Alleged Soulja Slim Shooter Escapes Another Murder Indictment

soulja-slim.jpgA New Orleans man who authorities believe is responsible for the 2003 murder of rapper Soulja Slim has once again escaped indictment for a separate shooting. According to New Orleans’ Times-Picayune, prosecutors in Orleans Parish failed to gather sufficient evidence against Garelle Smith for the August 4 murder of Mandell Duplessis within the 60 day time limit dictated by Louisiana law. Craig Famularo, of the district attorney’s homicide division, said that without any scientific evidence or eyewitness testimony, Smith will not stand trial. The development marks the third time the man has been arrested and accused of murder, only to later avoid prosecution. Smith was arrested for the November 2003 shooting death of former No Limit rapper Soulja Slim, but the case was later dropped due to lack of sufficient evidence. Police believe Smith shot Slim after being paid $10,000 to make the hit. The rapper was shot three times in the face outside his home with what police later determined to be a stolen New Orleans Police Department-issued weapon. At the time prosecutors gave up on trying to bring charges in the Slim case, Smith was locked up for the murder of 28 year-old Spencer Smith outside the St. Bernard housing complex in December of 2003. Although the alleged shooter has continuously avoided prosecution on capital murder charges, he is currently incarcerated on a charge of simple criminal damage. Should he be convicted in that case, he faces up to two years in prison.

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  • NYG

    This is sad, how the hell did this dude get away with murder three times. Shit is fucked up.

  • middle-man

    “6 co nigga…… 6 co…. cut throat nigga… cut throat…..”

  • mike from the wood

    soulja was a real nigga from New Orleans who could spit coming from a texas nigga

  • RAY

    THE law sucks they don’t care.For dude he will pay 4 that on this earth ,that’s not left up to god.

  • yung ceasa

    >>>>>>>The rapper was shot three times in the face outside his home with what police later determined to be a stolen New Orleans Police Department-issued weapon

    that shyt right therre sound suspicious as fuck. i wouldnt put it past tha police either, cause this dude they think killed done allegedly gott away wit murder more times to count. sounds like tha police done found theirselves a fall man, and wats worse even if this dude did kill slim, he’s gettin away wit it.

  • damn

    Pac, BIgge, Slim damn…… this is sad. FUck da Police

    • http://google chuchu

      i feel yo dog slim was da realest dey was bruh but u kno bg finna take ova NO u feel meh

  • dedrick grandstaff

    rip soulja slim, he was one of the best from the south. Real Talk


    slim was one of the realest and best rap niggaz out the South. RIP homie

  • dedrick grandstaff

    slim was one of the realest and best rappers out the south, real talk. RIP homie

  • Honestasicanb

    The law don’t give damn if he free. He killing another black so why the hell they care. Let him kill as many of them as he can and hopefully someone will kill him. They don’t give a damn about us (hell some of us don’t give a damn about us) as long as we keep the shit in our hoods and keep destroying ourselves then its fine. Let that fool be around when some white woman’s purse is stolen he going to jail for every murder that’s unsolved. We are not using our heads stop this bullshit yall, stop the bullshit.

  • Ace dat Nigga

    he stupid if i were him i would stay in jail b/c when he get out THEM BOYS gon get em shit he is safer in jail

    • http://google chuchu

      ye dat niqa betta loked up cuz wen dat niqa hop out he finna get it yo

  • lil pro

    Slim was the realest! tru soldier ask me. Its a terrible situation what happened but it did we will have to move on and hopefully learn from peoples ignorances! Especially the one who wrote that non sense about a white womens purse , thats just an excuse to be a criminal, the justice system handles everyone the same white , black ,brown if you wanna be racsistyour just adding to the ignorance and you sound really stupid! this world will never change with fake busters like you . rip slim! we miss you.

  • Steve

    For Fuck Sake. How Many People Is This Piece Of Shit Gonna Kill Before They Stop Him.

    R.I.P. Slim

  • YounGuttaAKAPaperBoy(LongLiveDaking)Bka CuzzodakingMW

    Fuck two years nigga, dat nigga shot a nigga in the face wit some stolen police shit…add dat up to jackasses.The police is fucking slim over,and dats as simple as it’s gon get…Fuck da police,R.I.P slim.

  • youngutta

    i respect the nigga for what he do i like to see niggaz get away but i dont like to see niggaz get caught i dont care who you kill i rather see u get killed and yall better believe b.g. or c-murder gonna get that niggga for that cuz mad niggaz already got killed already for soulja slim but they didnt know who did it but now niggaz know watch what happen to that dude watch how dem new orleans niggaz do him when he get out r.i.p 2 soulja slim man that was the realest nigga who rapped cuz everything he talked about he did everything

  • lil’c

    hopw the fucc can sum1 get away with murder 3 times and he now on lock for a fuccin petty criminal damage charge.
    when will the police wake the fucc up and realise exactly what the fucc when on.
    soulja slim woz the realest outta no limit and even after he left
    much love soulja slim r.i.p

  • YounGuttaAkaPaperBoy(LongliveDaking)BkaCuzzoDaKing,MW

    Who da fuck iz biting my name?

  • Brandi

    Man dat shit aint even real datz fucked up but look dis dat girl bnasty straight out the boot and we bout dat shooting raceland and i got them 51/50 but look Slim R.!.P luv Brandi

  • money mitch

    The fucked up part is Slimm was killed in November a couple days before thanksgiving and he killed another dude in december??? Somebody needs to just up and kill this mother fucker!!!

  • http://google chuchu

    slim was da realest n dis niqa still is bruh but bg finna take ova now feel meh but to my niqa slim RIP homeboy

  • Camo down

    Man i think That dem dirty ass cops in N.O got sumthin to do with this