50 Cent Stars In New Movie

50cent.jpg Daily Variety has reported that 50 Cent will star in a new drag racing film called Live Bet. While details are still sketchy, the film revolves around illegal car racing and underground clubs. Universal Pictures is releasing the movie and is being directed by Alejandro Lozano and produced by Chris Lighty of G-Unit Films, Mary Parent and Scott Stuber. Filming for Live Bet starts this summer.

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  • Lsquared

    50s a fag


    cool make that money my nigga

    cant wait for BISD


  • onysik22

    Great. This non acting motherfucker got picked up for another movie. He can’t do it if it’s not what he used to do(sell drugs/ be “gangsta”), because he can’t act. I wouldn’t be surprised if he can’t drive a stick shift.

    Pray to god he isn’t one of the racers.

  • yup

    got damn. this is the 4th or 5th movie i’ve heard about from 50

  • http://XXL BUCK THE WORLD!


  • EReal

    Fast and The Furious – Fisty Scent.

    LoL. I aint mad atcha 50. take that paper, get that paper, stack that paper, nigga fuck them haters. Fuck them hoes nigga, fuck them hoes nigga, fuck them hoes, ole hatin ass niggas.


  • Wu Clanman

    I don’t understand why anybody would hire this dude to act. Didn’t anybody notice that his first movie sucked ass. He can’t even play himself how he gonna play someone else. Oh, wait, it’s produced by G-Unit films, the dam clowns that been making these corny ass videos.

    Where’s this film going to open? THeatres or Youtube. Youtube I bet.

  • wacko G

    50 cant act.have you seen get rich or die trying? movie wasnt too bad,but 50 cant act for shit..mabey if he opened his mouth a little bit when he fucking speaks,he wouldnt seem so stupid…his music isnt even that good since get rich or die trying…he used to talk about real shit,now all he talks about is his money and his cars and girls..thats cool on a few tracks,but all his shit is like that now,so now him and gay units music is all wack..i wish theyd go back to the gangster shit

  • westcoastchick

    50 cent is a bitch he ain’t shit fuck 50 cent nigga can’t act or rap he’s first movie was wack just like him he’s the wackest dude in the hip hop world ever he can’t rap for shit i don’t like g.unit but lloyd banks can spit better then him and so can yayo and young buck even teen age rappers can spit better then 50 bow wow,jibbs and lil’romeo can spit better then 50 and ja rule can spit better then 50 and so can fat joe 50 cent is wack!!!


    “the worst actor in the world you made the guiness…” we know 50 cant rap anymore… well he cant act either.. what the fuck

  • http://nice.com billblackfish

    Hi my name is 50 cent I rap about killing people thats my skill now give me another movie deal

  • fuk haters

    haters haters….he cant open his mouth cuz he got shot in the mouth which tore pieces outa his jaw so u the stupid one…n yea he can act hes gota offers for other movies n hes a good actor for being in tha rap industry n ur bitch ass prolly cant even sell drugs so i wouldnt even talk…stop hatin’…but i mean i get it….u hate cuz u cant do wat he do..

  • http://thomas_h_pinckneyyahoo.com taste

    fifty”is the man. point blank.the rest of these bird ass rappers are just talk. not only does he have the rap game in nine headlocks” he also has his own film production,so you know what that means? it means hes about his business”you suckers’and he can ack.got rich or die trying’was well done.he did quit well at the box office.you birds just be haten!my boy is one of the ell”its that ever did it. 200 mill”in a three year rap run.who you know who does it better stuip?

  • fo sho

    seriouss…50 gets his paper why yall got to be badd that he gets money and does shit…dont go watch this movie den…im pretty sure he cares less if u go watch or not

  • Julio Voltio

    wow, i didnt know this was envidioso. Corny ass haters. now say it fast. más maíz

  • fuck the haters

    i dont understand why u hatin ass niggas even bother reading articles about the man if you dont like him… next time you read a link that says 50 cent dont fuckin click on it

  • Julio Voltio

    i dont understand why u hatin ass niggas even bother reading news about 50 if you hate the man. next time you see a link that says 50 cent dont fuckin click it

  • O-ROD


  • Dade County 305

    ive never read sooooo much hait 4 one person in my life. niggaz get over it, the nigga gettin paper. u never hear white people haitin on JT about his movies!!! we all know 50 not a great actor! its a blessing our people gettin leading parts n movies. yeah i hate roles our people has 2 play 2 get oscars but damn we doin our thang. people quit haitin & get ya paper up. look at the jews, they look out 4 their own but some of us blacks quick 2 hait when we see sum of us make it. support your own b4 u support sum1 else. real talk!!!



