VH1 Documentary on Blood Diamonds Featuring Paul Wall and Raekwon Airs Tonight

Tonight (February 22) at 8:00 p.m. EST, VH1 will air Bling’d: Blood, Diamonds and Hip Hop, a documentary that explores the diamond trade in Sierra Leone and how the hip-hop community may be inadvertently supporting wars in those areas. The program will follow Houston’s Paul Wall, Raekwon of The Wu-Tang Clan, and Reggaeton artist Tego Calderon as they travel to Africa and witness firsthand the effects of the illegal diamond trade on the communities and people of the area. The diamond industry has come under fire in recent years as a result of heightened public awareness of human rights offenses stemming from the trade of conflict diamonds. Conflict diamonds or “blood diamonds,” are gems that are mined in areas under the control of rogue factions opposed to internationally recognized governments, and used to fund military opposition to those governments. In Sierra Leone, the rappers heard first hand accounts of atrocities committed during the country’s civil war, and saw how the people were attempting to move on from the aftermath of the conflict and find prosperity. They met with refugees, amputees and former child soldiers, and also toured a diamond mine and a village that relies on the diamond trade for survival.

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  • Gman


  • yung ceasa

    gman all yo lame ass could say bout this issue is first…..man you’se a real lame ass nigga….matter fact fuck first sayers….but anyways this issue has been a unknown problem for far too long. now when kanye came out wit that “diamonds are forever” video it did shed some light into wat really happens in tha process of tha minin of these diamonds. now tha child soldiers are tha ones who have to get tha diamonds and if they choose not to give it up they will get one of their limbs cut off, on some reel brutal type shyt. but still tha fact remains that jus like kanye said in tha remix to “diamonds”…… “it’s in a black person soul to get that gold, spend your whole life tryna get that ice”
    we cant do anything about it because vanity wins over reason when it comes to diamonds that is… all i can say is that shyt is fucked up like that and dudes like russel simmons is supportin it, well then again in a way we all are supportin these acts of violence.

    i’ve said my peace now so dueces.

  • jacquez
  • Shortylightskin

    Never thought i see one of the grimiest niggas on VH1, big ups RAE. Drop that joint dun. I don’t know much on the issues at hand so i can’t comment on that shit.

  • wacko G

    you fucking idiots that write 1st all the time are fucking weak little pieces of lame shit..if you dont have nothing to say then shut the fuck up eith your gay asses…and the stupid idiot that posts the my space and says go listen is another fucking idiot

  • http://thedeadlynightshade.com BellaDonnaRadio on myspace

    you know I was really looking forward to this special. all in all it was cool, I loved to see how the emcees/rappers were when faced with this tragedy you know. I understand Rae for not wanting to getting off the bus to see the amp. patients but I am sooooo glad that he did. This new awakening is important for mainstream hip hop/rap. I understand wanting to shine but at some point people have to stop feeling sorry for themselves and understand it can always be worse. I’d rather have holes in my shoes then no shoes at all you know. Anyway peace to everyone who saw the special and enjoyed it just as I did. “Realities a Bit@h and I heard that she bites” -Common ‘On the Corner’

  • Fastlife

    Yo, the boy yung ceasa, exactly what ya name says son, YOUNG. “It’s in a black person soul to rock that gold”, “Vanity wins”,”What are we gonna do about it”?

    I realize getting the whole world on the same page at the same time is an effort in futility, but you gotta try, homey. Make your mark and atleast you can say YOU MADE YOUR MARK. And big up to LUPE cause he spit that Diamonds freestyle a good minute before Kanye did the remix or the video.

  • J.R.O.

    Everybody, blame Hip Hop.

  • D

    Diamond purchases made by hip hop artist probaly only make up %5 of all diamond purchases. It’s all bullshit. We know who is buying those diamonds and who put the mines there. Bullshit.