Wu-Tang to Headline Rock The Bells Festival

The Wu-Tang Clan has signed on to headline this years Rock The Bells Fesitval alongside newly reunited rap/rock group Rage Against The Machine. According to Billboard, the two groups will appear at the festival’s two shows in San Bernadino, CA and San Francisco on August 11 and 18. They will also perform at the Rock The Bells debut show at Randall’s Island on July 28. Rock The Bells began in 2003 and has since grown in popularity each year, attracting artists such as Cypress Hill, Mos Def, Talib Kweli and Busta Rhymes. Wu-Tang front man The RZA recently announced that the Staten Island collective would be reuniting for 8 Diagrams, a reunion album on Steve Rifkind’s SRC Records that is due out later this year.

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  • http://-Stillmatic-.bebo.com GRAEME HANDLEY

    1st bithces..

    Wu tang da motha fuckin shit

  • jacquez
  • http://www.sungmusic.blogspot.com cause I can’t relate to livin less than great

    question is, is Ghostface going to be on that tour. word is he’s beefin’ with RZA about fuckin’ with his money way back.

    Wu-Tang without Ghost? C’mon.

    Bad enough ODB is gone.

  • http://afrosamurai.com RZA Presents Afro Samurai Soundtrack……. Jan 30th

    Wu-Tang Forever

  • Wu clanman

    sweet. Wish I still lived in San Bernadino. Wu tang tha shit, real hip hop for sure. Rage badass too. I seen all these cats at the Gorge in Seatlle back in 98 I think. wu and rage brought the fuckin ruckus then and will again.

    WU 4 LIFE muthafuckas…………

  • makaveliclone

    damn straight, hopefully thiz makez alot more artists come to the IE, shit went last year to rock tha bells and shit itz in my own city shit y not thiz year,wu tang keep doin ur thing

  • norcal

    cant wait to see rage and wutang hopefully wutang shows up for this concert not like 8years ago


    San Bernardino 1st Bitches!!!

  • john cochran

    I went to the rock the bells lest year when they came to Philly. That shit was incredible, Redman, Boot camp click, and the God Rakim was there too. You gotta see that. I’m really not all that excited about hearing a new wu album, but as long as Ghost, Rea, and Meth on it Imma cop up on it.

  • http://www.myspace.com/sadsmilez1 INDOE

    You young fuckers probably couldn’t quote a verse from the Gods .


  • derfla the hus’la

    wu tang wu tang wu tang………

  • Fred D

    WU tang For ever!!!