  • Ric

    True dat Dade County!!

  • b i g b o y

    good shit dade county

  • Ditro

    who cares really…50 can’t act period. Money or no money he can’t act. The budget for the movie probably will be about 200,000 and the movie should make more than that if it has a bunch of fire ball scenes and gun play. It’s all about money hell I bet La bron James could star in this film and make money. He’s popular but can’t act. 50 probably is helping out on the exec. production end of the film (using his own money) and is just trying to flip his money. I guess that he notices that his rap career is on the ropes.

  • http://xxlmag.com EviiL deedz!!

    damn so many mutha fucin people hatin on diz nigga!! damn why yaw hatin on diz nigga, diz nigga makin his money. shit it dont matter if this nigga cud act or not. still makin dat money.
    shit yaw waz on his nutzzz wen he first came out!!! hate him or love him… juss stop hatin so god damn much.. DAMN!! i aint really a fan of him but i at least respect that this nigga is gettin his..

  • mackmaine2007

    ereal, get your mouth off fifty cent dick. he about to cum already.

  • mackmaine2007

    ereal, get off fifty cent dick he’s about to nut already.

  • Jay Slay

    Dre said it best, “if you holla real talk, i probably won’t believe you” haha, stop that race shit Dade County.


    are all of you stupid or just plain retarded. he has killed every album or mixtape, fuck that everysong hes done. motherfuckers just hatin on him cause he cant act like a motherfuckin mel gibson, hes a god damn rapper, id like to see any other rapper out there act better then him shit nelly sucked ass in the fuckin longest yard.

  • lake

    of course, its xxl so almost every cracker here loves 50 cent and thinks hes hood

  • flatline22

    ppl complain 50 aint in the hood, cuz hes making movies and more money off these movies than these rappers r off this rap shit right now….but 50 still a RAT…..

  • R-Killa

    This goes out to “Jay Slay’s” comment;people like U always bring the dark side picture of black people,U don’t know where U belong to..U just another uncle tom,Dade Country said the right thing and U just popped out like a stupid confused bull.people like U don’t live long cuz they keep hating on their fellow black people thinkin its gangsta,Fuck that shit!When will learn???I don’t hate 50 but he should stop dissin other rappers with no good reason…

  • IllIllllIIIlllI

    50 cent turned soft.. but hey..who can blame him.

    Check out the Kim Kardashian Sex Tape

  • wacko G

    im a hater? i know plenty of people that have been shot in the mouth,and guess what? they can open there mouth to talk…sounds like your on 50s nuts little boy..he is weak..you say i probley cant even sell drugs? thats a funny come back,like i would even talk about selling drugs on the internet..by you saying that,that tells me your a little wanna be 12 yr old pussy lame bitch that aint shit so go get off the computer and do something woth ur life pussy ass bitch…cant act,he cant open his mouth enough to even act,his rap fell off..fuck 50 cent and the gay gay gay unit! all you little kids out there get off his fucking nuts

  • http://yoyo billblackfish

    Listen to the new prodigy return of the mac on Koch no g-unit garbage

  • Filip

    That’s OK,and Get Rich or Die Try’ is OK.

  • jay

    fifty is the best get over aint no one gonna fuck wit him gunit or em so fuck all u haters id like to see u try to spit against him he would rape alll ur asses especially wacko g

  • render

    how the hell does this man keep getting acting roles? nigga can play one character…his own damn self

  • Benjamins

    i think 50 tha shit but guess im not a hater like everyone else seems to be on here but heyyy go listen to dipset they low class in rap just like all u haters r low class in life, if ur life sucks and u broke as fuck either one kill urself or two do somthin about it hatin on people like 50 isnt gettin ur ass nowhere.


    WE are dieing in the streets every day but our real Gs stil run this.
    Yeah!We run this!Yeah!Yeah! G-G-G-G-G unit.


    WE are dieing in the streets every day but our real Gs stil run this.
    Yeah!We run this!Yeah!Yeah! G-G-G-G-G unit.Yeahhh!

  • http://josephhucherdsonyahoo.com josephhucherdson

    need to start making cd’s instead of lame ass movies!!

  • Spickster

    I love 50 but he isn’t a very good actor by any means. Jim Sheridan should of listened to him when he said he wants to take acting school.

  • http://XXLMAG.com YounGuttaAkaPaperBoy(LongliveDaking)BkaCuzzoDaKing,MW

    Like buck i’ll say…YeeEEEAAAHHH!!