Busta’s busted? Damn.

  • http://www.myspace.com/fuckuentertainment $FUENT$

    busta’s busted? Damn cant wait 4 dis aftermath, might be shady too.