Texas rapper Twisted Black was sentenced to three concurrent 30-year terms for conspiracy and delivering over 1000 grams of crack cocaine yesterday (February 22) in U.S. District Court according to MyWestTexas.com. The government’s case was built on the testimony of Courtney Iglehart, who claimed that he met Black at a Fort Worth recording studio and paid him $4,500 for a quarter kilogram of powder cocaine in February 2005. Iglehart, and fellow co-conspirators Andre Harris and Angela Denise Hutson all recived reduced sentences in return for their testimony against Twisted Black. Before he was sentenced the rapper expressed regret and apologized for taking up the court’s time. “My past is not a pretty one because I committed crimes up until I became a father in 1993, he said. “But there weren't any after that and I ask the court to take that into consideration." Judge Robert Junell ruled that Black did not play a supervisory role in the drug conspiracy, however he ruled that he did obstruct justice by threatening witnesses and cited the rappers “vigorous criminal history.” Between 1989 and 1994 Black was charged with, or convicted of two counts of assaulting policemen, two counts of attempted murder, unlawfully carrying weapons, driving while intoxicated, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and assault entailing serious injury. Black, while a member of ’90s group One Gud Cide, found local success with the group’s debut Look What The Streets Made. In 2006 he inked a solo deal with indie label TVT Records.